Top 5 Best RC Cars in 2020 Reviews

Remote controlled cars are both educational and fun tools that you can buy for your kid. It is one way of teaching your kids how gears work, training them to be responsible and ultimately making them have fun when playing. Currently, there are many brands that can overwhelm anyone buying the RC cars for the first time. All remote cars fall into two broad categories; electric and nitro cars, depending on their source of power. This calls for some research, to know exactly what you shall be looking for in an RC car. Among the factors that you should consider include controls,  speed. expandability, fuel type and availability of spare parts.To make your RC cars shopping easier, we reviewed different brands in the market and compiled the best 5, after considering the factors above and past users experiences.

5.Traxxas Rustler XL-5 – Best RC Cars in 2020 Reviews

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This RC car has been on the market for over 2 decades now. It has been tried, tested and improved, making one of the best sellers and top quality product in the market. It is designed to serve both novices and experienced users. It is easy to use and easy to control. It’s is powered by batteries and can drive at a speed of up to 35 mph. A young child cannot be able to utilize this car effectively but for an experienced user, this is all they need. After buying it, it does not require any assembling, provided the batteries are fully charged. Getting spare parts for this car is not a big deal, so do not worry when it needs repairs.

4.Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno

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This is another top quality, stylish and easy to use RC car. It is best suited for children, as it cannot perform many feats and stunts. Its speed is average on a rugged train, but a smooth surface is is not designed to be expanded, as the manufacturer makes it with a child in mind. It uses rechargeable batteries. So when you want an RC car that is affordable, easy to use, and stylish for young children, this could be the best deal for you.

3.Tamiya 58346; The Grasshopper RC Car

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This RC car is from Tamaya, one of the popular hobby products manufacturers in the world. It is designed to perform well both on on-road and off-road tracks. It has a tough exterior giving strength to withstand the driving forces. It is also easy to assemble after buying it. Its body is made of strong plastic, put together firmly using screws, adding to its stability and strength. It is easy and fun to drive both for novices and experienced users.

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2.Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Vehicle

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This is another top seller and well designed RC car. It is has a well-articulated rear suspension and articulated front. It has low gearing and a powerful motor. It is easy to drive, and it is best for off-road action. It has a tough and colorful body, making it look stylish. It is one of the brands that will offer you unrivaled performance. More: Best electric scooters

1.Redcat- Racing Electric Volcano EPX

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This Volcano EPX clinches the top position of the best RC cars you can find the market. If you are looking for an RC that is powerful, strong bodied, easy to drive, and powerful, this is the best deal. Its electric motor is 27T brushed 540, has a forward and reverse ESC, and a heat sink. All these are features that are rare to find. It is easy to control, with its reverse and forward ESC making it easy to navigate tight spots. It is made of lightweight chassis, explaining its strength. It does not require any assembling after buying, so it can hit the road, immediately!

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