Top 7 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2021 Reviews

The truth is that choosing the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets is a hard task. You need to know which features to look at or else you will end up more confused. You need to go through hundreds of helmets separating the good from the not so good. You also need to monitor which are the latest Bluetooth technologies and whether the targeted helmet comes with this it.

These are but a few of the things that you need to look at. Many potential buyers normally give-up on the search or focus on the basic things which are usually the price, look, and design. Fortunately, you can own a good product even if you lack the knowledge or vital information. You simply need to read this review until the end.

Which Are The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets?

#7 IV2 Falcon 967 Bluetooth Compatible Motorcycle Helmet, Matte Black

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By: IV2

Why do we pick this one?

  • It is compatible with many bluetooth units
  • The helmet is stylish and trendy
  • It is easy to wear and remove
  • The helmet is sturdy and comfortable

This motorcycle helmet is compatible with most third-party bluetooth units. It comes with ready-made slots that can easily accommodate the devices. They work seamlessly allowing you to effectively communicate with other people or operate devices. The helmet comes with a sleek and trendy design and looks good on the wearer. It’s made of a tough material that can tolerate impact, bangs, scratches and comes with a nice well-padded interior for maximum comfort. And just like the helmet, the visor is also high quality and offers maximum protection against the sun, wind, glare, debris and much more.

#6 ILM Integrated Modular Flip Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Why do we pick this one?

  • The connectivity range is good
  • The battery lasts for a good period
  • It easily connects to other devices
  • The helmet is strong and comfortable

Your search for a reliable and cool looking bluetooth motorcycle helmet will end once you get this helmet. It comes with a full face for maximum protection and is made of quality and strong materials. The interior has a smooth and impact absorbent padding that protects you from knocks, falls, and impact. The built-in bluetooth easily connects to bluetooth-enabled devices including phones, smart watches, MP3 Player, and tablets. It has a range of up to 100 feet and isn’t affected by interference a lot. The rechargeable battery powers the unit for up to 8 hours when used nonstop while it can last for up to 110 hours on standby.

#5 O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

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By: O’Neal

Why do we pick this one?

  • It has a good range
  • The bluetooth synchronizes with other devices quickly
  • The volume is loud enough
  • The audio quality is good

This is among the top bluetooth helmets and is renowned for reliability and connectivity. The fully functional accessory easily synchronizes with other devices and has a strong connection for the best service. It works perfectly right from the box and doesn’t need any additional software or program to work. Listening to music, receiving a call, or calling is as easy as clicking a button. The audio quality is good while the volume is loud and for its size. The helmet’s intercom allows the user to connect with another rider within a range of up to 1500 feet. The drop-down visor offers good protection against the sun whereas the shield is resistant to fog and scratches. When fully charged, the accessory will last for as many as 10 hours and up to 130 hours on standby.

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#4 HJC Helmets CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Ready Motorcycle Helmet

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By: HJC Helmets

Why do we pick this one?

  • Attaching a bluetooth unit is very easy
  • It is protective and comfortable
  • The helmet, though light, feels very solid
  • The face shield is well-designed and protects the eyes from excess light

This stylish helmet comes ready for use with bluetooth units. It features interior cavities for inserting the speakers, built-in recess for attaching things like the mouthpiece, and a one-handed single-button chin bar. The face shield is made of quality material for maximum protection against excess light, wins, cold, bugs and more. According to the manufacturer, it will filter up to 95% of UV rays. The helmet’s inner surface has a soft padding for the best protection and comfort and supports free movement of air to reduce sweating and stuffiness.

#3 TORC T27 Full Face Blinc Bluetooth Modular Helmet

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Why do we pick this one?

  • The helmet is lightweight and strong
  • The bluetooth works seamlessly
  • It has good connectivity and isn’t prone to distortion
  • The sound is clear even on windy days or high speed

This modular helmet is a top pick for many bikers, both experienced and inexperienced. It has one of the best bluetooth that complements its good sound. The unit connects easily to most bluetooth-enabled devices and the sound is very clear and audible. It remains clear even when riding at high speeds or in a windy environment. Controlling the different function is easy thanks to the well-placed button and good design. The high-quality helmet is made of from a tough and impact-resistant material and features a well-padded and non-sweaty interior. It feels very comfortable and soft and provides good protection against knocks, vibration, and impact. The well-built and elegant helmet weights 5.1 pounds.

#2 Sena Bluetooth Half Helmet

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By: Sena

Why do we pick this one?

  • It comes in a simple and functional design
  • The helmet doesn’t feel too stuffy or too hot
  • The bluetooth feature works pretty well
  • The sound remains clear even at high speeds

This half-helmet comes laden with a range of features including bluetooth, FM radio, headsets, and intercom. It’s good choice for users who desire the best Bluetooth experience and still want to enjoy the riding experience. The helmet’s design makes wearing and removal quick and easy and allows the user to enjoy the breeze. The bluetooth function has a decent range and connects to devices relatively fast. Its operation is seamless and the sound quality is also good. And for more enjoyment, it allows you listen to FM radio or plugging in an MP3 player. The battery lasts for about 10 hours and charges fairly fast.

#1 FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

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By: FreedConn

This motorcycle helmet takes full advantage of Bluetooth technology. It allows you to wirelessly connect to select devices within you are your range. The helmet is very easy to operate even by a first timer thanks to the simple and effective design. All it takes to answer or receive a call is a simple click of a button. It has a good range and isn’t prone to distortion or noise interference. It is made from a tough material that gives you full protection against hits, knocks, and bangs. The interior has a soft material and feels very smooth. The visor protects you from the sun, dust, bugs, wind, and other el3sbts.


Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have made riding more convenient and safer for motorists as well as other road users. You don’t need to momentarily lose concentration as you fumble with other gadgets including phones, MP3/MP4 players, iPads, or tablets. You do not have to briefly let go of the handlebars just to pick a call. With these helmets, you can wirelessly connect with ether users while focusing in the road ahead.

Many types were released in 2021 while others have made a comeback. The war amongst manufacturers has also contributed to the competitiveness of the market. After looking at the key features, which included the connectivity, reasonability, and helmet safety ratings, comfort, design, and durability, we managed to pick out the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in the market. You can, therefore, buy the above products with confidence knowing they are the best.

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When you want to ride and be more comfortable like none has ever been before, then you need to pay a visit to the type of products that we have here for you. They ensure that you are able to control all your calls that come, receive those that you want and even reject some. If you want to do a redialing, you can do it right from the helmet. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology that was installed in this helmet. Be among the best people that use the current technology and that is why we are bringing to your attention the Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets.

10. Origine 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

This helmet has been designed with a Flip-up bubble style design that has a face shield and fitted with metal thumbscrews so that you have the best style up when you have put it on. This helmet has been made with style and therefore if you appreciate one, then you need to get this one for your use. You can also use it in Italian scooter and it will work perfectly well.

9. Bell MAG-9 Sena Helmet –  Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2021 Reviews

This is a tough item but it is also lightweight on your head and will not give you any load when you have put it on. You can choose your way on how to run the helmet because it can take up multiple configurations with the shield on or even without it. It has a drop down sun shield that will also offer you the perfect protection from the sun so that you have a smooth ride.

8. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

You can now listen to music comfortably via the Bluetooth device that has been installed into this item. That is no all because you will now have that opportunity of getting to listen to all the voice commands that are sent to you through the GPS. Take calls and even reject or redial them directly through the one-touch control button.

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7. Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

This is a high performing helmet that has been designed for use by either of the sexes. You can now have that perfect control of the helmet as it will offer you the chance of changing it from full face to open face, thanks to the one hand flip-up system that has been used to make it up. The face shield is also anti-scratch and that is why it is easy to use.

6. Atomic Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This is an advanced helmet that is lightweight and has been made with a light polycarbonate shell. It also has a superior fit and its advanced CAD technology makes to be a ready device to be used when you receive it. The Bluetooth device is also made to be ready as it has been checked with integrated recess and the best interior speakers that have the best cavities in them.

5. AVE Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

This is a thermoplastic resistant helmet that has been made with the best materials that are around the world. The air flow system that has been installed over the head is a perfect one as it will ensure that you have the best cooling system as you cycle around. It has been fitted with a high impact external visor that has been installed with anti-scratch and anti-fog properties that make it the best helmet for you.

4. AVE Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Bluetooth feature that has been installed in this helmet is one that will enable you to have the assistance of pairing two helmets or even the mobile phone. The inner liner has been made with a removable and washable microfiber that you can clean and then put them back to the system so that you have that continued healthy use.

3. IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth Combo

This helmet has more uses than you can think of. Other than the sporty and classy style that has been given to this item, you will be in a position of even using it when you are snow racing and it will act like a snowmobile helmet. The interior is fully removable and the advantage that comes with this item is that you can easily wash it and put the interior back. You can pair up to dual mobile phones perfectly well.

2. Torc Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

It uses Blinc Bluetooth technology and that is the latest version that has been integrated into the making of this Torc product. That is why it is known as a shark on the go. Why I say so is because it can easily be recognized by its body lines as it fastly moves with you as you cycle. It is the helmet that has replaced many that are out there due to its best functionality.

1. HJC II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

It has a superior fit and will ensure that your comfort that you always talk or want does not interfere with. The Bluetooth technology that has been used to run is ready on the day that you receive this item that means that you can start using it instantly. The airflow technology also ensures that no heat is assembled on the helmet as you ride, that will ensure that you are always cooled off in your riding.

Technology never stops so long as we are alive, but if you don’t take care, you can lag behind. We all love to use motorcycles to access various parts of our job locations because we believe that they are fast and efficient when we compare to other means of transport. But gone are the days that you will get bored all the way to work because the above products have come to give you company.

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