Top 8 Best Automatic Gate Openers 2020 Reviews

A good automatic gate opener offers security and convenience. Automatic gate openers are becoming very popular for residential, commercial, and industrial gates. They provide a high level of security and convenience, allowing you to open your gate with the push of a button from the safety of your vehicle. We have composed a list of the top 8 best gate openers and it not only will make your daily life easier it will also reduce the amount of time spent opening and closing the gate.

Buyers Guides Of Best Automatic Gate Openers

In order to assist you in selecting an automatic gate opener that suits your needs, we have a few buying tips we think you shouldn’t miss.

Types: When picking an automatic gate opener, we need to know what type of gate we have. It can either be a swing gate, a double gate, or a wheel gate. This is because if you buy the automatic gate opener for the wrong gate it will not function.

Weight and length: You need to know the specific weight and length of your gate to make sure the automatic gate opener can easily operate under those conditions. This is because there are different types of motors that support different weights.

8. ALEKO automatic gate opener

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This product is special in its own way as it has an aluminum chassis that can withstand the harsh environment. Not only this but the high-quality metal is also durable and can also be used for a long time. In addition to this, the gate can be used with a gate up to 5700 pounds which is heavier than the average gate opener, this means that ALEKO has its other competitions outmatched.

When talking about length this automatic gate opener can handle gates that have a length of 40 feet. Moreover, the automatic gate opener has a system built in where it can be configured to 6 different remotes. With all these features the ALEKO automatic gate opener is truly a must-have product.

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7. CO-Z automatic gate opener

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This is an automatic gate opener that focuses on security and safety. It has many features that make sure accidents do not happen. In addition to that, this gate opener is very durable and also has a very slim design and case, this means that it can easily be fitted into any small space. The feature that we mentioned earlier about being safe and secure is the stop limit. This stop limit is that whenever the gate hits or comes across an obstacle it will stop and reverse, preventing any injuries or even potential death.

When it comes to specifications this 150W motor can handle a weight up to 1100 pounds at a speed of 52 to 59 feet per minute. This makes it very reliable and safe and that is why we recommend this product as it will be sure to satisfy your needs.

6. ALEKO automatic driven sliding gate opener

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This powerful and versatile automatic gate opener will be able to withstand gates up to 1400 pounds and a length of 50 feet long. What makes this gate stand out is not its powerful motor but its compatibility as it can pair up and supports up to 100 remotes. This ALEKO model also comes with an aluminum chassis that is corrosion resistant.

By making it corrosion resistant it will be a more durable product that will have a longer lifespan. Just like the previous gate opener this also has a safety system that will prevent it from squishing or running into obstacles. This alone makes it a very reasonable choice for anyone looking for an automatic gate opener.

5. Homeland Hardware automatic gate opener

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This heavy-duty and durable automatic gate opener will make sure that your gate is safe and secured. This is due to the solar-powered dual swings that will start and soft stop function to ensure the gate safely opens and closes. Even though this gate opener is not compatible with wheel gates it can easily operate with a swinging gate. The fact that it is solar powered is already very unique in its own way. This is because it is saving you electricity and also saving the environment.

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Not only this but it has an obstruction sensor that will make sure the obstacles that it comes across do not get damaged or injured as this gate has a very powerful motor. When it comes to installation it is very simple, with just a few easy and simple steps and you have yourself an automatic gate opener. This product is recommended more for people with swinging gates compared to wheel gates.

4. Olide electric

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A door is always a hassle when you have your hands full so we need something that not only will ease your life but also eliminate the problem. This is where Olide the automatic door opener comes in. With just a press of a button, it will open right up, so even if you have your hands full you will not need to drop the items before opening the door. In addition to this as it is not a gate opener, it will be fairly easier to install compared to the automatic gate opener. Therefore, when purchasing this product, you will not need to worry about struggling to install it.

Unlike other automatic door openers, this door does not use sensors to activate which means it can be connected to any door and it will not accidentally open. For this reason alone, we highly recommend you acquire this product if you are looking for a door opener.


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A very simple yet reliable product that has a motor that can easily be put for any type of gate. This GATEXPERT automatic gate opener can withstand a weight up to 1350 pounds with a length of 26 feet. In addition to this, the gate has a very unique safety feature that will prevent it from overheating. They do this by stopping whenever the temperature of the motor reaches 120 degrees Celsius.

With this smart technology equipped this automatic gate opener will be longer-lasting and retains its high performance. This means that it is very much suitable for us to recommend it to you as it will make your life easier and also it is very durable and long-lasting.

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This particular gate opener is a very premium choice for most buyers. However, it has many features that will back up its quality. First of all, this automatic gate opener comes in two different options: a single gate and a dual gate option, this adds more versatility for the consumers. Not only this but unlike other modern automatic gate openers, this gate opener does not make a loud noise when it opens. It also is solar-powered which means it uses renewable energy that saves the environment.

When it comes to installing the actual product, it is very simple as you only need a few steps to attach the motor and the hand to the gate. The battery used on this particular product is also very reliable as it has an advanced technology where it will prevent any battery leaks that can damage the battery over time. With that being said this is also a recommended product from us.


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This automatic gate opener is extendable so if you have a larger or smaller gate this will still manage to fit perfectly. It can be installed onto any type of swing gate as it is very versatile with its design.
In addition to this, it is very easy to install, only with a few steps you can install this automatic gate opener and have it running in no time. It also comes with an advanced technology that will save energy whenever used. Overall, it is very reliable and versatile as it can be fitted on most types of swing gates.


Looking at all the options given above we hope that you find it useful and educational as we have put many hours into researching the best products for the consumers so they do not have to. We hope that we made you have a better understanding of the different criteria that each product offers and also, we hope that our buyers’ guide provides a helpful and more in-depth understanding. We hope you have a more vivid picture of what you are looking for in an automatic gate opener.

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