Top 11 Best Sliding Barn Door Kits in 2021

Sliding Barn door kit is the best way to improve your home’s décor. The sliding door kits add a sleek and classy appearance inside your house. These door kits are the best compared to other standard doors. They are light in weight and no need to hold them when you enter your room.

With a sliding barn door kit, you can easily save on space, unlike other types of door kits. They allow you to improve your indoor décor for those with small house space. Before settling for any sliding barn door, you must consider the quality of the hardware kit. Below is a list of the best sliding barn door kits according to 2021 review.

Check list of the Best Sliding Barn Door Kits


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The INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN barn door kit has the ability to support a weight of 225 pounds comfortably. It’s designed with a rail connector to ensure a seamless transition for the door from rail to rail. With this sliding door kit, you can comfortably cut extra length on the rail, and its functionality won’t be affected.

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It’s easy to set up as it comes with a simple installation video. The stylish and rustic look of the INDUSTRIAL BY DESIGN door kit makes your door to look elegant. The manufacturer guarantees your money back if the kit disappoints you.


  • Weighs 19.8 pounds
  • Comes with two Door Stoppers
  • T-shaped floor guide
  • Comes with Rail Hardware
  • Installation video provided

10. SMARTSTANDARD Wide Door Panel Kit

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Are you looking for an excellent sliding barn door for your bedroom? If so, SMARTSTANDARD kit is your best option. This door kit works best on any space. SMARTSTANDARD is a quality sliding barn door kit that comes at an affordable price.

Installation of this door kit is not hard as it comes with an understandable manual. In case you have any problem with installing the SMARTSTANDARD kit, you just call their customer service for assistance. With this kit, no need to hire professional for installation.


  • Weighs 220 lbs.
  • Stable and safe
  • Easy to install
  • 6ft. rail
  • Made of high-quality metal

9. EaseLife 13 FT Heavy Duty Sliding Barns Door Kit

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The EaseLife 13 FT kit is made of high-quality steel material for durability. The materials make it anti-corrosion thus allowing it to maintain its beauty for a year. The kit is large enough to fit up a to79-inch wide door. The step by step installation guide makes the whole installation process very easy.

The kit is J-shaped acting as a good décor for your room. This EaseLife kit is loved by many because of its less weight. Even though it doesn’t come with a door, it’s among the best barn door kits on the market. You won’t regret buying this kit.


  • Easy installation
  • Weighs 27.8 pounds
  • J-shaped
  • Measures 82 by 5 by 4 inches in size.
  • Made of steel material

8. EaseLife 12 FT Heavy-Duty Sliding Barns Door Kit

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Buying this door kit assures you quality and durability. It’s made of high-quality steel material that can’t break even in high temperatures. Its coated with anti-corrosion powder that prevent any form of corrosion on the kit.

With this EaseLife 12 FT Heavy-Duty kit, you’ll be assured of longevity. Even with time, the beauty of this door kit doesn’t fade away. It operates quietly; thus, no need to worry about noise when you open your door.


  • Made of heavy-duty steel material
  • Fits 72-inch wide door
  • Installation guide
  • Leaves 6ft. above the door.
  • Doesn’t come with a door.

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7. SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 FT Heavy-Duty Kit

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SMARTSTANDARD 6.6 FT kit has the ability of supporting a weight of up to 170 pounds. The kit fits the door of 36 by 40 inches. It’s designed with a door guide and end cap that guides and stops the door. You can’t lose your money as the kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

The step by step installation guide makes the whole installation process very easy. Apart from its built-in hanger, it comes with a single track piece. The single track piece is very easy to use during installation.


  • J or I-shaped hanger
  • Supports a weight of 170 pounds
  • Multiple finish option
  • Singletrack piece
  • Comes with end cap and door stops

6. EaseLife 12 FT Heavy-Duty Sliding Kit

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This kit is made of high-quality material for durability. EaseLife Sliding Kit’s surface is coated with anti-corrosion powder that prevents any of rust. The Easelife Sliding kit is known as the best kit by many. It’s sturdy and hard because of steel material that enhances efficiency.

With this kit, you can with a door that’s 72 inches wide. The door kit is very heavy for stability as it weighs 250lbs. Even though EaseLife sliding door kit does not come with a door, it’s still many people’s favourite because of its heavy-duty construction.


  • Made with heavy-duty material
  • Fits a door that is 72 inches’ wide
  • Comes with sliding like butter.
  • Designed with door stopper
  • Weighs 250lbs.

5. 12ft Heavy-Duty Double Door Kit

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12ft Heavy-Duty kit is the most affordable kit on the market. It’s made of very quality material that enhances its longevity. Using this product gives you a fantastic turnkey experience. With this 12ft Heavy-Duty kit, you don’t need a professional for installation due to the installation guide.

The kit comes as a complete package with everything you need. It comes with a barn hardware, rails, rails support, rollers, door stopper and end caps. It comes with all the necessary features except the door. This kit has a weigh of 220lbs and helps you to save on space.


  • Easy to install
  • Weighs 220lbs
  • Saves on space
  • Durable
  • Fits 30 inches’ door panel

4. TMS Wooden Sliding Door-Hardware Kit

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TMS Wooden kit holds your door firmly. It has a stainless steel construction that is long lasting. The construction of this kit is not durable like other kits, but it has an aesthetic appeal. The unique appeal adds beauty to your space.

TMS Wooden kit has the ability to resist all types of resistance. It can, therefore, be used for outdoor application. The kit comes with an extra-long rail that perfectly fit all your needs. It is designed with a removable cap that can be positioned anywhere.

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  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Satin surface
  • Weighs 150 pounds
  • Measures 79 by 6 by 3
  • Has a 40-inch opening

3. WINSOON 5-16FT Single Wood Kit

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This WINSOON 5-16FT kit has a weight capacity of 230 lbs. Due to its weight, it can work with every door. This kit comes with installation instructions thus saving you the cost of calling a professional carpenter for installation purpose. Another amazing thing is that the instruction on the guide are in inches thus no need to convert them.

The WINSOON 5-16FT kit is designed with four tracks that are small in size. The short tracks need to be joined using track connectors. The kit comes with 6ft. track and an additional 5ft track that gives you the maximum length you require.


  • Comes with instruction pictures
  • Weighs 230lbs
  • Very durable
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Powder-coated surface

2. Erfect 6.6 FT Brown Kit

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Erfect 6.6 FT kit is an imperative kit that comes with all the necessary hardware and tracks. The kit is J-shaped built for both double and single door. It’s 6.6ft in length, thus perfect for all standard doorways. It can also be upgraded up to 13ft.

Erfect 6.6 FT is everyone’s favourite because it’s a minimalist and very durable. It’s made of high-quality carbon steel that ensures that the track’s longevity is enhanced. With this type of kit, you can work on many types of doors. It’s very easy to set up its this kit.


  • Carbon steel construction
  • 6-6ft track
  • J-shaped hanger
  • Made for a single door
  • Comes with a door stopper


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PENSON & CO. PBD001 FBA adds a rustic and an old-fashioned vibe to your room. When you see this kit, you will immediately see the passion that the manufacturer had when making it. Another amazing thing about this kit is its supportive system that makes it suitable for massive doors.

This PENSON & CO. PBD001 FBA kit can be mounted on both concrete and wood. It’s the best option for commercial and residential locations. The only bad thing about this kit is that the rail comes in two pieces, and fixing them can lead t imperfections.


  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • J-shaped hangers
  • Door stopper provided
  • Durable construction
  • Can be mounted on wood or concrete


Sliding door kit is essential for every door. Before settling for any door kit, you need to know the size of your door first. The rail length of the kit should be twice the size of your door opening. You should leave a space stoppers in case adjustments need to be made. You should also consider the material of the kit to ensure that it performs well for an extended period. Therefore, if you plan to add a sleek and classy look to your indoor design, then consider buying the above-listed sliding barn door kits.

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