Top 5 Best Beer Pong Tables & Tailgate Tables Reviews In 2021

Gone are the days when the game of beer pong involved just some balls and ping pong balls. It has grown into an ultimate drinking game with advanced equipment and accessories designed to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. The beer pong tables are one equipment that’s become a true definition of the game. This table adds an element of precision in the game and most are designed to withstand the spills that are quite unavoidable in the game.

Choosing a beer pong table is an easy task. However, getting the best beer pong tables is a great challenge. There are many different sizes, sturdiness, folding mechanisms, and storage methods to consider. Ask yourself, is the table waterproof? Does it have the right size and level of portability? And does it include the accessories and extra features you need? You might also want to consider your price range to get something good that you can afford. To give you something to look out for, we’ve compiled a list of best beer pong tables that will take your game to new heights.

Table of the Best Beer Pong Tables Reviews

5. GoPong Black Portable Beer Pong & Tailgate Tables

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This beer pong table comes in a tournament size of 8 by 2 feet. The playing surface is made of durable melamine; a material that provides great waterproofing to protect against spillage. Combined with an aluminum frame, the table sports a durable construction that’s able to withstand the test of time. This cool, classic beer pong table can be customized to football or American flag design. The table is lightweight and foldable to a compact briefcase size that suits those that are constantly on the go. It weighs at just 25 pounds and comes with 6 ping pong balls to get you started.

4. Party Supplies Easily Foldable & Portable Tailgating Beer Pong Table

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This is a regulation-sized (8 x 2 feet) beer pong table ideal for tournament play. The table comes in a fun, unique design that’s sure to make a statement. The top is made of MDF to provide a waterproof surface. Maximum support is provided by anodized aluminum legs; a good option for those looking forward to traveling with their beer pong tables. The table is adjustable to 3 different heights to match users of different sizes. The height options are 22 inches, 26.4 inches, and 29.5 inches. In short, it allows both kids and adults to have a shot. The table folds three times to a briefcase size and sports grab-and-go handles for easy transportation.

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Add a fun mood to the game with this cool beer pong table. It’s an 8-foot  regulation size table designed for tournament play. It creates a good platform for hobbyists to transition into tournament play. The table has a dry erase surface that lets you mark it up. The table is built to last; sporting aluminum legs and a waxed waterproof top. Get to light up the game with LED glow lights. The lights have 20 different colors with 20 different light modes to choose from. You get to adjust the flashing speed and brightness to match your taste. The table has cup holes that prevent sliding and spilling. It comes with 6 party pong balls.

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2. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table

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At 8 feet long, this table is a good option for tournament play. This regulation-size table weighs at just 22 pounds; a construction that makes it one of the lightest options out there. Such a weight makes it great for those that have weight lifting restrictions. The table has a durable, easy-to-clean treated surface. It doesn’t warp and has excellent resistance to spills. One cool thing about this beer pong table is that it includes a custom stainless steel bottle opener; a feature that earns it a place among the top contenders. The table folds to a portable 2 x 2 feet case that has handles for easy transportation.

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This table comes in an American flag graphic that’s treated to be resistant to spills. The top is made of MDF that’s treated to be spill proof to prevent warping over time. It’s a full regulation-size table sporting aluminum legs and frame. The aluminum construction provides a sturdy structure that doesn’t wobble. The table is a lightweight and portable combination. It weighs at 25 pounds and can fold to a briefcase style to give you an easy time transporting and save storage space. The table comes with 6 balls.

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