Top 7 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in 2020 Reviews

More and more people are turning to alkaline water pitchers. According to research, this water comes with many health benefits. Another reason for the rising popularity is because it’s a cheaper alternative to the more costly alkaline water machines or bottled water. However, many people complain that finding a good product can be a bit of a hassle. You need to look through so many products just to pick one. You also will have a problem picking a unit if you don’t have adequate knowledge. Luckily, you don’t have to be a guru or very knowledgeable to own the best alkaline water pitcher. You only need to read this review to the end.

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7 Brita Large Everyday Water Pitcher, 10 Cup, White

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By: Brita

Why buy it

  • Easy refill
  • Useful filter indicator
  • Easy filter change

You should not continue to drink unpurified or unhealthy water. With this pitcher, you will enjoy good quality and safety water at all times. It gets rid of unwanted substances that may affect the color and taste of water.  It also gives it a nice odor to make it better. The unit is about 10 inches long, 10 inches high and 5.6 inches wide. It can be placed on most surfaces and occupies little space. It is also very portable, weighing 2.29 pounds, and has a simple and convenient lid for easy pouring and refilling. The filter indicator alerts you on the status of the filter for timely changes while the fairly large capacity handles a good volume of water. It is BPA-free and eco-friendly.

6 EHM ULTRA Alkaline Water Pitcher, 3.5L

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Why buy it:

  • Premium quality
  • Great tasting water
  • Good filtration
  • Easy setup

With this pitcher, your water will not only look cleaner and purer but will also taste better. It’s made of premium materials for maximum efficacy and longevity and has a superior filtration method to eliminate bad things. The accessory has a decent capacity of 3.5 liters which is good enough for normal abuse. It has a firm base for good stability and convenient lid for easy use. The stylish piece relies on an activated carbon filter to get rid of toxins and also doubles as an ionizer to make sure the water is safe and healthy. It works fairly fast and restores the water’s pH level. The 6-stage filtration also eliminates free radicals that cause premature aging.

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5 DRAGONN pH RESTORE 3.5L Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Why buy it:

  • Clean, healthy and good taste
  • Tight sealing plastic lid
  •  -Easy pour design
  •  -High-quality water filtration

Forget expensive bottled water or water machines. With this alkaline water pitcher, you’ll still get pure, clean and tasty water but at a fraction of the price. This pitcher can hold 3.5liters and is among the simplest and most practical on the market. The unit features a 7-stage filtration process to eliminate Lead, Copper, Chlorine, Odor, Bacteria, Chlorine, and more. The newly improved model is more efficient and effective and also combats age-causing free radicals. The accessory relies on mineral balls, ion exchange resin, mineral balls, and tourmaline to improve the pH and also protect the vital nutrients. The highly effective filters can last for as many as 60 days.

4 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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By: Aquagear

Why buy it:

  • Great filter
  • Great tasting water
  • Effective and safe
  • BPA-free and vegan-friendly

This water pitcher comprises a 5-stage filtration system to eliminate dangerous elements that may be found in water. It will remove lead, chromium, copper, zinc, fluoride, mercury, Chloramine and much more. At the same time, it will retain beneficial compounds such as magnesium for a healthy drink. The unit is built from strong safe materials and has been thoroughly tested. You can be certain that it will serve you a long time. The high capacity filters not work great but also last a very long. To ensure you stay safe, it doesn’t have any BPA and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is safe for vegans and comprises 100% recyclable materials.

3 pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer 3.5 L, 118oz, (White)

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By: Invigorated Living

Why buy it:

  • Huge filter capacity
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Superior quality and design
  • Works great

This alkaline water pitcher not only filters water but also restores pH. The unit has a good capacity of 3.5 liters/ 118 ounces to also suit many people. It will restore the pH by eliminating toxic compounds such as metals (lead, copper, and zinc), chlorine, bacteria, odor, germs and more.  The unit has 2 long-life filters and is more effective than the previous model. Using the device is easy and simple and it will start working right from the box. Other than being a water purifier, it also doubles as an ionizer. I like the white color which makes it look sanitary and the firm base that keeps it steady. The firm lid prevents spillage and stops entry of unwanted compounds.

2 BWT Premium Water Filtration Pitcher

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Why buy it:

  • Easy to use
  • Good filtration
  • Great tasting and safe water
  • Fast operation

If you desire clean, safe and healthy water, then this pitcher is perfect. It has won many awards and respect when it comes to purifying water. The simple accessory eliminates harmful substances such as zinc, copper, lead, and chloride within a very short time. It preserves the essential minerals like magnesium to ensure you stay healthy. The superior filtration method doesn’t just improve clarity and taste but will also ensure it smells good.   It features patented BWT Magnesium technology that optimizes magnesium.

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Unlike other types, you don’t need to presoak it in order to activate the filter. It will work right from the box. The unit remains stable throughout the process and this extends not only its lifespan but also reliability.

1 OXA Large 10 Cup Alkaline Water Purifier, 2.5 Liter

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Why buy it

  • Convenient easy-fill lid
  • Eco-friendly and safe material
  • Easy pour spout
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle

This is currently my favorite alkaline water purifier on the market. I love the simple shape that makes using it quite easily.  It is made from a high quality, materials that are resistant to breakage, and cracking, and is also safe to the user. It has no BPA, phthalates or any other harmful compounds. The 2.5 capacity is suitable for most uses while the convenient lid ensures that the water doesn’t leak. I also agree with many consumers that it has a very effective filtration system that delivers pure, clean and healthy water. The 7 stage cartridge compromises activated carbon, mineral balls, ion exchange resin, PP pad, ion ceramic ball, and far infrared ceramic ball which eliminate metals such as copper, lead, and zinc. Other than the good taste and clarity, the water also smells once.

Why an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Truth is you have many options when it comes to alkaline water. You can opt for bottled alkaline water, alkaline water machines, and ionizers. However, the water pitcher is a better option in the following ways:


Do you know the price of an alkaline water ionizer or machine? Have you ever used bottled alkaline water? If you do or have, then you know that they are quite expensive. In fact, many people say they switched to using pitcher because it’s more affordable. And despite the lower price, it delivers great tasting and healthy water. Bottled alkaline will retain its good for up to 48 hours after which the essential nutrients starts to disintegrate.

Easy to use

Compared to other alternatives, using a pitcher is not only easy but also convenient. A first time user shouldn’t have a problem with the steps are very basic as you can see from this video ( ). What’s more the unit comes in a practical design and has a good capacity to hold a good volume of water. Maintaining the accessory is also easier and pocket-friendly.

Constant Supply

With the right pitcher, you won’t worry about running out of the precious commodity.  The accessory works fast and is also very easy to use. The market offers different types of pitchers to cater for varied requirements. There are small, medium, and large ones. When about to purchase a unit, you first have to verify your needs at hand and then match them to the pitcher.


Although it comes in a handy pack, bottled water can be a little cumbersome to carry in large volumes. You also have to worry about proper disposal or recycling of the bottles. On the other hand, water machines and ionizers are relatively bulky and take-up a bit of space. You also need some knowledge to operate them. A pitcher is small, lightweight, compact and also very portable. You can easily carry it with you and use it from different locations.

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Maintenance Ease

Maintaining an alkaline water ionizer or machine is not very easy even for seasoned users. The complex machine requires proper handling so as not to affect its operation. It also uses a complex mechanism to deliver the water. Buying bottled water is also not cheap especially if going for top brands.  A pitcher is simple in design, easy to handle, and you don’t need to replace a unit since it lasts for a long time. Reading the Alkaline water machines

Alkaline Water Pitcher Buying Guide

Before splashing cash on a pitcher, you should take precautionary steps to ensure you get a fully functional piece. You should consider the following things:

  • Filtration Stages: The accessories come with different stages of filtration. Usually the more the stages the more pure and safer the water is. But, you also need to focus on the method and technology since there are some techniques that are more superior. Technology is always evolving and modern types are not only more advanced but also more efficient.
  • Holding Capacity: Like other pitchers, this one also comes with the different capacity to cater for varied needs. If you have a large family or use in an office, you will need a bigger one compared to a single person or a couple. It may be wasteful to purchase a very large one yet you are the only user and not very convenient to purchase a small unit for a large number of users.
  • Filling Ease:  You should look at how easy it is to fill the unit. You don’t wish for a unit that has a small mouth that it leads to wastage or requires you using too much effort. A good unit is not only easy to fill but has a tight sealing lid that minimizes spillage.
  • Carrying Ease: One of the main advantages of pitchers of machines, ionizers, and bottled water is their portability. The units are lightweight and also compact. Nevertheless, their portability varies across the board and you should take time to confirm it will serve you well. Things that are considered include the weight, design, size, and ergonomics.
  • Safety: Why should you want healthy and clean water yet you are using a non-so-safe product?  Some materials will contain harmful substances like BPA and phthalates which are not good for health. Other substances may adulterate the nutrients in the water. When selecting a product, always ensure it is completely safe. Glass is undoubtedly among the safest materials.

To Sum Up

Alkaline water has many healthy and nutritional benefits ( It improves the metabolism, boosts the immune system, cleanses the colon, has Antiaging properties, boosts weight reduction and also helps to improve your skin health. Nevertheless, you need the best to enjoy maximum benefits. And with all types of pitchers, it can be an uphill task. In this review, I identified the best alkaline water pitchers in the market. I looked at the design, portability, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, safety and price. All the above units are ideal for everyday application and can be used almost anywhere. So, enjoying a fresh and healthy glass of alkaline water shouldn’t be an expensive venture. To good health!

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