Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Reviews in 2021

In everyday life, it’s full of things to be cared for that sometimes you get carried away. That’s why it is essential that you find ways to release your stress and to comfort your mind and body in between work or at least at the end of the day.

Zero gravity chair recliner is known for its soothing and relaxing effect. To make it less complicated for you, we came up with a list of top 10 best zero gravity chair recliner review in 2021. Please feel free to use this as a reference to make your purchasing decision.

List Of Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Reviews in 2021


First and foremost, we would like begin our chair recliner review with the number 10 item from EVER ADVANCED brand. This zero gravity chair recliner is designed with many amazing and practical functions that will make you fall for it right after your first time sitting. This chair recliner has come in a combination of 3 colors including green, black and grey, with these dark colors, it will not be stained easily. EVER ADVANCED is able to bear the maximum load of 350 pounds. While its overall dimension is 29.5 x 32 x 45 inches and the height measured from the ground to the seat is 22 inches.

More than this, the length of the chair is specially designed to be fit with everyone, even tall or fat person can also use it as the fully reclined length of this chair recliner is 72 inches. Also, you can recline this chair to the position that you prefer because it is able to be adjusted up to 170 degrees. And, the back of the chair won’t fall down when you recline, since this chair is constructed with a locking system, so you can sit or sleep on it in stability.

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9. Kahuna Massage Chair

Let us introduce you Kahuna Massage Chair which is also one of the best zero gravity recliner chair. This chair is a normal and simple recliner chair but it is a massage chair that can provide you a lot of benefits, especially make you feel relaxed after your long and tiring day. Kahuna chair is equipped with a full body Shiatsu specialized therapy that includes Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping and lower back calves heating therapy that are able to release pressure from your muscles and eliminate pain from your body. There are 3 speed types of massage that you can choose based on your preference.

This massage recliner chair is attached with an extra foot paddings, double layer shoulder airbags, and a remote holder as well. Kahuna recliner chair is also constructed with an individual custom fit massage technology that smartly scan your body when you sit on it in order to provide you the right massage to the right area of your body.

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8. BestMassage

Moving on to our number 8 item that is a recliner zero gravity chair from BestMassage. In case you are looking for a recliner chair that can be folded, this brand is the ideal choice for you. This zero gravity recliner chair is perfectly suitable for using in your yard, garden, and also at the beach. You will not have to buy a small table for placing your food or drinks because BestMassage recliner chair is already attached with a cup holder that is large enough for putting 2 cups, a book, and a small plate on or your small belongings.

Other than that, there is also a pillow on the top of the chair that serve as a headrest that can offer you greater comfy feeling when you rest on it. For your information, the headrest can be easily adjusted to the position of your head. BestMassage is specially designed to save space. Actually, this zero gravity chair recliner can be folded up and stored away easily. Thus, when you stop using it, you can just fold it up and it behind your dresser.

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7. AmazonBasics

Right here is one of the best zero gravity recliner chairs that you can use both indoor and outdoor. This recliner chair is from AmazonBasics that is one of the well-known brand in chair industry. The overall design of this chair has come in 4 different colors including blue, burgundy, black, and beige, these colors are all very trendy and cool. AmazonBasics is manufactured to be able to offer you a stress-free and weightless feeling for your outdoor or indoor relaxation.

Another special feature of this chair recliner is that this chair’s frame is made of strong powder coasted-steel that is also light in weight.Owing to this matter, you can easily bring this chair to wherever you wanna take a rest. More than that, AmazonBasics recliner chair indoor is not only usable for the thin but even people with heavy weight can also use it as well due to the fact that this chair can bear the weight up to 300 pounds. What is more special than this, is that you will receive a 1- year warranty right after you purchase this chair.

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6. Homall

Let’s take a look at another foldable zero gravity chair recliner, that comes from Homall brand. This zero gravity chair is best for your outdoor activities and more importantly, this chair is foldable and it also comes in the size that you can easily bring along for your holidays trip to the beach or picnic. Homall recliner chair can provide you not only comfort but more convenience as well owing to the fact that it features a cup holder that has 4 grids for you to place you drinks, phone, book, and tablet.

Noticeably, this best zero gravity chair is manufactured using high quality materials, so you can trust its durability. The frame of this recliner chair is made of steel tube that is sturdy and strong enough to resist your weight. On the other hand, Homall is also equipped with breathable and durable fabric that can make you comfortable and sweat less. In terms of assembling, you do not have to worry, because it is already fully assembled.

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5. Goplus

The item that ranks in the middle of our review list is Goplus’s folding lounge recliner. One of the interesting points of Goplus recliner is its detachable headrest support.  Actually, this zero gravity recliner chair is designed to be usable for everyone in the family. The headrest can be taken off any time you do not want to use it and it is also adjustable in which you can adjust it to the right position of head.

On top of that, Goplus has come with durable construction in which this chair is attached with a knit technique and plus superior materials that can guarantee long term durability. With its folding design, you can actually fold it into one third of the full size, so it’s gonna be easy for you to store it in your home and especially it is not hard to bring along when you are travelling. In addition to that, Goplus is available in 5 colors such as beige, black, brown, light blue, and light gray.

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4. idealBed

Let’s turn your attention to our 4th rank item that is from idealBed brand. This is not a simple zero gravity recliner chair but it is a bed recliner that comes in the queen size. When even more surprised is that this is a massage bed that is designed to be adjusted into 3 pre-set positions such as zero gravity, flat and anti-snore. With regard to the massage work, idealBed is able to provide you a whole body massage with 3 levels of intensity and 3 modes of massage including pulse, wave and constant full body. So, by just resting on this massage bed recliner for several minutes, you will no longer feel exhausted anymore.

For your information, this bed is designed to be compatible with any brand mattress. Thus, you don’t have to buy a new mattress to pair up with it if you already had a queen size mattress at home. Also, idealBed recliner can ensure that your mattress would stay firm on it owing to the fact that it is attached with a food retainer bar and non-skid material on top of the base to avoid slippery.

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3. Four Seasons

Turning to another amazing chair recliner known as Four Seasons. By glancing on the name, it already shows you that this zero gravity chair recliner is usable in all 4 seasons. This chair is best for a short nap in the office or home and also outdoor activities like picnic or camping. Four Seasons is a special deal for you because when you purchase, you will receive a package that has a chair recliner and a cushion included for greater comfort, especially in cold weather.

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The cushion is 10 cm thick that is washable with both hand and machine. Interestingly, the weight capacity of this zero gravity chair is up to 330 pounds that is stronger than other chairs. This capacity actually comes from its top quality steel frame and durable fabric supported by double bungee system. With its smooth recline function ranging from 90 to 166 degrees, you change the way you sit up to 40 positions. And, the upgraded aluminum lock system attached on the chair allows you to relax comfortably and securely in your favorable positions.

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2. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products is famous brand that brings top quality zero gravity chair recliners. There are many outstanding functions that makes this recliner chair receive 2nd place in our review list. First of all, this chair is equipped with sturdy and UV resistant mesh that is designed to be durable for outdoor activities. Secondly, this lounge chair recliner has come with a lockable reclining system that allows you to glide the chair to the position that you want with guarantee that the chair will not fall down.

More than that, this zero gravity chair can help you to access to your stuff easier due to the fact that there is a cup holder tray placed next to the arm of the chair. On top of that, to provide support to your head, there is a removable and adjustable headrest attached on the top of the chair. So, this design offers you more convenience because you can easily take off the headrest from the chair when you don’t need it.

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1. Caravan Canopy

Finally, the wait is over! It is now the right time to announce our number 1 item which is from Caravan Canopy brand. Caravan Canopy zero gravity chair recliner is commonly used by many people and it has also received many good feedbacks from customers as well. This famous recliner chair is available in 7 plain colors and it also comes in a camouflage printed design that is very trendy. This zero gravity chair is definitely able to bring you ultimate comfort once you rest on it.

Caravan Canopy also has an improved locking system that can lock the chair in your adjusted position. On the other hand, its headrest can serve as both head and lumbar support because it is removable. Thus, it is ideal for sport events, beach, or backyard rest. In addition to that, this zero gravity chair can be folded neatly, so it is very easy for you to store it or transport it the place that you need to bring it with.

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Before you decide to purchase any zero gravity chair recliner, it is important to consider its special features first in order to ensure that you will get the right product. Below are some points that you need to take a look.

Headrest support: Headrest is an essential part that a chair recliner must have. So, it is good to choose any chair that has detachable headrest because it can provide you more convenience.

Footrest: With attached footrest, you can rest more comfortably on the chair. So, don’t forget to choose a chair that has footrest.

Capacity: If you need a recliner chair that the whole family can use, you need to take a look at its capacity – how heavy the chair can bear, the quality of its frame and fabric.

Size: If your house has limit space for keeping stuff, considering the size is a must because if the chair is too big, it will be hard for you to keep it and hard to bring along as well.

Weight:  In case you want a chair recliner for your outdoor activities or events, it is necessary to find a chair that is light in weight, you can easily grab to anywhere.

Foldable: Why does it have to be foldable? Because it’s gonna be easier for you to place in the car for holiday travelling.

Resistant level: This is the last point that you need to consider. It is because any chair with the right resistant level can give enough pressure to maintain you exactly where you want it to be.


There are many types of zero gravity reclining chairs available out there; they differ regarding the design, colors, qualities and features. The differences between each type of chairs are to serve different kinds of comfort. All in all, we hope that you will find one that most fit your requirements.


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10. Four Seasons Zero Gravity Chair

This best zero quality chair from Four Seasons offers the most relaxing and comfortable experience in your nap or sleep. And, the chair is cushioned for ultimate comfort on your back. What’ more, the chair comes with new locking system allowing you to adjust the chair in any position as you desire. Also, the headrest is included. Moreover, the chair supports the maximum weight of 330 lbs and is portable-friendly that you can easily move it to anywhere you want either indoor or outdoor.

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Even better, the chair features recline function providing 40 positions. If you want the ultimate comfort, go for this best zero quality chair.

9. Le Papillon Zero Gravity Chair

To provide utmost comfort all year round, this perfect chair comes with quality removable cushion and breathable fabric. What’s more, the chair provides foldable function for space saving storage, and portability. Also with special design, it helps to keep the cushion firm onto the chair. And with removable headrest, you get the best care for your neck.

More than that, you get full control over the chair position with the user-friendly locking system. For space and cost saving, nothing can beat this Le Papillon chair.

8. Niceway Zero Gravity Chair

Relax your back with this outstanding chair to rejuvenate yourself from the long tiring day at work. What’s more, the chair is fully reclined with the length of 71” providing comfortable space for your entire body. Also, the chair comes in a very unique design with rust protection making your chair last for years as its initial state.

When the chair is folded, it only takes up space about 38” in height, and weighs 18 lb making it always ready on the go. Even more unique, cup holder trays are also provided to place entertaining things like drinks, phones, etc. The perk of a lightweight chair is that you can bring it to anywhere you go without worries.

7. Four Seasons Zero Gravity Recliner

This zero gravity recliner offers the best relaxing moment with its improved locking system, adjustable headrest, smooth recline between 90-166 degree, and quality textilene fabric. With fully recline function, you can lock up to 40 position effortlessly. Furthermore, the fabric provides long lasting outdoor effect.

Not to mention its durability, the recliner is made out of high quality steel frame. And along with the comfortable recliner, you will also get beverage tray with cup and phone holder for extra convenience. Experience the most extreme comfort on your back with this zero gravity recliner.

6. Cozzia Dual Power Recliner

This one touch perfect chair comes in a sleek and elegant black colored design. What’s special, the chair offers a higher level of comfort with its soothing heat along vibration massage. With the high technology “one touch” button, you can easily operate the headrest and footrest independently to your most favorite position while you are working, reading, or watching TV.

Also, the chair is made of beechwood base and quality bonded leather for the elegant looking, and durability. With this chair, you will get a premium feeling and luxury atmosphere in your house or work space.

5. Camco Zero Gravity Recliner

With many color options, this Camco recliner is available in black swirl, green swirl, red swirl, and tan fern, and all are absolutely stunning. The recliner aims to provide you the most comfort resting time with its dual locking system, and adjustable padded headrest. What’s more, the recliner features durable woven fabric with weather resistance and UV protection suitable for any rough weathers.

For space saving purpose, the recliner is as compact as 5” when folded. Also, the recliner holds up to 260 lbs. For comfort, up-to-date design, and space saving, the Camco recliner has all the required qualities.

4. Goplus Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair offers even more color options with 8 choices including beige, wine, black, blue, brown, gray, green, and light blue providing you many color variations to choose from matching with your existing decor. When reclined, the chair is 65” long ideal for tall people to fully stretch their arms and legs.

What’s more, this is one of the zero gravity recliners that also comes with a cup holder tray to keep your essential things within your reach without the need to get off the chair. Get fully absorbed into your relaxing time and make the most out of it with this Goplus zero gravity chair.

3. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair is offered in three beautiful colors such as Earth, camouflage, and blue. When fully reclined, the chair is 72” long providing plenty of space for your legs. Furthermore, the chair is constructed of steel frame and polyester fabric holding up to 350 lbs.

For an extraordinary comfort experience, the chair features curved ergonomic design, locking system, adjustable reclining position, padded material, and side cup holder. Once you have used this Timber Ridge zero gravity chair, you’ll get addicted to the comfort.

2. Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair is 5.3” bigger than standard reclining chair offering wider comfortable space. Also, the chair is crafted with strong material offering durable quality with the capacity of 330 lbs. What’s more, the locking system allows you to lock and adjust your most preferred positions in minutes. And, the chair is offered in about 10 colors making it possible that you will meet one of your favorite colors among them.

1. Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair

This perfect chair enables you to rest in multiple reclining position via the quick dual locking system. Plus, the chair holds up to 300 lbs with durable constructed materials including sturdy steel frame, and durable textilene. What’s more, you can save space by folding the chair when not in use.

For added comfort on your head, the lumbar support is provided along with the chair. Also with 6 amazing color options, the chair will be a great decor to your household.

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