Top 5 best above ground pool reviews in 2017

Looking for your perfect above ground pool? Market offers variety of different products at similar price range and sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect one for your accommodations. We bring you our picks for top 5 above ground pool sets. The list is based on customer reviews, technical details and our personal favorites to help you find your new favorite above ground pool.

List of best above ground pool

5. Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

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This one comes packed with sand filter pump, ground cloth, ladder and a pool cover which makes it a complete package and one of the favorites on Amazon. Although this one does have distinctive price tag the fact is that the quality does come with the price and this ultra-frame pool does come with great quality firm steel frames that have rust resistance due to the powder coating. Not to forget the fact that water can be ready for use in one hour time.

The model also includes practical drain plug that conveniently connects the garden hose and water is easily drained away. This pool also includes dual suction outlet fittings that results in clear and clean water by utilizing the water circulation which qualifies this model as our number 1. So, if you’re looking for a top quality product that includes great customer service than this Intex model along with the self-cleaning chemical infuser is definitely the one you’ve been looking for.

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This pool definitely must be mentioned as it comes with a filter pump and utilizes the cartridge filter pump that cleans water without you noticing. As most of the Intex models, this one also includes the exclusive drain plug for practical draining as well as the signature dual suction outlet fittings which make these models ideal for the indoors as well as the outdoors. This pool is easy to setup once you have the flat base. It doesn’t include a bottom rope although it lists it in the documentation so if you’re buying this model be sure not to set it up on a windy day as it will probably fly away.

On the plus side, it is relatively easy to set up outdoors although it takes more than 24 hours to see if it’s really working and some customers complain that cleaning is time consuming and eventually you get tired of taking care for it as opposed to the self-cleaning Intex alternative that takes our number one.

3. Summer Waves Elite 16′ x 48″

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When looking for a great model this one is definitely worth checking out as it includes firm frame stands and exquisite maintenance kit. It does, however, require a chlorine treatment which makes it relatively hard to care for but it also comes with a whole lot of additional parts. The best thing about this one is definitely that it requires no sand and it can be left up all year round without it being something you constantly must think of which makes it quite flexible.

Water is ready for use in less than 45 minutes which makes it rather a convenient choice for the price. Another thing that places this pool set this high on our list is the fact that I doesn’t require professional set up as instructions are pretty clear unlike most of the pool sets in the similar price range. Overall, this pool makes a great investment if you are the one that will follow the rules prescribed in the user manual that comes in a package.

2. Splash Pools

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This model is definitely a choice for a whole family. It is an oval shaped pool that uses firm steel construction and comes with the printed vinyl liner, high quality cartridge filter and a wall skimmer. One thing this model lacks is side braces that extend out from the pool and usually come in every pool set and with this one you have to buy it additionally so if you’re looking for a con this would probably be it. Other than that it’s one of the sleek deigns and high quality products offered on Amazon.

It can also be put partially on the ground and it comes with a step by step installation video and not to forget 30 year limited warranty which meant this investment will pay off in time with customer service and everything. So if you’re looking for a huge family pool that takes on quite a weight than this one is probably your best choice given the size and easy maintenance of it.

1. Wilbar Meadows 24-Feet-By-52-Inch

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Our last mentioned is this premium quality pool that comes with a strong steel wall and champagne coloured frame that ensures the protection and guarantees the fun for the whole family. It provides the long lasting foundation and the corrosion-free system. The setup is quite straight forward although the parts are made for one size it includes the interlocking stabilizer so that is definitely a plus.

One thing customers find annoying is that the pool isn’t adjustable to a certain size and weight so while it may be easy to take care of the fixed pool and keep it outdoors throughout the seasons, it may be difficult if you have a big family as its compact size isn’t adjustable which means at some point you’ll either accept that or you’ll find another pool that will be bendable enough to accommodate your needs.


We hope this list helped you find you perfect above ground pool, accommodating your budget and your needs. We mainly included the information we thought would be useful to you and would benefit you in the right way when choosing excellent quality product on Amazon as the market is quite flooded and the choice can be a hard one given they all have something to offer.

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