Top 6 Best Impulse Sealers in 2020 Reviews

If you run a packaging business, then you most likely rely on an impulse sealer. It helps to protect the contents, looks presentable, and is also a good way to retaining customers. One thing that many people agree to is that picking a good product isn’t a walk in the park. This is most noticeable today were you having all kinds of products on the market. What may work for your business may not be so ideal for another. Also, a change in packaging or business strategy may make a good sealer not very effective. Imagine you pack small things then suddenly customer want thing packaged in a long pack?    After researching the market, the following in my view are the top impulse sealers:

6 Bag-N-Seal Impulse 8-Inches Bag Sealer

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By: Bag-N-Seal

Why it’s ideal

  • no warm-up time needed
  • Easy to adjust timer
  • works with different plastics
  • Easy to use

If you want a stress free experience sealing cellophane bags, then you will like this impulse sealer. It measures 8 inches long to suit deferent bag sizes and is fully made of metal for reliability and longevity. The simple looking device heats up instantly and needs no warm-up time. Besides saving you time and effort, the instant heating also conserves energy. It has a handy and ergonomic handle for easy usage and an adjustable timer for choosing the best heat setting. The unit runs via 110W AC power and generates up to 300 watts of power. It works with Mylar, keel-F, polyflex, P.V.A, tivac, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, saran, and, pliofilm. And as a bonus, the manufacturer throws in a Teflon sheet and a heating element.

5 ROVSUN Manual Impulse Bag Heat Sealer, Blue

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Why it’s ideal

  • Heats up very fast
  • Portable and durable
  • Good weight and reliable
  • Works great

Sealing plastic or poly bags is a no-brainer when using this impulse sealer. The manually operated unit is fit for many materials including polyflex, P.V.A, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, and, Pliofilm among others. It is easy to use even for newbies and heats instantly to save power and also improve productivity. The blue accessory is well made from strong metal and has a user-friendly handle for easy operation. It is lighter than most of its rivals and this improves operation as well as portability. The accessory measures 8 inches long and doesn’t take up lots of space. It consumes minimal power and has an auto shutoff to prevent energy wastage and improve safety.

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4 Flexzion Impulse Sealer with Adjustable Timer, 8-inch (200mm)

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By: Flexzion

Why it’s ideal

  • Good quality and affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy adjust timer
  • Works with most plastics

This ready to use impulse sealer is suitable for light and medium duty work. It measures 8 inches/200mm long and has a convenient handle for quick and easy operation. The accessory is built from metal to handle the regular work and has instant heating elements to save you time and boost productivity. The nice grip surface improves handling whereas the adjustable timer helps to pick the right heat setting. It has a long handle which is easier you use compared to shorter one and the lighter weight that improves portability. The aluminum case is rust and corrosion proof whereas the auto LED shut-off indicator light enhances usability. Like most sealers on the market, it works on a range of products including polyurethane, plastics and bubble wrap.

3 PrimeTrendz 8-Inch Hand Impulse Sealer with Teflon and Element Grip

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By: PrimeTrendz

Why it’s ideal

  • Good instructions
  • Simple to operate
  • Suitable for most plastic
  • Adjustable timer

This 8-inch hand impulse sealer is popular in offices, warehouses, businesses and many other places. It’s among the sturdiest on the scene thanks to the all-metal construction and should handle daily operations, bangs, impact, and knocks relatively well. The instant heating element doesn’t require any warm-up time and will handle different paper thicknesses. It has a solid and lightweight handle and a simple to operate adjustable heat setting. The accessory is fit for cellophane, polyester, seal foil, Mylar, Kraft, chip, snack, tea, and nylon polymers among other plastic bags. It’s very portable for convenient carrying, compact for easy use and storage, consumes minimal power, and has an auto shut off LED indicator light.

2 Z ZTDM Hand Impulse Seal Machine for Plastic Poly Bag, 8-Inch, Blue

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Why it’s ideal

  • Good design and weighty
  • Easy to use
  • Suits a wide array of items
  • Good seal

Sealing Plastic Bags, Aluminum Flip Bags, Bubble Bags, Tea Bags, EPE Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Tea Bags, and other plastic and poly bags is easy with this sealing machine. It measures 12 inches in length, 3 inches wide and 3 inches high. The unit is rated 300watts and produces a decent amount of heat to seal the bag. The sealing strip is wide enough to keep the contents secure and won’t come open.  It has a simple adjustable setting to handle different bag thickness and is made of a high-strength material to handle regular use.  The hand seller has a nice handle and a textured surface for a firm grip and is blue in color to suit various settings whether home, workshop or office.

1 Metronic 12-Inch Impulse Bag Sealer with Repair Kit

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By: Metronic

Why it’s ideal

  • No warm-up time needed
  • Adjustable timer
  • Strong and Extra Durable
  • Odorless and Non-Toxic

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This is among the longest impulse sealers on this review and measures 12 inches/ 300mm long. It’s built from strong and durable metal and can handle everyday sealing, falls, bangs, and knocks quite well. The sealing unit is 2mm wide and this provides a nice and tight seal that won’t open easily. It has an instant heating element that delivers good heat to handle different types of plastic and poly bags (P.V.A, Keel-F, Mylar, Tivac, Polyflex, Saran, Pliofilm….). The unit has good heat retention to reduce energy wastage and a nice long handle for easy use. It features a pure copper transformer that is more powerful energy, efficient, and also durable. You can use it continuously for a long time and it won’t break down.

Choosing a Good Impact Sealer

How would you go about choosing an impact sealer? Ask people this question and you’ll get different answers. Some will focus more on the quality, others the reliability, while some look at the price. Generally, the following are the important factors:

Size:  People pick a product based on the need at hand. If you usually handle small items, then you don’t need a very heavy-duty product. However, if you handle large volumes then a heavy duty impulse sealing machine is needed. A short product will work for small object and a longer one will be needed for longer items.

Weight: I reminder sometime back where I had to carry the office impulse sealer quite often. Truth is that it was a hard task. By the time I reached the intended location, any arms were a little fatigued.  If you rarely move with a unit, then a heavy one won’t be so inconveniencing. However, if you move around the warehouse, office, or godown quite often, then a lighter one will suffice.

Heat capacity: To hasten the packaging, it’s vital to go for a unit that delivers heat exceptionally fast. It gets hot instantly, retains the heat well, and is also consistent. This means that you will continuously use it without any heat loss.  In this review, we focused on units that don’t require any warm-up time.

Versatility: Plastic comes in different thicknesses, materials, colors and more. Thick plastic require higher heat while thin one can be sealed with lower heat.  Before spending money on a unit, you should first ensure it will work with different kinds of plastic. A good one is effective on polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyurethane, P.V.A. and polypropylene among others.

Heat Setting: Using the right heat is critical for the proper sealing of the plastic. You don’t want to hear complains about a product that fell through the gaps/ opening that was left or a pack that allowed in water and dirt. And since the plastic comes in different thickness, which requires different heat, it pays to use the correct heat setting. A good sealer comes with a broad range to cater for varied thicknesses and choosing the best is simple.

Portability: Considering that impulse sealers are normally moved around, it pays to pick a unit that won’t be affected by frequent carrying. It also should be easy to carry, lightweight, and has a carry-friendly deign. This may entail a slim design and a firm grip surface.

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You should also consider the brand, price, frequency of use and safety rating. Read more on picking the right product from this article

Important Safety Tips

While it may look simple, the wrong usage of an impulse sealer may cause injury. You also may be back in the market looking for a replacement because of damage. Like other equipment, it’s always important to observe safety while operating it. These entail the following:

  • Pick the right one: Using a small unit for high volumes works will be overworking it. It may be unable to cope up with the volumes leading to slow operation and poor service. It may also overheat and get damaged.
  • Clean environment: You should ensure the area of operation is clean to prevent the power cord from getting entangled with other objects. A clean environment also prevents the heating element from coming with flammable objects that may catch fire. You may also touch the hot part due to obstruction.
  • Proper cord: You should ensure the cord isn’t too short that it gets unplugged from the power outlet at times. It also shouldn’t have frayed as this may cause an electrical shock when touched by accident.
  • No water: The sealers work from mains power (110, 220, 100-250V AC). And as we know electricity and water don’t mix. You should, therefore, ensure the area of operation is free of water and other liquids.
  • Wear gloves: If you use the device for high volumes or continuously, you should consider investing in gloves. Pressing the unit continuously may cause blisters or numb the fingers.  What’s more, you may accidentally touch the heating element. Gloves will protect your fingers and hands just in case you accidentally touch the hot section.
  • Proper ventilation: Sealing the plastic will produce some fumes and scents some of which is toxic. Inhaling too much of it is harmful to your health. When using the device, ensure the area is well ventilated. This promotes fresh circulation of air that allows any toxic fumes to disperse faster.
  • Strong construction: Experts recommend you only go for a sturdily built product. Other than improved productivity it also minimizes the chance of injury. A bad product may come loose during operation, may have a slippery surface or base that may cause the sealer to fall on your feet.
  • Power it when necessary: You should not keep the unit powered when not in use as this will keep it hot unnecessarily and this shortens its lifespan. Also, you may forget that it was on and touch it or get tripped by the cord.

Other safety tips include using the right setting, ensuring the transformer is efficient, and the cord has the right thickness. This video ( shows you how to safely operate an impulse sealing machine.

To Sum up

By following this review, finding a good impulse sealer should no longer be hard. All you need is picking the item that you strongly believe works for your business. It was critical to look at the key factors which include heating, compatibility with different types of plastic, safety, efficiency, durability, reliability and the cost as well.  It will deliver good service to ensure your products are not only well protected from damage and the elements but look good and presentable. This will ensure the customer base grows and your business as well.  Go for the best impulse sealer and see your business thrive.

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