Top 5 Best CPU Water Coolers Reviews In 2020

What is CPU Water Coolers? Most computer hardware generates a lot of heat. And it gets even worse in case you’re running extensive processing of programs including gaming and other multimedia applications. Sometimes you notice that your CPU is running at temperatures that are way above normal. You’ll definitely need an upgrade in such situations. But hold on a second, what type of CPU coolers do you need for the job? Well, a CPU water cooler might be perfect for those looking for a space-saving option that doesn’t need dismantling. So what’s the best CPU water cooler out there?

Well, you might experience a hard time choosing the right CPU water coolers in case it’s the first time you’re making an upgrade. We’ve put many CPU water coolers to test, which include some of the most popular models that seem to be mentioned just about anywhere you go. This up-to-date article gives a list of the best CPU water coolers you might want to consider as an upgrade.

Top 5 Best CPU Water Coolers Reviews

5-Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2

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This in ultimate, extreme performance CPU water cooler. It’s a slick, all-in-one cooler sporting a 240mm radiator; a more budget-friendly option compared to the double 120mm radiators. The radiator combines with dual fans to provide improved heat dissipation. Fan speed can be selected to ensure maximum airflow with minimum noise. At high speed, the fans have a speed of about 2435 RPM and generate an airflow of 70.69 CFM at a noise level of 37.7 dBA. The cooler includes a link cable that can be attached to a motherboard to let you unlock even more power. With this, you get to customize cooling performance, CPU temperature, and color of RGB LED lighting.

4-Corsair Hydro Series High-Performance CPU Cooler H60

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Going the liquid route and want to save some money? This single-fan CPU water cooler is a budget-friendly option you might want to consider. The fact that it comes in a compact size means that it can fit most cases without a hitch. The cooler sports an improved 120mm fan. The fan has custom-engineered blades that deliver optimal performance at low noise levels. The noise level generated by this fan is about 30.2 dBA. The cooler makes use of a larger diameter tubing specially engineered to minimize resistance. A low-profile pump ensures you get the most airflow and an easy time during installation.

3-Thermaltake WATER 3.0 Triple Riing RGB

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This is a high-efficiency 360mm CPU water cooler; one that doubles the cooling system while accommodating up to six 120mm fans. This results in improved heat dissipation. The cooler provides the convenience of s mart fan controller; a feature that lets you switch between 5 LED modes. You get to cycle through 256 colors and select the desired speed to keep the noise level at a minimum. The fans have a high-static pressure design that helps boost cooling performance. These advanced fans are virtually maintenance-free and take less space in the case. The cooler is equipped with a highly reliable pump system that doesn’t need any refill.

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2-NZXT Kraken X62 All-in-One 280mm

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With an improved design, this CPU water cooler operates quieter and displaces more liquid. That means you get improved cooling performance and minimum acoustics. This 280mm cooler lets you light your way with one of the most advanced lighting effects. The colors are designed to respond to any change in system conditions ranging from temperature to audio output. And thanks to an intuitive CAM design, the controls can be made with utmost precision. The radiator fans are designed to be silent, durable, and powerful. The tubing is reinforced to protect against potential damage.

1-MasterLiquid Lite 120 All-in-one CPU Liquid Cooler

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This cooler is one of the most obvious options in case you need a budget-friendly option for the job. The cooler comes with a 120mm fan providing easy access to speed control. The fan operates quietly to provide a comfortable working environment. A robust tubing system comes in handy to eliminate evaporation and resistance to liquid flow. The low-profile pump produces low vibration for minimum acoustics. This CPU water cooler comes in a very compact size, a feature that lets it fit virtually any PC chassis.

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