Top 10 Best Window Panel Curtain in 2021

It is obvious that your main windows have panel curtains. What is not obvious is whether they have the best window panel curtain or not. This is because there are a number of poor quality panel curtains that will let in all the light including UV rays. And when UV rays get into your room, it is likely to damage furniture and upholstery. So, as much as you may not be planning to buy a premium panel curtain, it is recommended that you consider one. Unlike ordinary panel curtains, the best quality window panel curtain has everything you are looking for.

Some of these things include a triple weave fabric that enables them to save energy by providing insulation against heat and cold. Additionally, the fabric used in high-quality panel curtains are heavy enough to block some amount of outside noise, so you can concentrate on your studies or whatever you are doing. Plus they darken the room, and this works to the advantage of day sleepers or people who have trouble catching some sleep. Should you be interested in one, our reviews have got you covered. Products here are well researched based on customer reviews and the reputation of customers. So, do not expect to go wrong with any that you will choose.

List of The Best Window Panel Curtain:

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These extra long curtains are sold as a set. And we think you will not regret spending money on them should you decide to make the purchase. They come in two panels, where one panel has a standard size of 52 inches wide by 108 inches long. When combined, the two panels measure 104 inches wide by 108 inches long, and this will be simply perfect for your window. Apart from the well-thought sizes, we love the triple weave pure blackout fabric used to make these curtains. Well, it blocks out up to 90-percent sunlight as well as preventing 100-percent UV rays. H.VERSAILTEX has not used any chemicals to make these curtains. Therefore, expect these curtains to be eco-friendly and safe for the entire family.

9. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom (Two Panels)

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The elegant design of these curtains cannot be ruled out. And this has left us with no choice but to include the curtains in these reviews. Besides, each of these curtains measures 52 inches wide by 84 inches long; hence, they promise to be a perfect fit for several windows. They come with a silver grommet that features a stunning design. And it is this design that will create casual elegance in your house, making it look beautiful and modern. The design also makes curtains very easy to install and glide. Although these curtains promise to do a lot from the moment they arrive in your home, they are very affordable. Plus they are economical, considering that they will protect your furniture and the floor from sun exposure.

8. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Set (52” (L) x 63” (H))

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When we came across this curtain set, we hurriedly included it here because of its manufacturer, which is AmazonBasics. Known for producing top quality products, AmazonBasics have not disappointed in this set. They have made it unique by using the triple weave fabric. Well, the fabric provides insulation against heat and cold, thereby, acting as an energy-saving barrier. The fabric also blocks out light effectively. And by doing this, it makes the curtain set ideal for afternoon naps and morning sleep-ins. Another thing that AmazonBasics have done, which we find impressive, is to make sure the fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning. The manufacturer has also included two Velcro ties to let you pull back the curtain panels gracefully.

7. HLC.ME 100% Blackout Thermal Window Curtain (Set of 2)

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We like the fact that these blackout thermal window curtains have the ability to keep your room dark, so you can sleep soundly all night long. Like most of the curtains we have reviewed earlier, these ones are made of triple weave fabric, which gets rid of up to 100-percent of light. The premium fabric is thick and sturdy yet lightweight. Also, it does not fade after just a few washes or when exposed to sun rays, and this means you should expect a reliable set of curtains. Being the good manufacturer everyone knows, HLC.ME provides up to 6 grommets for each curtain. And, unlike flimsy plastic grommets, these ones are sturdier and last longer. The curtain set looks elegant; hence, it can be used in any room.

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6. Utopia Bedding Window Curtains/Drapes/Panels (2 Panels Set)

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You cannot ignore a set of curtains/drapes/panels that are equipped with a thermal top, can you? That explains why we have these curtains right here. They have thermal tops that enable them to be energy efficient and at the same time, capable of blocking up to 99-percent of light. The thermal tops also block around 60-percent of outside noise to let you sleep better or focus on your activities. Each of these curtains measures 52 inches wide by 84 inches long, although you can bring them together to create a panel measuring 104 inches wide by 84 inches long. About caring for the set; consider machine washing it on cold and then tumble drying on low. Do not bleach the curtains, as this may damage the fabric.

5. DriftAway Blackout Curtain Liner (Set of 2)

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Another set of curtain liners we believe you will love are the DriftAway Blackout Curtain Liner Set. This is because it is made of 100-percent polyester triple weaved fabric that is very smooth and soft to give you the feel you are looking for. The curtain liners do not contain chemicals; hence, they will not smell toxic like other brands customers have been complaining about. Another reason we are certain you will love these curtain liners is that they are thermal insulated, and, therefore, will keep out both heat and cold. These curtain liners can be hung in any room including bedroom, office, kids’ room, and so on and so forth. They are perfect for day sleepers as well as people who have trouble catching sleep.

4. Comfort Spaces Window Curtain Panel (2 Panels)

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The color and design of these window curtains are marvelous. And in our opinion, no curtain set can match them. That’s why we have included this product as one of the best in our highly competitive reviews. We are certain that this set will not just do the normal job of blocking sun rays but also it will help add quirky ambiance to your home. Both curtains display an imperfect, handwoven-like fabric that enables them to bring in a unique charm. Besides, each of these curtains has a layer of foam at the back with energy-saving feature that enables them to maintain adorable temperature inside the room, so you can save cooling and heating costs. To give you confidence that you are actually purchasing a quality product, the manufacturer of these curtains offers 100% 30-day free return guarantee.

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3. jinchan Quatrefoil Linen Blend Curtains (Set of 2 Panels)

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Customers who have tried this set of curtains have praised it, and we know why. First, these blend curtains allow for privacy, but without completely blocking out all the light. They let in light, though in little amount, in the room. They will not allow much light that cause glare to the screen, thereby, creating a perfect environment for watching the TV. Customers who have used the set also agreed that they love the Moroccan print design and the visually clean lines that give the curtains a contemporary twist. Moreover, these blend curtains are not short-lived; thanks to their durable linen. They look more than set to brave any kind of adverse weather and abuse. When it comes to cleaning these curtains, simply machine wash them in cold water, then tumble dry low.

2. LinenZone Grommet Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel

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This patio curtain panel is large enough to cover any standard size patio door. And this is because it measures 102 inches wide by 84 inches long. Furthermore, the grommets of this curtain panel have a gunmetal color and feature openings that measure 1.5 inches in diameter. The panel has up to 16 grommets to ensure that you have an easy time sliding and hanging it on the bar. Another feature that we would like to bring to your attention is the 100-percent polyester fabric, which is surprisingly resistant to tear. It also feels and looks great enough to give the curtain panel the beauty it deserves. Like other curtains, this one requires a few washes every year, which is not a task, considering that curtains are machine washable.

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1. Exclusive Home Curtains Window Curtain Panel Pair

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Each of the panels in this pair has 8 stainless steel grommets that will not rust. In addition, these grommets display a silver look that helps enhance their visuals. Another feature that makes this pair of curtains rank so highly in our reviews is the 100-percent polyester fabric, which is resistant to mildew and water. For this reason, it will stay on longer, thereby, saving you the hassle of having to visit every time. Also, the polyester fabric is UV ray protected, meaning it is capable of protecting your furniture and upholstery from sun damage. Whether you are looking for opacity, quality or perfect size, these panel curtains are what to go for. With the pair, you will not just impress your family, friends, and guests but also you will give them an idea to take to their respective homes.


At the end of the day, you deserve a top quality product. And here, we give you an opportunity to get one. The window panel curtains we have talked about in this compilation are top quality. They will, therefore, not just block excess light from getting into your room but also will contribute immensely to the overall appearance of the same room. We highly recommend them for you.

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