Top 8 Best JBL Studio Monitors in 2021 Review

If you are looking for the best JBL studio monitors, then this review is just what you need. Being a music enthusiast means that you want the best sound system possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to loudspeakers, some people pay less attention than they ought to.

In this article, we are going to help enhance your experience, by making you more acquainted with the best JBL studio monitors. If you are already using other types of computer speakers, you might want to upgrade by buying one of these. JBL studio monitors are the most trusted by studio engineers, on a global scale.

Unlike its competitors, the best JBL studio monitors have been built to deliver sound with the uttermost precision. The quality you get from them is nothing less if not on a professional level. Aside from that, the level of accuracy provided is exceptional. JBL is known as one of the oldest manufacturers when it comes to loudspeakers. They have a reputation that has been solidified as pioneers of sound reproduction.

For over 65 years, the best JBL studio monitors have met and surpassed consumer expectations. The caliber of products they provide you with is based on the prevailing principles of engineering and technology. By owning one of the best JBL studio monitors, you will be getting a piece of the audio industry’s revolution. Getting all this is very much possible, and it won’t cost you an arm and length.

List of Best JBL Studio Monitor in 2021 Reviews:

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JBL Professional, 8″ speaker (LSR308) Buy on Amazon

The following are factors to consider when buying the best JBL studio monitors:

  • The material used: You should try and get JBL studio monitors, which are constructed using quality material. As much as they will not be exposed to many damaging factors, you need to be careful with this. Some examples of the materials used to make quality speakers are glass fiber and Kevlar. Using such dense material ensures that you will also get rich and deep sound reproduction.
  • Durability: When you get a JBL studio monitor, you should ensure it is durable. Durable products tend to be economical. This is because you will not need to spend money frequently to replace them. Overall, getting a durable studio monitor saves you money and provides you with excellent performance for a longer time period.
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR): SNR is basically the measurement of how much noise has corrupted a signal. The greater this ratio is in DB (decibels) the less the signal can be corrupted. At the end of the day, this will also translate to greater audio reproduction for you.
  • Price range: The price you are working with should always be taken into account. This is a major factor regardless of the product you wish to buy. Before deciding on which JBL studio monitor you should buy, first work out a budget. Afterwards, you will easily be able to identify which studio monitors you should have a serious look at.

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8. JBL LSR310S 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer JBL Studio Monitors

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  • By: JBL JBL Studio Monitors

By making this purchase, you will be getting yourself a JBL Patented Slip Stream Port. The bass response that you will get from it is deep and dynamic. Reason being, the port works well with the LSR310S low-frequency driver to achieve such results. This is possible for all the playback levels available.

What makes it also stand out, is its XLF Extended Low-Frequency Setting. This feature is a JBL first and allows for specially engineered tuning. What you get as a result is an emulation of the ample bass tuning used in clubs.


  • It has professional balanced inputs and outputs.
  • The JBL studio monitor also comes with a -10dBV/+4 DBU sensitivity switch.

7. JBL Control 1 Pro High-Performance 2-Ways Professional Compact Loudspeaker System

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  • By: JBL Professional JBL Studio Monitors

For those who want JBL studio monitors for wall or shelf mount, this is a great fit. It is the most recent 150W Pro quality version, of JBL Control 1. Your purchase will also include variable angle wall brackets. This will enable you to use them for multiple purposes and angles.

A high-quality crossover and professional drivers are incorporated into their construction. As a result, you will end up with a faithful sonic performance which is also transparent. These JBL studio monitors also have protection from overloading. A Sonic Guard HF is used to inhibit the overloading.


  • The JBL studio monitors have magnetically shielded transducers.
  • The purchase consists of a pair of 2-way professional loud-speakers.

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6. JBL Pro LSR308-PAIR Studio Monitor

The JBL Pro LSR308-PAIR is among the best studio monitors in the market. It is available in a compact size and doesn’t occupy too much space. This makes it perfect for small, medium as well as large studios. For good sound delivery and to minimize distortion, the speakers have a magnetic interference shielding.

You will enjoy a wide range of sounds all of which are well balanced for the best results. The Two-Way Powered monitor is based on JPL’s Image Control Waveguide technology, which is famed for accuracy and feasibility.


  • The monitors are room friendly, even in a dense mix.
  • They have woven composite Neodymium tweeters.

5. JBL LSR308 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor, 8-Inch (old model)

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Although it has been in the market for quite some time, this studio monitor still ranks among the best and most reliable pieces. The JBL LSR308 is a 2-Way powered monitor that is suitable for studios and other applications. It produces quality sound and distributes it evenly for the best performance.

It is much smaller than other options but offers better output. The Room-Friendly unit has good sound distribution meaning you don’t need to be standing or seating right in front of the speaker. It also has a Broad Sweet Spot that makes the sound as natural as possible.


  • They have a very impressive performance streak.
  • They have HF detail which is highly increased.

4. JBL LSR-308 Studio Monitors with Cables Bundle, JBL Studio Monitors

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  • By: JBL JBL Studio Monitors

These JBL studio monitors happen to be a specially priced package. The purchase consists of a pair of XLR cables to connect your new monitors. With free of charge 20 ft cables, you will not need to spend any extra money on hardware. When you buy them, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty as well.

The best part about this package is that it also has a Sonic Sense One-Year Extended Warranty. The Sonic Sense bonus adds a year to the existing manufacturer’s warranty that you will get.

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  • The package currently comes with a promotional discount.
  • It provides outstanding reference sound for recording studios.

3. JBL LSR308 8″ Two-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) with 1 Year Free Extended Warranty

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  • By: JBL JBL Studio Monitors

With this particular JBL studio monitor, you will get an image control waveguide. The image control waveguide is patent pending. It was developed for the JBL’s new flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor. In addition to that, it was also developed for the introduction of the JBL 3 Series. This is the first time; it has been included in a compact and affordable reference monitor.

Sound emanating from the speaker’s vertical and horizontal planes is precisely controlled by the design of the Image Control Waveguide. This helps to ensure that the presentation’s neutrality and accuracy, at the listening position are retained.

When you make this purchase, the performance that you will get will be quite legendary. The woofer and Neodymium tweeter reproduce the microdynamics and powerful transients of your mix. Reason being, they were designed from the ground up to attain such results.


  • The base delivered is deep and impressive.
  • They offer a high-frequency response which is smooth.

2. JBL Studio Monitor LSR305 5″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor

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  • By: JBL JBL Studio Monitors

This is a great buy for individuals whose focus is on the frequency range. Not only will it be increased, but the output levels will also be better as well. Your recordings will have a level of depth, greater than before. Even the level of ambiance provided will be incomparable.

The JBL LSR305 ultimately provides an expansive soundstage for you. You will get a wide stereo panorama and a phantom center stage which is rock solid. The JBL studio monitor has been thoroughly tested and is capable of playing consistently for 100hours.


  • It will provide you with reliable performance.
  • Your purchase includes a US power cord.

1. JBL VRX915M 15″ Two-Way Stage Monitor, JBL Studio Monitor

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I would recommend this for individuals looking for touring-class floor monitors. This specific JBL monitor is 15 inches in size but very light and compact as well. You will encounter minimal obstruction of audience sightlines, thanks to its size and low profile feature. It has a nominal coverage of about 50° x 90°.

The type of passive operation it provides is Bi-amplified or full-range. For high power capacity, it has a differential drive woofer with neodymium magnet.


  • It has a diameter compression driver which is 4 inches in size.
  • The compression driver has a neodymium magnet.

Buyers’ Guide:

It is important to decide if you want the best JBL studio monitor to mount on higher ground, or for the floor. Such a decision will help you eliminate the options which don’t fall into your ideal category. The best JBL studio monitor that we recommend is the JBL VRX915M 15″ Two-Way Stage Monitor. Its overall design and higher power capacity features make it worth the buying.

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