Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads Reviews In 2021

The good pool vacuum heads will make the task of cleaning your pool a lot easier and effortless. Pool vacuum heads have rapidly grown in popularity as more people realize their effectiveness in pool cleaning. Regular cleaning of your swimming pool is highly recommended helping clear away the debris that aid in the growth of algae. You can be assured of clean and crystal clear waters at all times.

In the past, people have depended on sweeping baskets that have worked great in removing debris, leaves, and twigs. However, these baskets have been found to be ineffective against small debris and dust particles that pass through the baskets.  A powerful pool vacuum is recommended as the best item to get your swimming pool sparkling clean.

There are several reasons to choose a pool vacuum head. Most of the brands in the market are cheap, durable, well-balanced and easy to use when cleaning your pool.  Some come with very powerful suctions that remove all particles without lowering the value of the pools or creating scratches. This article aims to review some of the best choices for you so that you can make a pick with easy. Read on and choose an ideal pool vacuum head for your swimming pool.

Table of the Best Pool Vacuum Heads Reviews

5. Swimline 8150 Weighted Flex Blue Vacuum Head

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The swimline is a great weighted vacuum head ideal for concrete swimming pools. The vacuum hoses are made of standard sizes and come with a snap adapt handle that makes the assembly process easy. The head of the vacuum pump is weighted helping keep the head submerged at all times. The head is extra wide at 14 inches which is ideal for collecting as much dust particles and debris as possible. The vacuum head works efficiently and will make your pool cleaning task pretty simple.

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The Hydro pool vacuum head comes with a weighted head1.5 pounds heavy to make it remain under water for easy cleaning. The head accepts most standard vacuum hoses of 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inches making it a great fit that can be used for most vacuum hoses. The snap adapter of the head will fit over 99% of the vacuum homes making it quite versatile. The brushes have a replacement available. This pool vacuum had is a great model designed for most pools.

3. Swimline Hydro weighted triangle pool vacuum head

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This hydro is made from the highest quality materials to last you for long and give you good value for your money. The head is designed from fiberglass and lined with vinyl to keep it protected at all times. The brushes of the pool vacuum are angled to enable faster pick up of debris from your pool. The triangular shape of the head is another added advantage that enables users to clean the pool angles with ease. It is worth noting that most heads do not clean pool corners well. The head fits most standards one ¼ and 1 ½ inches vacuum hoses. The further inclusion of a snap adapt handle allows for easy assembly.

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2. Milliard Sea Thru Triangle weighted pool vacuum head

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This is another standard vacuum head that fits most 1 ½ and one ¼ inches vacuum hoses with a handle with springs to allow for the attachment of standard extension poles.  The triangular body shape allows the head to easily maneuver through the corners of the pool and get to clear all the debris with ease. The extra weights help keep the head of the pool in the bottom for efficient cleaning at all times. There are rubber bumpers at the bottom to prevent the head from scratching the floor of the pool or scraping off the vinyl lining.  The vacuum head is pretty durable. It is made from the durable ABS plastic that is known to last.

1. Poolmaster Triangular Vinyl liner vacuum

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If you have a vinyl lined pool, then this vacuum head is the perfect fit for removing any debris from your pool.  The vacuum head is made from the durable ABS plastic to last and serve you for long. The plastic has been made translucent to allow for a full view during the cleaning process. The weight of the head is well-balanced for a floating resistance. It is a sturdy choice that cleans a wide path helping saving time.

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