Top 11 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2021 Reviews

There are a lot of reasons why people may not want to lose their motorcycles. First and the most obvious one is the fact that they are expensive. Yes, for you to get a high performing motorbike, you must dig deep into your pocket. Second, you feel it belongs to you since you have all receipts and documents that prove so. You may also not want to lose your motorcycle because of the affection you have towards it.

While we cannot totally eradicate theft, we can keep our motorcycles safe and sound. And the best way to achieve that is to go for a motorcycle lock. Specially designed for keeping motorcycles secure, motorcycle locks are super strong and extremely durable. They are resistant to drills and a good number of them even have alarm sensors to alert you in case of any mishap. Go through the following top 11 best motorcycle locks reviews to identify one, which is suitable for your needs.

Table Of The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks

11. Artago Secure 30X motorcycle/Bike Alarm Disc Lock

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Top security needs a quality motorcycle lock like the Artago 30X Motorcycle Disc Lock. The lock has a 12-millimeter piston diameter, and its alarm sensor unit is an independent system, based on the situation. This means you can use the lock without it or activate it and use it together with the lock. The alarm sensor operates on two modes, which are alarm + warning function. This disc lock has a water-resistant rating of IP67 because it is electronic module hermetically sealed.

10. Kryptonite 14mm x 60” New York Disc Bike Alarm

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The lock used to protect your motorcycle should be very strong to deter thieves from easily destroying it. That’s why the Kryptonite 14mm x 60” New York Disc Bike Alarm is made of 3t hardened manganese steel. The construction gives it ultimate strength as well as making it durable. The lock also comes with protective nylon cover featuring hook-and-loop fasteners to help hold it firmly in place. In addition, its cylinder promises to stay longer, considering the sliding dustcover that protects it.

9. Kryptonite U Lock with 4ft Flex Bike Cable (Series 2)

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Send any bike thief running with this new and improved motorcycle lock from Kryptonite. Its 13mm shackle is hardened with MAX-performance steel that enables it to resist leverage and cutting attacks. The lock also boasts a hardened crossbar design that increases protection. It protects against attacks with its center keyway and will not make any noise during transportation; thanks to its anti-rattle bumpers. You will love its new transit flexframe-U transportation system, which is for versatile carrying.

8. ONGUARD 6’ X 3/8” Quad Chain Lock (8019L)

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The anti-theft protection program used on this chain lock no doubt makes it a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their precious motorcycle from theft. Ideally, this lock has dual lock down protection as well as four laser cuts plus TorchKey. It also has heatproof and water-resistant chain covers, which prevent it from scratches and allows it to fold compactly. The rotating dust cover protects the cylinder, thereby, extending its life. Cyclists and power sports enthusiasts should all have this chain lock.

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7. Xena Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle (XX10-SS)

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Show thieves your intentions by acquiring the Xena Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle. Although it only weighs 616 grams, this alarm motorcycle lock has all the features to discourage any thief from messing around with your motorcycle. It is self-arming, and, therefore, requires no on/off switch. It automatically re-sets to an armed mode in less than 15 seconds. Its single CR2 lithium battery powers it effectively to make sure it is a reliable unit. Thieves will not be able to get the better of the steel mono-block construction.

6. Winner International The Club UTL800 Utility Lock

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You need to buy from a manufacturer that’s committed to providing quality products, which meet daily security and safety applications. And that manufacturing company is none other than Winner International. Their utility lock is perfect for securing motorcycles, trailers, power tools, gates, ladders, scaffolding, patio furniture, ATVs, garden tools, golf carts, and more. Its design features cro-moly steel and vinyl coating to help ensure maximum protection. The lock is very easy to use, and it is weatherproof for convenience.

5. Urban Security Motorcycle/Bicycles Chain Lock (15 mm Diameter x 120 cm)

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Protected by a 2-year warranty, this chain lock gives you peace of mind when purchasing it knowing it is protected against defects and workmanship. It has an anti-picking and anti-drilling key mechanism, which makes it a reliable unit in keeping your motorcycle secure. The lock also has nylon sleeve that will protect your bike from scratches. It is made in Europe where it has been tested and approved by NF-FFMC/S.R.A. While the price of this chain lock is quite raised, remember the say “you get what you pay for”.

4. Winner International The Club Yellow Utility Lock (UTL810)

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A versatile motorcycle lock is all you need to keep your valuable motorcycle secure. And that lock is none other than the Winner International The Club Yellow Utility Lock. Apart from motorcycles, the lock can be used to secure lots of items including ATVs, outdoor furniture, ladder, gates etc. It has vinyl coating tempered steel, which protects objects from scrapes and scratches. Additionally, it boasts a heavy-duty construction that’s capable of standing up to 1,500 pounds of pressure.

3. Kryptonite Premium Pack Bike Lock (Series 4)

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Now you can leave your motorcycle anywhere knowing that you will come back and get it the way you left it. The Kryptonite Premium Series Bike Lock is all you need to achieve that. It has a double deadbolt locking mechanism with extensive holding power. Furthermore, it comes with a carrying pouch for easy carry when it’s not in use. It weighs only 2 pounds, meaning carrying or transporting it is a snap. Have it today, and discourage anyone with bad intentions.

2. MysBiker Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

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The MysBiker Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock provides a practical solution for bikers who want to protect their expensive motorcycles from thieves. It comes with a 110-decibel alarm that automatically activates immediately it senses any shock or vibration. By so doing, both the alarm and lock help keep your motorcycle safe and sound. The forged stainless steel construction makes the lock durable and extremely strong. Use this lock on motorcycles, sport bike, chopper, cruiser, scooters or racing bikes such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Harley, Buell, KTM, Aprilia.

1. Kryptonite Red 785 Lock Chain Bike Lock – Motorcycle Locks

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Apart from red, the Kryptonite 785 Integrated Chain Bike Lock is available in purple and grey. It has 7mm 4-sided chain links, which are made of 3T manganese steel for ultimate strength. It also features a water-resistant nylon sleeve that is durable and prevents it from scratches. The two new ergonomic “I” keys make the lock super easy to use. Kryptonite has been around for more than 40 years, and they are known for their production of top quality products that offer unending security and protection.

It is important to keep your belongings safe and secure. That’s why you need a motorcycle lock if you are a biker. Nevertheless, the market is flooded with many of these products to the extent that you may not know which one is the best. But we say worry not and check out the products listed in these reviews.

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