Top 10 Best Wooden High Chair Reviews in 2021

Having a little baby at home is fun and makes your house filled with laughters and joy. But, you have to ensure their safety. When the right time comes, you may need to feed them with nutritious food. When it comes to meal times, you need to place the little you on a safe and comfortable place. So, you may have to start looking for high chairs for your little child. Well, we are here to assist you in looking for the safest and most comfortable wooden baby high chair. Here is a quick look at the top 10 best wooden high chairs in 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best Wooden High Chair Reviews in 2021

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Winco CHH-103 Unassembled Wooden High Chair, Mahogany,Medium Buy on Amazon
Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers – with Harness, Removable Tray, and Adjustable Legs Buy on Amazon
Be Mindful Baby High Chair, White Buy on Amazon
Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray. The Perfect Adjustable Baby Highchair Solution for Your… Buy on Amazon

10. Keekaroo


Standing at number 10 among thousands of models on the market, this wooden high chair from Keekaroo is nicely designed and certainly reliable for your little one to sit on. The material chosen is rubberwood; and the chair comes with a beautiful lacquer finish. The chair is crafted in natural wood color. The color blends seamlessly in any home décor. The chair features a comfortable seat plate and and a foot that can be conveniently adjusted; suitable for kids at various ages. For added versatility, this chair has an adjustable height, too.

The Keekaroo wooden high chair is ideal for a child aged 6 months or older and weighs less than 250 pounds. Hence, you do not need to question the chair’s sturdiness. The backrest enables the child to sit in a comfortable position without any strain. Each item is backed by a 5-year warranty as well.

This pick is a highly functional wooden high chair that is offered at a great price point and can serve your little one for long. For cleaning, the wood used is easy to wipe clean. Also, be noted that a comfort cushion can be added for an extra support to your baby.

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9. Ingenuity

Packed with features, this item from Ingenuity is such an outstanding wooden high chair for baby. The chair is a 3-in-1 unit because it triples as a toddler chair and a booster. Therefore, it grows with your baby since they are a few days old until they become a toddler.

Equipped to the chair, there is a tray that is easy to use and can be tossed into the dishwasher for cleaning since all parts are removable. Besides, if you use it the booster + toddler seat mode, the unit can seat 2 children simultaneously. Featuring casters, transporting the wooden high chair is made easy.

Coming in gray, the chair will not look boring as time passes by. As of safety, the chair comes with safety straps for securing your child. In terms of positions provided, there are 4 locking positions total. With the seat pad attached, you will find the item easy to clean as well.

Other noticeable accessories added to the chair include a 3-point harness and cup holders. Customers have commented that they are quite impressed by the chair’s durability, too.

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8. Costzon


Costzon is another top-rated brand when it comes to baby gear. This high chair from them is very well made and thoroughly designed to provide the child with the utmost comfort and safety a long with the parents’ convenience in mind. To ensure safety, the child features an A-frame design and a 5-point safety harness. And, the wood is smoothened with non-toxic material as well.

Featuring an adjustable footrest and height, the chair has plenty of room to grow. That also assures the baby’s comfort in the optimal position. The maximum weight load it can hold is about 110 lbs. What’s more, to encourage the baby in feeding themselves and to increase the parent-children bond during eating time, this chair is a great tool.

Equipped with a durable base, the chair is very stable. The chair comes with a tray that is easy to install, remove and clean. To wash the chair, it is recommended that you use mild soap and air dry as soon as possible to avoid potential damages.

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7. KegWorks

Another wooden high chair for baby you need to know about is from KegWorks, This item will give you a bang for your buck. The chair is crafted from durable, high quality wood attached with a touch safety harness strap. It is great for accommodating babies or toddlers – thanks to the commercial quality build. It works amazing and can support even tall and heavy kids. It comes a timeless, classic design and color. Besides, for your information, this chair is one of the top rated restaurant quality high chairs for baby as well.

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In addition to being durable, this chair is highly stable. If your baby can get really cranky during meal time, this one is a great option as it gives you peace of mind even if you baby cries and bounces on this chair. And, assembling this chair together is not a difficult task either.

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If you look to replace your baby’s old high chair, here is another impressive item for you. It is the best wooden high chair from Elenker. This chair offers great versatility just like the other ones. It has an adjustable height (3 heights – 16.5”, 29.1” and 30.7”). To store, we love that this chair can be folded easily. When folded, the chair will become so slim; you can toss the chair into your car’s trunk hassle-free.

What’s more, the chair comes with a handy tray which is great for play time or meal time. This tray can be opened and closed easily with just one hand. Plus, the surface of the chair is smooth which makes clean up super easy.

Kids weighing less than 77 pounds and aging from 5 months and older are suited in this chair. Featuring a 3-point harness and 4 corner support, the chair affirms your peace of mind when it comes to the baby’s safety. Be noted that some assembly is required if you get this one.

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5. Asunflower

If you are in the mood to get something a little more colored for your baby, check out this dazzling yellow chair. The chair is a convertible 3-in-1 type. The 3 functions it serves are a high chair, a stool chair and a booster seat. In other words, we can say that the chair grows with your baby since they are 5 months old until 6 years old. When measured in weight, the load this chair can handle is 141 lbs.

Regarding the chair’s design, it comes in an A-shape and a 5-point harness for the chair’s reliable stability. When converted into a toddler seat, the rail still remains to provide the kid safety. For seating, the child can be seated comfortably in 3 positions according to the child’s age.

Both the foot rest and food tray are removable. This feature is very useful for when the kid grows and needs a bigger room. For added comfort, the child will find the soft PU padding cushion cozy as well. This cushion as well as the tray can be cleaned up easily. Besides, the chair is quick to get going, and is not too big to store.

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4. Winco

Another top performer is from Winco. The chair has plenty to offer. It is made from solid, high quality wood. The color it comes in is Mahogany, making it a timeless piece for every home. Not only offering the look, this baby is super tough. It is built to last generations.

This chair will not arrive assembled, yet assembling it can be done in less than 15 minutes. The price tag is also desirable. After all, nothing seems to beat a classic wooden high chair like this pick from Winco. And, if you are opting for a restaurant-quality high chair for your little one, do not miss out on this one.

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3. Ashtonbee

If you are searching for a high chair of a more modern look, Ashtonbee might be it. This chair, in addition to looking sleek and beautiful, can offer a reliable, safe and comfortable seat for your baby. Indeed, there is a safety harness attached to the chair for the little one’s safety. The material used is non-toxic and safe for the baby to use. It is also sturdy and fatigue-free.

The legs are made of wood (beech tree) which results in a tough , stable chair that can absorb shock and hold heavy weight. To serve a growing kid well, the chair comes with 7 levels of height adjustment. In fact, this one will serve your kid until he or she turns 10 years old. Besides, the chair is not that heavy to move from one spot to another.

The food tray can be removed for cleaning or for when the baby needs extra room. Assembling the chair can be done in a snap. Plus, each item is backed by a money back policy for the buyer’s utmost satisfaction.

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2. Be Mindful

The item that ranks second in our list is from a company from Be Mindful who produces such thoughtful products for kids. This wooden high chair from them is suitable for both dining and playing time. It is useful ever since your child is a baby until he or she turns into a toddler – thanks to the chair’s convertible feature. And, we believe your baby will find great comfort when sitting in this chair.

There are straps attached to the chair to affirm the user’s safety. Be noted that this strap can be removed. Material chosen to produce the chair is entirely BPA-free. The chair is easy to keep clean as well. Plus, putting this chair together is easy peasy.

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1. Abie


This Abie high chair ranks among the best for plenty of its desirable features. First off, this chair is suitable for any kid who is 6 months or older and weighs less than 250 lbs. That means even some adults can use this chair. This chair generates a whole lot attention for its Dual Restraint System. With this system, that means the chair can be altered into using a 5-point harness or a 3-point harness and let you find the best, most comfortable position for your baby.

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For the child’s added safety and higher level of hygiene, each of these chairs is thoroughly sterilized. We also love that the chair comes with stain-free cushions and the fact that the chair can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth.

The wood surface is scratch-proof, so the chair will be at your service for a lifetime. But, that’s not it. The tray cover of the chair can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, too. Assembling the chair should not take more than 15 minutes. Best yet, every purchase is backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Buying Guides

Who would have thought a high chair for baby has so much to offer? But, there’s more to this. If you are willing to give extra thoughts and time into selecting a high chair for your baby, the satisfaction you’ll get will be even greater. Hence, let us be a part of your happy purchase. Below, we would like you offer you a few buying guide points you should look into when it comes to shopping for a wooden high chair for your and your baby’s purpose.

Material: We know that you are looking for a wooden high chair, but for most picks, not the entire chair is made from wood. There could be harness straps, a plastic tray, lacquer finish, etc. Focus on getting durable, non-toxic and quality materials. With these factors considered, you always know that your baby is seated in a safe place.

Convertible: For a better bang for your buck, you may want a high chair with convertible features. With that, the chair grows with your baby. On today’s market, a high chair could be turned into a toddler seat or a booster seat as well. Hence, know what you want ahead of time.

Weight Capacity: Made from wood, one of the things that gain our peace of mind is the fact that the chair can be quite durable to support a significant weight load. For our picks in this list, the weight capacity include 77 pounds, 110 pounds, 250 pounds, 270 pounds, etc. That said, some chairs with a high weight load capacity that are spacious enough can even safely support an adult.

With or Without Tray: Another most common feature of a high chair is that it comes with a tray. Hence, if you plan on having the kid seated in the chair during meal time or let them interact with some toys on a handy surface during play time, you may want to get a high chair that comes with a tray.

Safety Features: Looking at how the chair can reinforces safety of the kid and promotes the chair’s stability, the chair may come with a number of accessories. Those include a safety harness/strap, a rail, an A-shape design, locking positions, etc.

Clean Up: Lastly, cleaning up the chair can be made easy if its parts (such as the tray, foot rest, or padding) are removable. Besides, a chair that comes with a smooth finish or a smooth surface is easy to wipe clean as well.


We have already given you some recommendations of the best wooden highchairs in 2021. Now that you can seat back, relax and choose the ideal one according to you preference. Any of the above items will never dissatisfy you. Don’t hesitate to purchase one and make your kid’s childhood dining experience the best.


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Coming first on our list is the wood high chair from Costzon. This is the top quality wooden chair that keeps your children safe while dinning. Constructed of solid wood, this chair is very sturdy, ensuring that it will not break down and cause harm to your child. What’s more, the high quality chair is designed with the standard height, making it compatible and comfortable for the young toddler at the table.

Besides, this wood high chair features seat belt and strap, ensuring that your children will not fall off. On top of that, this attractive high chair can support the maximum weight of 88lbs. The item can also be used as commercial high chairs.

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9. Weiketery Wooden Folding Baby High Chair

The next product that has made up the list today is an adjustable wooden high chair from brand. This product comes with a tray, allowing your little kids to enjoy their meal while sitting comfortably on the chair. Made of natural bamboo and the 15 wood parts, this wooden high chair with tray is durable, adjustable, and most importantly foldable. You can bring the chair with you when traveling.

Not only that, you can always be assured that your child is sitting in comfort and hygiene, for you can clean up the chair easily. For your information, this high chair can be used with toddlers from the age of 6 months to 12 years. It will always accompany your child through his/her childhood.

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8. MallBoo Solid Wooden Adjustable Rolling Baby Chair

Another recommendation from us is a product from MallBoo brand. This is an attractive wooden chair with a perfect finish, making the surface smooth and eye-catching. Built with high quality beech wood, this high chair will show you its perfect performance and durability. Moreover, it is equipped with adjustable tray, allowing you to customize the space as your child grow.

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More than anything, with this outstanding performance high chair, you can make sure that your kids are safe as it comes with a seat belt and safety strap, plus the four wheels lock. For your information, the chair is applicable for kids from the age of 6 months to 10 years.

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7. ELENKER Baby Wooden Folding High Chair

Another highly rated item on the list goes to ELENKER brand. With this heavy duty high chair, having meals with your toddler is not a hard time anymore. It comes in adjustable and perfect height, allowing you to privatize the height of the chair to fit with your children as they grow. Most importantly, in order to highly ensure your children are safe, this durable high chair is equipped with straps.

Your children will never fall off the chair. Regarding its appearance, because it is crafted with natural bamboo and the finest finish, the chair comes with an attractive yellow color of bamboo. On top of that, the tray of the chair can be rotated, making it easy for you to take your kid out.

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6. Asunflower Wooden High Chair

Here is another recommendation from us, an adjustable high chair brought to you by Asunflower brand. The chair is made with perfection to ensure your kid’s safety and comfort. It is suitable for a kid from the age of 5 months up to 10 years. Moreover, this stylish high chair is constructed of 4 wooden legs, making it stable and safe. The chair is designed with the adjustable footrest of 7 levels, supporting your kid’s feet well. With detachable tray, you can take the tray out when your kid has grown. Besides, with the safety belt and white chair with no crevices, your beloved baby will have a safe and comfortable seat while you are at ease in feeding them.

On top of that, the chair is the construction of PP material white seat and the wooden legs, making it easy to clean up and assemble. You can also purchase high chair pads compatible with the chair to make sure your child sit in a complete comfort.

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5. Hape Babydoll Highchair

Here is the top 5th highchair of our review. This top rated item is brought to you by Hape brand. The above items are for your infant and toddler. This is time Hape has come up with the invention of highchair for baby doll, allowing your kids to have their toys with them when they are dining. With this tiny highchair for baby doll, you see your kids play a role as a parent to feed her little doll. Featuring stylish appearance and high quality wood, this little highchair is safe, sturdy, and long lasting.

Plus, the brand has constructed the highchair toy with care, and ensure that the toys are non-toxic and will not cause any harm to your little kid. For your information, it is recommended for only children with the age of 3 or more.

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4. Melissa & Doug White Wooden Doll High Chair

The top 4th item of our today’s review is also a beautiful tiny highchair for baby doll from another distinctive brand, Melissa & Doug. This attractive little chair has the construction of white woodwork of superb quality, ensuring strength and durability. More than that, this tiny chair features a removable and lockable tray, allowing your kids to play hard with their doll and making it a perfect decoration for your house.

With this elegant tiny highchair, you kids will always be active and have with their friend, the doll. For your information, the installation of this wooden highchair for baby doll takes a few minutes.

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3. Svan High Chair –Baby to Booster Bentwood Folding Chair

The next item that has made it to the list today is a highchair from Svan brand. The product comes with standard height, allowing your kid to sit on a right position with your dining table. Plus, constructed of bentwood with the finest finish, this highchair not only provides comfort for you little kid, but it is also a great masterpiece for decoration. Besides, with its portability, you can fold it for storage or carrying it with you on your family trip.

Not to mention, the seat comes with removable cushion. You can look for another wooden high chair cover for substitution when the old one is being washed. Last but not least, it comes with a detachable tray, which allows you to convert this highchair to a normal chair for your kids as they grow.

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2. Stokke – Tripp Trapp High Chair

Here comes the top 2nd product of today’s list. It is brought to you by Stokke brand. This is ideal highchair for home uses and is also perfect to be used as a restaurant high chair. Coming with a safety strap, this perfect highchair will provide safety and comfort and will not let you kid fall off. Significantly, the chair is designed with an adjustable seat and footrest, allowing you kids to comfortably position their feet.

This chair will grow with your kids. On top of that, this highchair can build up your kid’s confidence; when your kid grows to a proper age, you can let them to climb up by himself.

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1. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

Now that the wait is over. The top 1st item goes to Abiie brand. This is the best of the best item of the review. This supreme quality highchair is designed with perfection to ensure the safety and convenience of your kids. It is the best combination of ecofriendly innovation and material of beech wood and the perfect finish, making this accessory more attractive. Not only that, this stunning highchair comes with EZ-seat function, allowing you to customize the height of the chair to fit up with that of your dining table.

What’s more, this highchair comes with a soft olive cushion, providing the best dining experience for your toddler. For your information, you can be at ease when it comes to cleanup; it takes you only a few minutes.

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