Top 10 Best Wooden Crates in 2021

Even though new technology has provided many great crates made from different materials beside wood, wooden crates still preserve their place in people’s demand with their old-fashioned vintage look. Today we are going to introduce to you, the top 10 best wooden crates in 2021. You are going to love it!

List Of Top 10 Best Wooden Crates in 2021 + BG

10. Darla’s Studio 66

If you are looking for a wooden crate to decorate your bedroom, living room, or other spaces, this one from Darla’s Studio 66 is what recommended. This item comes with a very simple design that features a very sturdy construction. It looks tough yet holds a style which you can use as a book shelves or anything else. Coming with a total interior dimension of 16-1-2″ x 13″ x 13″, it provides a lot of space to store many kinds of studying materials ranging from books, pen holders, bags, and more.

Moreover, users can also place this wooden crates inside their living room or cafe to serve as magazine or newspaper holders as well. To make use of it in the next level, this Darla’s Studio 66 Wooden Crate is normally used to store vinyl records which is very useful. Thanks to its large space, it is able to hold up to 75 records which you may need about 2 to 3 crates for home storages.

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This is another decorative wooden crate that comes from SLPR company. The product is made mainly for decoration. However, users can always make use of it to the max. The product comes in a set of 3 which include small, medium, and large wooden crates. All of them are basically made of solid wood that features a very rustic style. They are perfect to use together as flower vase holders or other floral decoration. Apart from this, users may use them for different purposes including for storing office materials or for keys or other household equipment storing.

Users may also choose to mount it or hang it on the wall for other decoration. Besides, mounting it on the wall inside your bedroom can also allow you to use them to store any makeups which is so impressive. At the side of each crate, you will see a couple of built in handles which are made for ease of portability.

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8. MyGift

Another rustic style wooden crates to look at next is from MyGift. This product comes with a set of 3 which can be stored on top of one another. This is the best collection you can get to use in the kitchen. First off, this wooden crates allow you to use for kitchen utensil storage, fruits and food storage, as well as water jug storage. More than this, user can use them for decorative purposes including floral storage and for other floral design. Most users also use them as a wooden crate coffee table decoration which place flower, vase, quote board, or even tissue inside.

MyGift wooden crates can also be used inside the toilet space. It comes with different sizes so users can manage to use with differently as well. For the largest crate, it can be used as a towel holder while the smallest serves as a toilet tissue or toothbrush set holders. The medium one can be used as other shampoos or other shower essential holder. Users can as well choose to use them directly or hang them on the wall.

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If you are a kind of a person that loves to store everything in style, getting this set from SLPR is never going to disappoint you at all. This product from SLPR offers you spacious room to store anything inside your home. It is an ideal storage space to use inside your kitchen to store kitchen materials as well as cooking ingredients. Moreover, you can also use any of them on the dining table to hold eating utensils as well as tissue. It comes with durable string handle that you can also hang it on somewhere for another decorative level.

These wooden crates can also be hand on the toilet wall to store toilet essentials. Furthermore, it can be used to hold flower as wella s vases at the yard of your home or at the office space. These SLPR wooden crates hold no stain at all and are totally constructed from hardwood to maximize its lifespan.

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6. MPI Wood

Here come another set of elegant wooden crates from MPI wood company. This set arrives with 3 packs of large wooden crates that serve as the best storage for office, household use, as well as shop. The entire set weighs about 21 pounds which is not really heavy to transport from one place to another. Each wooden crate features an unfinished look in sleek white wooden color that is stylish to store a wide range of items. Users can also apply additional anti-stain finish if they prefer to. However, without the stain proof finish, they still look as great as they are.

The interior dimension of each crate is 12’’ D x 9.5’’ H x 18’’ L which is perfect to store household equipment, book and magazine, kitchen utensil, flower vases, and others. MPI Wood Crates are also come with ergonomic side handles that allow user to effortlessly hold the crates up. Plus, the entire construction is thick which ensure greater durability.

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5. MPI Wood

Before, we have already introduced you a set of 3 pack wooden crates from MPI Wood. Now, we want to draw your attention to look at this single wooden crate from the same brand as well. This is a single and large wooden crate that features an unfinished look. It is built from hard pine wood and is nicely handcrafted in sleek white milk color. Coming with storage dimension of 18’’ x 12.5’’ x 9.5’’ large, the product is perfect to store a number of items ranging from decorative stuffs to necessary stuffs. MPI wooden crate is perfectly built with thickness which shows that the item comes with durability, sturdiness, and strong build.

What is more, it also comes with sided handles that ergonomically crafted to promote ease of lifting and holding. This product will come handily assembled from the package which you would never have to bother assemble it again at all.

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4. MyGift

If you are interested in getting a rustic brown wooden crates to store your belonging or decorate any corners of your home, let us show you this one from MYGift. The product is also a set of 3 pieces crates mainly constructed from hardwood. Therefore, its durability and lifespan last better and longer. At the side of this wooden crate come with a chalk board that can be written on. This allows you to easily note down what is important or what to be remembered.

The chalk board can always be erased simply with just tissue or a piece of clothes. On top of this, MyGift wooden crates feature side handles just like previous products. This feature makes it easy for users to carry it and move the item from one place to another conveniently.

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If you are looking for wooden crate shelves for book storage or other household materials storage, this one from HOUSEWORKS is highly recommended. This product is entirely made of pallet wood which is able to handle any heavy goods perfectly. This wooden crate has an interior dimension about 18’’ L x 12.5’’ W x 9.5’’ H which offers more than enough room to store things like books, magazine, glass, cooking ingredients, decorative stuffs, or other toilet essentials.

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Users may also buy a lot of pieces of this wooden crates and build them together into a shelves for other different purpose storing. Another thing that you may also love about this HOUSEWORKS Wooden Crate is that it is very lightweight which is about 4.5 lbs of weight only.

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2. Kaite Design

Kaite Design is a set of 3 wooden crate shelves that can be used for multi purpose decoration and usage. The construction of this wooden crate set is the result of metal and hardwood combined together. Every edge is built with durable metal trim to enhance longer lifespan. At the same time, other parts are nicely handcrafted in solid wood and also feature unfinished style.

This product is already stain resistant. However, it would still go fine if users want to apply extra stain proof polish. Kaite Design wights very slightly which allows users to easily move it one one direction to another. In addition to this, it also comes together with side handles that makes holding even more ergonomic.

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1. Winship Stake and Lath, Inc.

The very last and is also the top best wooden crate in 2021 goes to Winship Stake and Lath, Inc. Rustic Decorative Wooden Crates. This product features a set of 3 pieces sizing from small to medium to large. It has a cottage style and is totally finished in distressed gray color which looks super duper rustic. The product is suitable to use for both functional and decorative purposes ranging from storing flower, water jugs, tissue, household materials, kitchen utensil, and many more. All of the three wooden crates comes with different dimension which include 9″ x 6.5″ x 5″,  11.5″ x 8.5″ x 5″, and 14.5″ x 9.75″ x 6″ from the smallest to the largest.

A little different from previous products, this one from Winship Stake and Lath, Inc. has very small side handles that looks quite unique. Although this set is made of hardwood, it is very lightweight which is very convenient to hold as well as hang.

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Buying Guide for Wooden Crates

Know what you need it for: The very first thing you need to take into account is to know what you need it for. There are many purposes of using wooden crates. It can be for functional or decorative purposes. If you plan to get a wooden crates for hanging on the wall to store any display, we recommend you to choose a very lightweight crate that comes with around two to three slate construction only. This is because when it weighs slightly, it is easy to hang and will minimize the chance of falling down.

However, if you want to get a wooden crate to store books or any household materials, getting the one that comes with a little more weight and space will shows you greater durability, and provides you more space for storage.

Set or single: When it comes to buying wooden crates, now you need to question yourself whether you only need a single wooden crate or you want to get a set of 3 or 4 wooden crates. This is because the one that comes in set may comes with a better price compared to the one sold separately.

In our article, we have brought both single wooden crate as well as those that come in set for you to choose. So, now you can at ease decide on the number of items that you need.

Product weight: product weight can also be an important point to consider. This is because it may vary from one application to another. For example, if you want a wooden crate to store tissue on any coffee table, it is ideal for you to choose the one that comes with lightweight feature so that it is easy to transport from point to point. However, if you want a sturdy one to store something heavy, we believe that a bigger and heavier wooden crate offers durability to the usage.

Design: if you want any wooden crates for the purpose of decorating, that is when design comes to matter. There are many different designs of wooden crates available on the market. Some items may be constructed in a 2 slate design while others may be built into 3 to 4 slate designs. However, its application may also vary. For example, those that are made with 4 to 5 slates might be used to store a large amount of things.

At the same time, 3 slate wooden crate can be used to store little study materials or tissue or toilet essential. Nevertheless, those that comes with only 2 slates are thin and lightweight. Thus, it should be used for hanging and storing any decorative display items. On top of that, you should bear in mind that there is also a design of wooden crate with lid that can be used for storing kitchen utensils or any valuable belongings.

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This list will boost your confidence in purchasing your new wooden crates. The top 8 wooden crates that we have here are based on the current top 10 best selling items. It will surely guild you the right product that you have been looking for so long. Stop hesitating, Star buying now!


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8. Vintage Style Produce Chalkboard Front Wooden Crate Boxes

Coming in as number 8 on our list, this set of 4 wooden crates will amaze you with their classic look you could find hundred years ago. As previously mentioned, this is a set of 4 products with different sizes. The overall dimensions for each crate are XL – 17″L x 12″W x 8″H, Large – 15″L x 9.75″W x7″H, Medium – 13″L x 8″W x 6.5″H, Small – 11″L x 6″W x 5.75″H and the products were made of fast growing wood (paulownia) with full caution of environment matters in mind. There is a chalkboard on the front box for labelling your product. These nesting crates will bring rustic barnyard charm to whatever you store in it. Perfect use on storing freshly pick vegetable and fruits, flowers, books or canned goods in an open or close display storage.

7. Coffee Themed Decorative Wooden Storage

With “Cafedo Brasil” on the front face of the crate, this wooden storage will bring some Latino vibes to your place. Though this one is highly based on coffee themed decoration, you can use it to store other things such as flowers, plants, bouquets, and many valuable items like jewelry, art supplies, and tools as well. The crate comes with the size of 8″ W x 8″ D x 3″ H and the bottom of the container is 6 x 6 inches. With the reviews from other customers who already owned this lovely wooden crate, this one surprised them with how sturdiest this crate was.

6. 7 Gypsies Vintage Photo Crate

You are looking at the 7 gypsies-wooden photo crate with dark stain color. The size of this small crate is 4.8 x 2.8 x 3 inches with 4x6x4 inch wooden photo crate, and the weight of this small crate is just 4 ounces. The design is meant to store small items like scrapbook photos, small flower decoration on your kitchen or living room. Such a nice tiny vintage photo crate you would not want to miss!

5. Amish Wares Small Miniature Sized Poplar Crates

Miniature sized polar crates anyone? Amish Wares has delivered one of the finest handmade crate available on the market today. With a set of 3, the overall dimensions of each one is Large – 10″ X 6″ X 4.75″, Medium – 8.5″ X 5″ X 4″, Small – 7.25″ X 4.5″ X 3.75″ and each ends attached with 1/2″ lumber. Ideal for any creative decoration and great for storing various items. Let these rustic unique crated sets be your new storage.

4. Rustic Nesting Wood Crates Set of 5

Sometimes a set of 4 is not enough, let’s get a set of 5 this time! Coming with the size of 17x12x6 inches for the first 3 crates while the other 2 are a bit smaller with just 15x10x51/2 inches. Designed by using the old-fashioned method for hundred years already, these are surely a great quality and quite sturdy wooden crates. Great use as a storage or any decoration in your house, and easy to stack it up when they are off duty.

3. Walnut Hollow 6.5 by 5.3 by 4.25-Inch Crate

One of the most well-known brand in USA, ladies and gentlemen, Walnut Hollow! Highly recommended for those who are looking for a small crate. The size of it is 6.5×5.3×4.25 inches, which is very ideal for placing at any part of your house or office. These one can also be used as a tool for decoration as well, all you need to do is put a little design on to it.

2. Hampton Art Mix The Media Wooden Crate

Another small wooden crate to be reckon with. The overall dimensions of this product is 7.1 x 7 x 4.5 inches and the weight is 4 ounces. This one is specifically designed for any crafting projects or small decoration due to its small size. The room for storage is not that big to fit everything in, but your cosmetic products or perfume can fit in just fine. If you love small stuff, then this is the right one for you.

1. Wald Imports Whitewash Wood Decorative Crates

We always keep the best one for you at the end of the list. With metal trim around the edge of the crates, these one are built to last forever. The product’s dimensions are 10.2 x 10.2 x 5 inches with super lightweight for just 2.4 ounces. It comes with the color of square white-washed wood crates which can be noticed very easily. This set of 3 wooden crates will be your great storage on either open or close display. Looking for a basket to make gift for your special ones? How about using this incredible wooden crate instead?

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