Top 10 Best Wall Lamps In 2021 Reviews

Are you thinking to buy the wall lamps but not sure which one would be most suitable. There are many wall lamps available in the market and making a final purchase decision is a little tough at times. Nowadays, there are lamps compatible with modern means of technology. They work with Alexa and can make your life easier.

Given below is a list of different wall lamps that would give you an idea of what is available in the market. Take a look and decide for yourself which one suits your style statement.

Table of the Best Wall Lamps:

10. Mendes Modern Wall Lamps

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This wall lamp consists of a clear silver rod of 8-foot. You would get the direct light shade downwards. It has a metal construction. The height of each lamp is 12.5 inches. The dimensions for the backplate are width: 5-inch x high: 5 inch x bottom: 5 inch high.

You can read more information about the lamps from the product description. Apparently the lamps have a good design and you can use these in your bedroom or living room. You can adjust the lamp as per your convenience and requirement. The bulb is not included but you should use the recommended bulbs only.

9. Rivet Mid-Century Modern Single Glass Globe Plug-In Wall Sconce

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It is available with LED Light bulbs. The style of the bulb is wall scone. It would free up the spaces. Your wall would be illuminated. You can assemble it easily in 15 minutes. You can add a golden touch through this lamp in your room. The bulb is a vintage style.

You just have to mount it on your wall and plug-in. You can cover the cord to get started. There is a single bulb and it is LED. The dimensions are 9.5 inches W x 6.25 inches D x 9.75 inches H. The clear glass is adjustable.

8. Kenroy Home Simplicity Wall Swing Arm Lamp

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It is available in white color that makes it look quite appealing to the eyes. You can install it on either side of your bed and it would make your bedroom reading easy. There is a cord cover and you can hire the wire. It has a modern style and it is compatible with alexa. There is one-year warranty as well.

There is easy swing technology and there is long a reach and versatility for your convenience. You can use this lamp in the relaxation areas or even in the office spaces. It would depend on your styling and convenience where you use it.

7. CLAXY Industrial Swing Arm Wall Sconce Simplicity Light Wall Lamp

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It has a 2-in-1 design and there is an option of easy installation. You can convert it to wall lights that are plug-in. It is available in 2-pack. The direction is adjustable and the construction is solid. You should be aware of safety use when using this lamp. The LED bulb would be suitable for it.

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However, it is not included. It is fully dimmable. The light is multi-function. There are extra-wire and plug. You can convert the plug-in light and thus, there would be a different look of the lighting. It would be durable since there is solid construction. The durability of a product is important.

6. Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Lights

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There is a plug-in set of 2 lamps. The maximum arm extension is 21 inches. The backplates are 5.5 inches wide. The bulb is not included with the lamp. This plug-set of 2 lamps is French country style inspired. You can use it in the study or the bedroom. It is from the Barnes and Ivy brand.

It has swing-arm design hence, you can change the position of the lamp as per your desire. The construction is resin. The finish of lamp is bronze. It does not include the cord cover. The overall design and appearance of the lamps are appealing to the eyes.

5. TeHenoo Minimalist Plug-in Wall Sconce Modern Black Wall Lamp

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This wall lamp is black in color and is composed of high-quality material. It has a cozy tone and it looks stylish in appearance. The cord length of the lamp is 70.9 inches. There is an on and off switch. You get the security assurance.

The bulb is not included but you have to get the one that is recommended for this particular wall lamp. It would provide a comfortable glow as it would provide an adjustable light direction. You can use it for the office, baby room, living room, and so much more. This can be a good gift as well.

4. Kenroy Home Nathaniel Wall Swing Arm Lamp

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This particular wall lamp is 15 inches in height, 15 inches in width, and has a 24 inch extension. From the image, it looks quite classic and elegant in appearance. It would provide a traditional look to your room. The lighting is 3-way adjustable and there would be no need of hardwiring.

There is a limited warranty for one year. It is compatible with Alexa. Such modern means of technology are making our lives comfortable as we are living in the era of modernization and information technology. However, the small plugs are separately sold so you have to keep this in mind.

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3. KingSo Bathroom Vanity Light 3 Light Wall Sconce

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It would be suitable not only for the bathroom but also for the kitchen, living room, and workshop cafe. It is modern and has a vintage style. The bulb is not included but you have to use the recommended bulb. Thus, make sure the bulb you are using for this wall lamp is correct.

There is a 12 months warranty available for the customers. It can brighten your space and you can disassemble each part. Installing these lamps would require some time and patience but as per the product description, it would be worth. The overall design and appearance of the lamps are appealing to the eyes.

2. Wray Modern Industrial Up Down Swing Arm Wall Lights Set of 2 Lamps

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It would be suitable for bedroom reading. It is available in a set of 2. The bulb is not included but you should get the recommended lamp for this particular wall lamp. It is from the 360 lighting brand. It has a rich bronze finish. You can decorate the farmhouse with this wall lamp. Only vertical up-down adjustment is possible.

You cannot swing the arms left and right. The style is plug-in and it would be easy to install it. The long black cord of each lamp is 8-foot. You can get more information on the product details. It is wise to know the product specifications.

1. Kira Home Cambridge 13″ Swing Arm Wall Lamp

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It is available in a set of 2 and is quite appealing in appearance. It is very important to select a good design and color of the wall lamps. You can plug in/wall mount. There would be opaque paper shade and it has a black finish. There are cord covers as well.

Cord covers are important since you can easily cover the cords and the final look is professional. It is important to use such cord covers. The overall look and design of the lamps can make it an interesting choice. You can look into it and check out the product reviews and comments from previous buyers to get an insight on the performance.


There are many wall lamps available in the market but you have to select the one that is according to your style statement. Gone are the days of classic and traditional lamps since modern lamps are compatible with modern means of technology.

However, some people still prefer the classic and traditional style as they add elegance, beauty, and charm to a certain room. Before making any final decision, a good idea for you would be to read the relevant comments and reviews left by previous buyers.

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