Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 2020 Reviews

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are all the rage today and for a very good reason. The devices are portable. As a result, they give consumers the ability to take their music with them wherever they go and to enjoy the best possible audio quality regardless of where they might be.

If you want to buy a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, you will find that you are spoilt for choice, what with the glut of portable speakers on the market today. Of course, that is only a good thing if you know how to differentiate between great speakers, good speakers, and bad portable Bluetooth speakers.

Because if you know nothing about such speakers, then you will find the process of selecting one product from amongst the masses difficult.

If you have to buy a portable speaker and you do not know a thing about this field of technology, do not despair. The list below exists to help people like you, unveiling the best portable wireless speakers on the market today:

Table of the Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

10. DKnight MagicBox II

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These speakers are amazing. They use 10W total acoustic drivers which, despite the speaker’s small size, avail a wide audio spectrum. Consumers will appreciate the newly designed passive radiator which delivers a strong bass that is free of distortion regardless of the volume.

The speakers, which are compatible with all Bluetooth- enabled devices, use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to deliver seamless connectivity. The speakers have a 2000mA rechargeable battery that provides ten hours of playtime. An integrated microphone also makes hands-free phone calls possible.

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9. Anker SoundCore

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With this portable speaker, you can look forward to the full-bodied stereo that is manifested as a result of dual high-performance drivers. The speaker has less than one percent total harmonic distortion, this guaranteeing enhanced clarity and fidelity.

The inbuilt Li-ion battery provides an impressive 24 hours of playing time, which you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere. The speaker boasts Bluetooth 4.0 technology that will connect to most Bluetooth-enabled devices as far as 66 feet away.

The SoundCore technology ensures that this speaker will automatically connect to the last device that it was paired with. An integrated microphone makes hands-free phone calls possible.

8. iFox IFS303 Ultra-Portable Speaker

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These versatile speakers bring a variety of functions to the table, this including an FM Radio, Wireless Bluetooth, Aux Line and Micro-SD/TF. Controls are provided through which consumers can manipulate the songs playing and adjust the volume.

The speaker can connect with devices as far as 33 feet away. Despite its seemingly fragile appearance, the iFox speaker is very durable, boasting a rugged construction.

The powerful lithium-ion battery provided delivers an estimated six hours of playing time. And it only takes three hours to fully charge the battery.

7. ELight Portable Speaker

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This portable speaker is effective indoors and outdoors. The strength of the device emanates from its durable construction which makes is shock, dust and waterproof. The speaker also has a hanging design that makes it compatible with most environments.

Along with an 1800MAH rechargeable battery, consumers can look forward to FM Radio, 10W Strong output power, and A2DP/AVRCP support. Along with the wireless connectivity options, this speaker can deliver hands-free phone calls.

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6. ELEGIANT Portable speaker

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This is one strong speaker, capable of contending with water, shock and even dust. The silicone and metal housing is also anti-skid and will survive in your bathroom without eliciting any complications.

The speaker boasts NFC technology that enables one-touch pairing. The powerful 3600mAh polymer lithium battery promises ten hours of playback time, complementing a standard USB jack through which the speaker can be charged. The capabilities of this portable speaker can be imputed to its CSR chipset which connects faster and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The speaker has a connectivity range of thirty feet.

5. TaoTronics Wireless Portable speaker

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This speaker can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device you have, from a CD player to an iPod and even a Television set. Designed to connect to any audio source device as far as 30 feet away, the speaker is lightweight and durable.

The inbuilt battery can last an estimated seven hours of continuous play. A micro charging port is provided.

4. ROCKTECK Sport Speaker

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This speaker, which is designed to stream music using Bluetooth V4.0 technology, makes use of a CSR chipset that ensures faster and more stable connections. Additionally, the speaker can pair with all Bluetooth enabled devices, boasting a maximum range of ten meters.

The inbuilt microphones make it possible to make hands-free phone calls. The 3600mAH Lithium-ion polymer battery promises 12 straight hours of playback time on a full charge. The speaker is water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower without eliciting any complications.

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Because the speaker is also sand proof, you will find that it is just as effective on the beach.

3. Amazon Tap

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This speaker works with the Alexa Voice service, allowing you to basically control your music using voice commands. Purposed to play music from phones and tablets using Bluetooth, the speaker promises crisp Dolby-powered sound, using dual stereo speakers with 360-degree omnidirectional audio to avail unrivaled sound quality.

The speaker can play music for nine hours straight, and it actually gets smarter as time goes by, acquiring new features and skills through upgrades. It should be noted that the speaker has the capacity to play music from apps like Pandora and Spotify.

2. Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3

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This speaker guarantees crystal clear sounds with distinct mids and highs, delivering unparalleled quality using two precision acoustic drivers whose stereo sound and enhanced bass are second to none.

This speaker is able to deliver music at very high volumes while remaining completely free of distortion. The fact that the speaker is water, splash, rain, dust and sand proof means that it is equally effective indoors and outdoors.

Weighing less than ten ounces, the speaker has a 2200mAh battery boasting 12 hours of playback.

1. AOMAIS Sport II – Best Wireless Speakers Bluetooth

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This speaker has a waterproof rating of IPX7 which means that it will survive being submerged under water for a minute or two. Consumers can look forward to advanced digital sound, noise reduction technology, crystal clear balanced bass and a rugged construction that includes a smooth rubber exterior which will successfully contend with scratches ad impact.

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. There are so many flooding the market today that you wouldn’t be faulted for being overwhelmed by the idea of buying one. Luckily, the list above has all the best portable speakers on the market, making your choice that much easier.

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