Top 8 Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners in 2021 Reviews

Typically, backpack vacuum cleaners are meant for large, heavy-duty projects. Using one at home means you’ll get more than enough cleaning power for even the most tiresome tasks. They are excellent for cleaning high-traffic areas with limited space including offices, schools or any large building and domestic use on carpets or bare flooring. Getting the best backpack vacuum will significantly improve any home cleaning arsenal. Speed and efficiency will be the order of the day with these backpack vacuums. We are delighted to present some of the best models you can buy so.

List of Top 8 Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners in 2021 Reviews:

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Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum, Standard Bundle, black,VACBP1 Buy on Amazon
GV 8 Qt Quart Light Powerful HEPA Backpack Vacuum and Blower Buy on Amazon
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Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum, 30′ Power Cord Buy on Amazon
Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum, Red Buy on Amazon
Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401,Black Buy on Amazon
Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum, Orange Buy on Amazon

Factors to consider when buying backpack cleaners:

The length of the power cord: A short cord restricts user range and forces you into using an extension cable. Confirm that the cleaner you have in mind comes with a cord long enough for your needs. Tall people go for a model with a more extended tube to prevent back issues and to make their cleaning life easier.

Comfort, weight, and Portability: as the backpack vacuums sit on your back, the straps of the harness should be comfortable so that you can keep cleaning for hours. Products with cumbersome weights will burden you; buy a vacuum that you can cope with for as long as you intend to be cleaning.

Price: With most purchases, the price is an important consideration. Make sure the pick you have in mind is affordable to you and still functional. Extras and accessories thrown in to make your life easier and add the value for money opt for an option with as many attachments as possible.

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8. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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By: ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The first item in this list is the Pro Team industrial backpack vacuum cleaner.  The power chord is 50 feet long meaning a convenient clean of the home without having to reposition the plug so the cleaning will be a little more enjoyable and a lot quicker. Fitted are nice and sturdy straps with additional padding that properly harness the tool on the back and provide comfort to the user while carrying the cognitive 11.6-pound load. The HEPA Media filters offer superb airflow without any related loss of suction. The 6-quart device is multi-functional and works well for upholstery, carpets, kitchens, homes, bars, hotels and many other places. It is known to clean large areas within a few minutes and won’t be struggling.


  • This unit comes with a restaurant toolkit
  • Accompanied are tools for hard floor, crevices, carpet floor, upholstery and a micro cloth filter.
  • You also get a two-piece wand; two intercept micro filter bags, and a soft dusting brush.

7. Atrix – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum Corded 8 Quart HEPA Bag 4 Level Filtration With Attachments

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By: Atrix Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

No matter which surface you intend to clean, nothing is too hard for this ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner to reach. The backpack is firmly and securely supported by comfortable and adjustable straps and a belt loop. With desirable add-ons such as the  6′ hose, blower adapter, exhaust filter cover, 22″-37″ extension wand, a furniture nozzle, a set of 3 blower nozzles, crevice tool, round and floor brushes,  air driven turbo brush and extension cord strain relief.

All are pieces of evidence that you can take care of a diverse set of cleaning needs. An included 8 quart HEPA bag pairs with the HEPA pre-motor filter ensures that air around the room remains fresh and clean. It is perfect for cleaning the floors, carpets, and rugs keeping them clean and germ-free surrounding leading to a healthier life.


  • To operate efficiently, it requires 1400 WATT 12 AMP 120volts of power
  • The unit boasts a CFM (cubic foot per minute) output of 106 CFM.

6. GV 8 Qt Light Powerful BackPack Vacuum Loaded – Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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By: GV Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuum works wonders in areas that are hard to reach places and high levels areas like as ceiling fans and blinds.  It is a capable backpack vacuum cleaner for both domestic and commercial use for a long time. At only 10 lbs and with thick padded straps, it will let you work without overloading yourself and makes the backpack mobile and comfortable to use. Don’t be worried that it is corded; the cable is 25 feet long. This means you can clean much bigger spaces without needing to switch power sockets. The 4 stage HEPA air filtration system says the vacuum is friendly to the environment as well. This pick is perfect for household use, the next best thing to a maid without the weekly bill.

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  • You get a two-year motor warranty.
  • The 8 quart HEPA bag is sufficient storage.
  • The package includes seven attachments for the convenience of the user.

5. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums – Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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By: ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

This option comes equipped with all the necessary attachments for domestic and commercial use making it a versatile tool in its own right. It is comfortable to carry around, and the 50-foot power cord is designed for cleaning bigger spaces without having to keep finding a new power socket. There is a four-level advanced filtration system infused so cleaning up is no hassle even if you have allergies or asthma. You will be able to breathe clean air and have a fresh home environment.

A 10 quart HEPA bag ensures all allergens are kept well away and do not waft back into the atmosphere. As if it is not enough, it is still fairly silent but still delivers high performance. With this machine in your household or workplace, you can remain fully assured of restaurant-grade cleanliness.


  • The package features a restaurant toolkit.
  • A 3-year warranty on motor, labor and a limited lifetime warranty for molded parts.

4. Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum, 30′ Power Cord

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By: Oreck Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

If you need to clean stadiums or schools, large meeting rooms or offices, this is the option you should check out. Take the vacuum home, and it will bite through your cleaning in no time. What distinguishes this pick from the rest is the powerful two-stage bypass motor with a much more ability to vacuum that the conventional single-stage motors. With this buy, you’ll get a 30-foot power cord so that your movements won’t be restricted and an adjustable extension wand with a 4-foot hose so that you can reach the furthest of places. At just 5 pounds, this is the perfect balance between portability and performance.


  • It comes with a one-year commercial warranty.
  • You get a full set of detailing tools, disposable 1-quart bag, and filter.

3. Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum, Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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By: Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

The Sanitaire Commercial Canister vacuum is used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings for bare floors, carpets, and high-level cleaning. For reaching hidden places, you get two plastic wands and a deluxe dusting brush.  At a mere 10 pounds, portability is obviously uppermost with this cleaning dude. You shouldn’t worry about dirtying the air as the HEPA filtration does an excellent job of filtering the air. He has a high suction that cleans very fast, and you can hardly hear him in the next room unless you pay keen attention. You, however, might need an extension cord if you plan to work in more significant spaces.


  • There is a two-year warranty.
  • The crevice tool is fitted inside the handle.
  • There is a carpet cleaning attachment for low pile carpet and area rugs.

2. Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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By: Hoover Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

This backpack vacuum cleaner from Hoover Commercial makes high level cleaning effortless, getting to all of those hard to reach places. It’s made from a lightweight material, comes with a portable design weighing an incredible 9.2 lbs. thus making carrying and using it less of a task. You will love the Chiropractor designed a harness that secures it on the back comfortably with better balance and lighter feel and without affecting maneuverability. The 48 foot 3-wire quick change chord makes it easier to use for larger houses as you can move more freely. Although the motor generates sufficient suction, it’s also hushed so you can go about with your cleaning without disturbing anyone.


  • You find an accessory pack in the package containing 6″ crevice tool, 11″ turbo floor tool, 2″ dusting brush and 4″ upholstery tool.
  • HEPA filtration system removes the foreign particles from the air efficiently.

1. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

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By: Hoover Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning surfaces can give you a headache when you lack the right tool for the job, but with this commendable backpack vacuum cleaner, you get great power and convenience for every surface. It is ideally perfect for those who want to clean more efficiently and conveniently. This compact vacuum cleaner works amazingly well for its size; the motor generates impressive suction to cope with all cleaning jobs, big or small. It comes with a 33-feet cable which assures that you will reach anywhere you need to while cleaning without straining. The hose also stretches, so it is more convenient when it comes to taking it up the stairs. With the excellent quality, you will be able to achieve professional cleaning for your household.


  • They work well with both a reusable commercial cloth bag and a paper dust bag depending on the cleaning job.
  • It is the lightest of the bunch at 8.3 lbs. making it the easiest to carry.

Buyers Guide

All the options we’ve looked into provide the same efficient and powerful cleaning that you can expect from a top product that they all are. However, the Hoover Commercial is the most efficient way of cleaning your house, and the best way to get all of the dust and small particles.

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