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Sometimes someone may be forced to work or walk under the rains because of  some reasons well known to them or occasionally the circumstances could be unavoidable.
A waterproof jackets is basically a jacket made of material or fabric that does not let water through or that cannot be damaged by water. This waterproof material in such jackets comes as the outer and final protective layer. These waterproof jackets are in some places known as hard shells. For a choice of the best waterproof jacket, one has to know its ratings and features such as breath ability. The following list below discusses some of best waterproof jackets.

Here are List of  Top 10 Best Waterproof Jackets 2021

10. Women’s Resolve 2 Jacket

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This jacket comes in various colors and sizes. It is made of nylon and polyurethane with a breathable mesh lining, it is seamed sealed with an additional mesh liner. It has also proven 100% windproof fabric. It does not have buttons but a storm flap with Velcro closure at the center, its zips are covered and secured hand pockets. It has elastic bound cuffs and manufacturers recommend machine wash.

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9. Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

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This jacket is perfect for the rainy seasons or wet seasons. It is developed with the best waterproof machinery and knowledge; the fabric used is 100% Polyester. It has complete sealed seams to keep the rain waters out along with a completely meshed lining inside that ensures breath ability and comfort that makes it possible for the escape of too much heat and vapor when you are engaged. It has a Velcro seal flap that overlaps the front zips to ensure no water gets in. It has a protective adjustable cap hood too and Velcro sealing sleeves at the wrist.

8. Lightweight Jacket UV Protect/Windproof

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This too is a great rain jacket made of 100% nylon with features like a hood that zips into the collar area, two pockets with zips at the front and two other pockets inside. It’s hidden zippers are smooth and durable. It is light in weight and comfortable. This jacket has been much recommended too for outdoor sports, mountaineering, shooting, rock climbing, fishing, and riding, hunting and such.

7. Boys’ Glennaker Rain Jacket

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This jacket comes especially in special sizes for boys. It varies in color but suitable in all aspects. As a rain jacket, it has its sides securely hemmed to keep rain waters outside, fitted with a hood, a front zipper and elastic cuffs that hold at the wrist area. Like a few others above, it is 100% nylon.

6. Lightweight Hooded Waterproof Active Outdoor Rain Jacket.

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This unique jacket is made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex. It is light in weight with appropriate breathable material which makes it quick drying when washed. It is long sleeved with a hood with a special elastic and adjustable waist. It is suitable also when Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Running among other activities too. The combination of the material used in its making makes it 100% waterproof according to the manufacturers.

5. Watertight II Front-Zip Hooded Rain Jacket.

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This is another recommended rain jacket in the market. Its outer layer, the shell is 100% nylon and has an inner lining that is 100% Polyester. The manufacturers recommend machine wash for better and sustained results. It has a fancy make that includes two side entry pockets at the hip area with a front zip that is watertight. Apart from that, it has also a nice drawstring hood and hemline.

4. New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket.

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This jacket is a product of the Charles River Apparel business that has been in existence for three generations. It is a suitable rain jacket that has all its features and materials upbeat. The manufacturers of this jacket recommend hand washing when needful. It is both waterproof and windproof with nice adjustable hook and loop wrist fasteners. It has hand pockets with zippers just in case one does not have hand gloves. It is a front zip jacket with breathable mesh lining.

3. Glennaker Lake Front Zip Rain Jacket with Hideaway Hood.

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This is one unique rain jacket that comes with a hood that is hideaway as compared to most others. It is also 100% nylon and its manufacturers recommend hand wash when it’s time to clean it. More interesting is its sleeves cuffs, they are adjustable to fit several wrist sizes and also to ensure no water come in from the wrist areas. This particular rain jacket is water repellent and has a front zip closure with a contrast yoke and an internal draw cord hem. It also comes in varieties of color and sizes.

2. Women’s Switchback II Jacket.

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This jacket like some others comes in a variety of colors and size too. Uniquely fitted with a stowaway hood (it is a hood that is hidden in the stand collar after the rains) and a front zip closure. It is best cleaned with or rather in the machine for better results. Its sleeves have the hook and loop straps while is purely made of 100% nylon and a 100% fine mesh.

1. Portwest Men’s Classic Rain Jacket.

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This is another great and special rain jacket build for that very reason. It is made of 100% nylon PVC coated fabric that is completely waterproof. It varies and color and sizes to suit the customers’ demands and desires too. In styling it even the more, it comes with two large hip pockets with flaps as well as an overlap back vent for ventilation. Better still it has a draw string hood, a front zipper with a storm flap inside and well cut elasticated storm long sleeves. With this jacket, a man’s choice is without doubt correct and worthy of spending on.

Light rains, heavy rains or wet weather ceases to be a hindrance to your movement because in these jackets a log lasting solution has been given and with proper considerations, none of the choices you make will disappoint. Apart from just being majorly used in the rains, the waterproof  jackets are stylish too, so nothing storms you from putting them on anywhere.

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