Top 12 Best RC Trucks in 2021 Reviews – A Completed Guide

During vacations, extended snow period or a just ordinary weekends and holidays, your children deserve to be happily occupied with quality toys, as RC trucks. Adult hobbyists, casual users, and racers who like to let their fun part take over will also get countless hours of entertainment with these small yet powerful gadgets.

These little vehicles are preferred because they perform amazingly well in different terrains including sand, grass, carpet, dirt, open road, mud, puddle, you name it. So that you get a thrilling performance, we decided to bring you this solid overview of the best of these nifty appliances, to save you the hassle and confusion that comes with selecting the perfect RC truck so you can buy with confidence.

List of Best RC Trucks in 2021 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying RC trucks:

Price:  if you opt for a cheaper model, ensure you won’t dip out on build quality or performance. While some vehicles cost a fortune, don’t be disappointed. There are many other trucks out there that are affordable and serve their purpose excellently.

Engine: if you intend to use your RC truck for racing, you may want a powerful engine with multiple motors so that you won’t lag behind. Ensure the option you have in mind performs like a champ on the worst surfaces including grass, rock, sand, open field, and loose dirt.

Materials: Plastic is the most used material in the construction of an RC car. However, some makers use materials with higher quality for other parts. Look out for rubber tires, they are best at offering grip and cushioning.

Power Source: Most RC cars need batteries to work. You’ll want to consider an RC car that contains battery packs so that you just need to charge them and you are always ready to go. Note that there are RCs with Nitro engines. This kind of engines may need batteries and fuel.

Design:  not all RC trucks can withstand harsh terrain; some are under-equipped for steep and rugged terrains. It is vital to consider useful design features like oversized rugged tires and an ergonomic scale design for optimum stability.

12. Top Race Remote Control Monster Truck RC Rock Crawlers with 2.4 GHz Transmitter

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By: Top Race

Although this is one of the cheapest models, it doesn’t mean any lesser build quality or performance so you can buy with surety. The manufacturer prides themselves on the 1:18 scale design with large oversized tires with thick threads and a small upper which ensures stability and resistance to any form of crushes. The 4WD drivetrain paired with a powerful crawling technology and reliable, robust shocks supplements this ergonomic design to give an incredibly fast machine for the little monster it is. The thick tires are resistant to skid and operating this remote controlled vehicle is quite simple for any regardless of experience.

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  • Inside the package, you’ll find 7 AA batteries, 4 for the car and 3 for the remote.
  • The makers recommend it for ages above eight years.

11. SZJJX RC Rock Off-Road Vehicle 2.4 GHz 4WD High Speed 1:18 Racing Cars RC

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This is a perfect excuse for any kid to get started in the racing hobby. The commendable performance can be partly credited to the PVC rubber wheels that maintain a firm grip on the surfaces as well as the 4WD system that delivers power to all wheels. Each tire comes installed with bouncing suspension springs for flexibility and stability especially when zooming through unstable surfaces. In the frequent case of a crush, worry not that the inner electronic components of your minute automobile are affected.

This unit has been made shockproof with a direction spinner in the bottom so that the car can automatically adjust if it is veering off the path, this helps in preventing crashes. One does not require any assistance to operate this intuitive system as it is user-friendly. You get to drive forward effortlessly and backward, turn left or right and climb the roughest of terrains with this powerful little automobile.


  • Speed: 20 km/h and a control distance of up to 100km
  • 20 minutes of enjoyment with a 3-hour full charge of the 4.8v 700 mA battery that is included.
  • With every buy, you get a charge cable, three 1.5 V AA batteries for the 2.4 GHz remote.

10. RC Cars Off-road Vehicles Jeep Trucks 4WD RC Trucks

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By: Tuptoel

Tuptoel tries to set the bar too high for any RC track marker in the competitive market to reach. This mini-Jeep truck is durable, can never get old and will not get damaged by anything. It designed with a 1:18 scale, a four-wheel drive for all-terrain performance so it will tackle the trigged outdoors and high torque for climbing over the hills. Because there is a compelling off-road shock-proof system, you have nothing to worry about when making it flip, drift or turn. The off-road monster can take turns, twists, and knocks with ease.


  • The 4.8 v battery requires 2-3 hours of charging to last up to 25 minutes.
  • You enjoy 60+ meters of drive range.
  • The car has two LED lights, so your driving is not only limited to daytime.

9. DOUBLE E Electric RC Car 4 Wheel Drive Off Road RC Truck Rock

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A slightly more expensive means of outstanding off-road performance, the dynamic and luxurious details and finishes that are notable affirm that he is a pro. This RC truck boasts a 4wd and front and rear dual motors that produce unprecedented levels of torque.

Resting on oversized PVC tires, there four suspension springs so that rocky and rugged terrain won’t bother this truck one bit. DOUBLE E was also reasonable with forwarding, backward, left-turn and right-turn and climb functionalities. The control range is incredible; you get to still be effectively in charge with your truck up to a whopping 260 feet away. A 2-3 hour full charge will power your track for at least 30 minutes.


  • You get an 800mAh rechargeable 6V battery pack so you won’t have batteries dying on you amid thrilling fun.
  • The package also features a USB charging cable and a screwdriver.
  • The remote control requires 3 AA batteries.

8. AHAHOO RC Cars 1/18 Remote Control Off-Road Vehicle 2.4GHz

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You could be forgiven easily for buying the AHAHOO RC monster truck as a piece of decoration for the well-made design. What caught our attention was the 1:18 scale construction, the four independent suspension springs for each tire and the powerful motor that is built not to tolerate overheating. With this multi-terrain racing unit, you won’t have to deal with turnoffs like overcharging, overheating or overcurrent. After a 2-3 hour charge, your kid will enjoy 15-25 minutes of fun managing to pull stunts and stimulating imaginations once they assume to be at the seat of the driver

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  • You don’t need to buy extra batteries; you get a 4.8v 700 mAh car battery installed.
  • Up to 60 meters remote distance control.
  • The package includes a USB charger cable.

7. IMDEN Remote Control Car – Terrain RC Cars

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By: IMDEN RC Trucks

This electric remote control car guarantees excellent performance for your kids. It boasts an attractive truck design giving it a badass appearance. Additionally, this product boasts sturdy, strong, and durable components for ultimately excellent performances.

It cranks a whopping 30 mph speed making it a perfect off-road monster. What’s more, this truck comes with an ultra-grade 390 brushed motor which delivers unsurpassed performance. The design makes it ideal for all outdoor conditions. Something else, this remote control truck offers a superior control with a perfect range of up 260 feet. It also comes with an ultra-quality steering and an excellent throttle for a great experience.

Its unique transmitter delivers a superior control making it ideal for all users. Something else, this product features four unique wheels equipped with a responsive bouncing spring for ultimate support even on unstable surfaces. It also comes with a four-direction control feature for comfortable racing. The four controls include a forward, a backward, a left, and a right movement.

Extra Features:

  • The durable tire spikes deliver unmatched stability
  • This truck comes with a powerful rechargeable battery which lasts up to 30 minutes.

6. DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck 4WD Dual Motors

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The DOUBLE E monster truck boasts an ultra-quality construction making it an ideal off-road monster. Its unique design makes it perfect for use on the outdoors. Furthermore, the car comes with four ultra-quality wheels which guarantee ultimate stability and traction on all terrains.

The dual-motor design offers an excellent front and rear wheel performance allowing one to pass through rough and uneven surfaces with ease. Another thing, this car boasts a buggy look making it an ideal off-road masterpiece.

The excellent detailing with simulated front lights gives it that super look making it a perfect investment. Something else, the product comes with a powerful rechargeable battery which offers a long performance. The ultra-quality 6V 800mAh battery pack delivers long-lasting performances As a warning, one shouldn’t use a charger delivering more than 5V output on this battery. This product also features a unique independent suspension design which prevents damage due to high impact.

Extra Features:

  • The excellent remote control offers an impressive range of up to 260 feet
  • The transmitter boasts a powerful 2.4GHz frequency

5. HBX 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car

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This super off-road car features an advanced design which makes it a worthy purchase. First, the product comes with a powerful and super-fast brushed motor, which delivers an excellent drive-train for a great time. The 4WD design guarantees ultimate performance while the robust design makes it extremely durable.

What’s more, this truck delivers an impressive speed of 30mph, which makes it a great gaming tool. Other features like its unique and advanced classic ball bearings and tough gear diff make it perfect for all terrains. Something else, this product offers an independent suspension which reduces damage and injuries on rough roads.

Extra Features

  • The ultra-quality 2.4GHz radio control offers stable riding
  • It provides an impressive range of up to 260-feet

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4. NQD Remote Control RC Truck 1: 12 Scale Off-Road Vehicle

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By: NQD RC Trucks

This is a sturdy RC car designed to deliver ultimate performance on different terrains. It works on various surfaces like sand, mud, land, and grass. Furthermore, the product features top-quality components, thus offering value for your money. Despite the many excellent features, this is an affordable off-road car ideal for those working on a budget.

It comes with a powerful 6.0V 800mAH battery which delivers a longer riding with a single charge. Additionally, the package comes with a charger for convenient and fast charging or the RC car. What’s more, this car features tough, non-slip tires which offer excellent traction for added safety and stable driving. It also comes with top-quality shock absorbers and ultra-powerful motors for a great experience. Lastly, the car maneuvers through incline angles of 45-degrees.

Extra Features:

  • The 2.4GHz transmitter guarantees excellent controls
  • This RC car maneuvers through all terrains.

3. RC Truck SPESXFUN 2021 Updated 1/16 Scale High-Speed Remote Control Car

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This is a super-powerful RC car boasting a powerful 2.4GHz transmitter for a great experience. Its unique 1/16 scale gives an impressive and realistic design. Furthermore, the car features two extra-powerful motors which deliver incredible power, thus making it perfect for all terrains.

The car cranks a speed of up to 25KM/h, which makes it quite impressive. In a jiffy, this is among the fastest RC cars on the market. Something else, this car features ultra-tough and durable components which make it perfect for all tough outdoors. Its excellent shock-absorbing design makes it a real off-road badass.

Its unique structure includes a cockpit, a motor, unique shock absorbers, and a sturdy frame. What’s more, this car comes with huge anti-slip wheels which deliver ultimate traction and on all terrain. Lastly, this RC car features non-toxic and safe materials making it healthy and safe for use.

Extra Features:

  • The long-life battery offers a ride time of up to 30 minutes
  • This RC car features an advanced high-quality ABS construction for ultimate durability.

2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)

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By: Maisto

Just from how it looks, you can tell that the Maisto RC Rock crawler was meant for serious performance. The company took time to fit two motors and low gearing. This is not to be taken lightly, it the reason this fantastic RC truck is taking RC racing where it’s never gone before. It boasts an articulated front and rear suspension that takes care of terrains that are steep and rocky or rugged.

You also find high-quality TPE tires with excellent tread that provides excellent traction and grip on loose soil or slippery surfaces. Like other reputable RC off-road vehicles, the electronics are well protected from water, wind and other destructive elements. A decent option you should surely check out.


  • You are expected to purchase six separate AA batteries for the vehicle and 2 AAA batteries for the remote.
  • Let’s up to three to game simultaneously if they have similar models of RC trucks.

1. SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Rock Vehicle Crawler Truck 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed

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This unit distances itself from the park as a market-leader in the RC truck segment. Apart from a unique 1:14 scale, it is known for extremely high speeds of up to 25 km/h and can handle the steep sections courtesy of the efficient 4WD system with separate suspension springs for each wheel. It’s also famed for bi-motor design so it can beat all terrains and a rugged oversized PVC rubber wheels that help in managing slippery surfaces and keeps it on its wheels especially on the rigged. The makers assure that this truck can move forward or backward, turn left or right and climb slopes.


  • There is a direction trimmer at the bottom to ensure the vehicle moves in a straight line.
  • There a provision for a 4.8 v battery though you can still buy two separate 1.5 v AA batteries if you wish to.

Buyer’s Guide:

All these options are great tires for ground clearance and great performance. Just what you will need if you plan on being a successful while off the road. But if you genuinely have the money to invest in an RC truck, you really can’t go wrong with the SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Rock vehicle. It is quite the beast in comparison to others in the bunch and smashes the competition with ease. With this pick in your cart, your little kid will enjoy blast cruising all over for years.

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