Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog Pools & Pet Bathing Tubs In 2020

Our four-legged, furry friends are the next big thing to our family or part of the family for that matter. Just as we love to cool ourselves in the heat of summer, our pets also deserve some piece of the fun. Relaxing in a pool of clean, fresh water is something that you just can’t resist when summer sets in. So why don’t you also get your dog somewhere to relax and unwind? Dog pools are just built for the purpose; give your pets a refreshing feel to save them from the summer heat. You need the best dog pools to keep your pet happy.

Talking about the right dog pool, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind. You need to choose a pool that’s spacious enough for your dog leaving some extra room for movement. Look at how easy it is to drain the pool. For instance, choose one that has a drain plug so you can empty fast. Don’t forget about durability since you don’t want a pool that will leak or puncture. You might also consider one with a foldable design that can store and transport with ease. Having said that, let’s look at some of the best dog pools to consider.

Table of the Best Dog Pools Reviews

5. Frontpet Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub

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This dog pool comes in a cylindrical shape. It’s a large pool stretching 50 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep; a good size that fits most dog breeds. The pool sports an extra-tough construction fabricated from PVC material. It doesn’t rip or puncture ensuring you get a durability you can depend on. There’s a drain plug attached for quick emptying. The pool comes with a paneled construction that allows it to fold for compact storage. It’s a versatile option that doubles as an outdoor water pond or fish pond.

4. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub for Dogs or Cats

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This is a space-saving circular pool sporting no sharp edges to deal with. The pool comes in a small size stretching 32 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. Such a size makes it an ideal option for small dog breeds and cats. The pool is made of extra-tough PVC material optimized for durability. A paneled design makes the pond easier to fold into a storage-friendly size. The bottom comes thicker to provide a puncture proof and rip resistant surface. That means no more leaking. There’s a drain plug for quick emptying when you want to fill with fresh water.

3. Fuloon PVC Portable Foldable Dogs Cats Bathing Tub

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Add some fun bright colors to that cooling effect with this dog pool. The pool sports a bright red exterior and blue interior. The shell comes in PVC while the interior is lined in a waterproof cloth. The corners are tightly sealed to prevent any leaks. The pool is 32 inches wide and 8 inches deep. The lightweight construction combines with a paneled design to provide a portable option you can take with you anywhere. The pool collapses for compact storage. It’s an ideal choice for small dog breeds and small pets, such as cats.

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2. One Dog One Bone Dog Pool, Bone Shaped

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This dog pool has a dramatic bone-shaped design that makes it stand out. It’s a blue pool fabricated from one of the toughest materials; a heavy duty truck bed liner. It’s the extreme durability of this dog pool that explains its high price tag. In short, this pool is built to last. It’s one material that gives your dog a hard time chewing through and has excellent resistance to UV light and punctures. A drain plug is included for easy emptying when it’s time to refill. This dog pool comes in an extra-large size that holds 85 gallons of water; a size that fits up to two large dog breeds at a time.

1. Outdoor Dog Cat Swimming Pool Playing Pond Foldable Water Pool

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This is an extra-large dog pool that doubles as a mini pool. With a 63-inch diameter and 12-inch depth, the pool is spacious enough to let you hop in and keep your dog company. The pool is made of PVC material to provide a durable and watertight construction. The walls are made of a strong wood board to make the pool much sturdier. A paneled construction makes it easier to fold in a compact size. There’s a drain plug for quick emptying whenever the water gets dirty.

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