Top 8 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2021 Reviews

Can you recall the fancy flashlight tags on summer evenings? The whole experience felt so real and offered vigorous exercise which is the best for growing children. Technology brings us a new breed of toys in laser tag guns which use low-power laser beams that do not harm players, people, or objects in the area. It’s so refreshing that even the adults might just end up impatiently waiting for the kids to finish their match. You play this lovely game in big laser tag arenas or buy your very own laser tag sets and additional laser tag equipment for use at home or in the park.

Read through the top 8 best laser tag guns review so that you are more informed about the best choices and so you can confidently purchase a good product without worrying about its efficiency.

List of Top 8 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2021 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying a laser tag gun:

Age of the user: For kids buy blasters that are easy to hold with a robust and durable construction considering how rough kids are with toys. The older users may prefer to select fancy and more sophisticated units.

Price: some toys could be quite expensive. You need not spend a lot to get your children active so opt for a moderately priced option that still offers the best qualities.

The number of guns: depending on the number of players you intend to include in the game, opt for a set that provides for more blasters. This ensures that you get to start gaming with your dear ones right away. You may also want a model that can allow for extra players to join the game.

Extras: For some, extras like vests make the gaming experience more realistic and fun. Ensure your pick is safe for the users primarily if it is meant for children.

8. LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle Systems

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By: Hasbro

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This car cover is crazy inexpensive, the most expensive of the laser tag sets that we considered, but also impressively reliable and workable. The multi-player set can accommodate two or more combative players but only provides two tag gun guns. The video game attachment means a single player can as well sharpen their shooting skills by connecting to CRT TVs.

The hit receiver dome indicates every hit with a ramble saving the user the hassle of strapping vests. Just as with a real gun, this one recoils with every shot and features a manual reload making it more practical. For an efficient machine built with a futuristic look which will address all your gaming needs then this is the one that you need to choose.


  • The package also includes two shot blast attachments, two pinpoint sight targeting units, and video game module.
  • The laser tag guns demand 12 AA batteries that are sold separately.

7. Set of 2 Infrared Laser Tag Guns

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By: Toydaloo

This device serves the purpose of a laser tag gun very well and even surpasses the expectations of most gamers. The multi-player laser tag gun set features two guns that significantly add to the combat experience. The blaster itself becomes the target with the rumble vibrating to indicate that you’re hit, you will also find a life bar indicator showing the remaining life chances after each hit.

It offers a striking distance of about 130ft. Or 40 meters makes it the ideal gear for both outdoor and indoor fun. After knowing that this unit produces 0.6 mW of laser which is safe for children and adults, we expect that you will have a more intense in-depth play experience. You get unmatched functionality and impressive performance making tag-play a quintessential playground and summer games


  • There are four laser tag settings to choose your favorite shooting style from; Pistol Mode, Shotgun, Submachine Gun and Rocket Launcher Mode
  • You will be required to buy 3 AA batteries for the guns.

6. Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blasters W/ Multiplayer Mode

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By: Best Choice Products Laser Tag Gun

This is a good investment if you want to keep your children active and entertained. The real selling point is the four blasters each with an excellent shooting range of about 131 ft. /40 m. Each of the four blasters has a different color from the others, making it convenient for the players to team up into the white team quickly, red team, blues team or green team.

Like other top-grade blasters, this one too comes with a health level indicator that shows the number of lives remaining during battles. An infrared receiver on each blaster is used to register each hit so you won’t require stubborn vests. Tapping the back of the blaster lets you restock your ammo more realistically. This option is well worth popping on your shortlist.

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  • This pick needs 16 AA batteries to be fully functional.
  • The buyer is also required to have a mini-screwdriver.
  • You are free to switch between 4 gun settings: shotgun, pistol, submachine gun, and missile launcher.

5. Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Infrared (IR) Laser Tag Blasters for Kids Red

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By: Matty’s Toy Stop Laser Tag Guns

Another challenger for the best laser tag guns is the “Call of Life” laser tag blast set from Matty’s Toy Stop. This four-pack brings you a new experience of gaming by offering four reversible vests that define teams taking the playground game to a whole new level of fun and excitement. The blasters in the arsenal can be adjusted to four modes of settings; pistol, shotgun, submachine & rocket settings and the built-in sounds as well as the vibrations when hit lends to thrilling heart-bumping actions.


  • All the materials and radiations used are certified child safe.
  • You will need to purchase 16 AA batteries.

4. Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests – Laser Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 – Infrared 0.9mW

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By: ArmoGear

Who doesn’t love the interesting and attractive build, to begin with? This set is well-created and an easy to fall in love with.  Not to mention that the ArmoGear Infrared laser tug gun set is available in a 4-pack set. This is the ideal setting for a home battle even with the lights off. You can play in low light or total darkness, thanks to the night vision flashlight, invisibility mode, target vests and voice-guided directions which increase the excitement of the game produced by the guns and vests.

Additional hit men can be added without any problems, up to 4 different teams. What impressed us most is the perfect shooting range this pick boasts of, 150 ft. A record-breaking value in its class meaning outdoor events will never be the same again. And if you’re worried that this unit may harm your young ones, there’s just no room for that sort of nonsense. The infrared emission is completely safe for all.


  • There is Money back guarantee for those who will be dissatisfied with the product.
  • You will have to get 24 AA batteries before the set is functional.

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3. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack – Set of 4 Players

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By: Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns

Summertime is a great time for family fun, especially when you’ve got such a fun and easy way to start a thrilling game of laser tag right away. The four blasters included are completely lightweight yet highly powerful. Laser Tag Gun is a compact set of 4 laser guns of different colors to get for your kids as well as for yourself.

Each blaster is usable within a 130 ft. range, making it a great buy if you intend to go outdoors. You get to choose between the pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket setting mode, whichever suits your preferences. Kidzlane also plays an emphasis on safety, using only kid-friendly infrared signal. Children and adults alike will come to love and appreciate these toys.


  • There is an infused receiver, so there is no need for vests.
  • You are needed to order for 16 AA batteries, 4 for each gun.

2. Laser Tag Gun Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Packs

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By: Nerf

Now you and your buddy can enjoy an intense home laser combat, thanks to the Phoenix LTX laser tag set containing two Spitfires. These blasters behave like real guns. It feels very well made and can withstand frequent use. The handle is fitted with a rumble pack which flashes and vibrates to notify you when of any hits. The grips are sizable enough for parents to play along with their kids.

The recoil feature makes the game even more exciting, and you will never face any complications while using the blasters. You can expect a range of about 250 feet which falls in line with outdoor fun. It is more than likely that your kids will be waiting their turn to play.


  • 12 AA batteries required.
  • You are permitted to add a third player.

1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

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By: Dynasty Toys

The four-pack Dynasty Toys laser tag set-tops our list for a reason. It is undoubtedly the best that you can get. It not only looks good but it is also pleasant to the touch and lets you play some awesome laser tag battles.

It is made to work without needing to strap any vests to your body; the blaster will be the target vibrating to notify and record the hit. Play individual challenges, 1v1v1v1 or the ultimate team battles with 4 different settings and color options. Convert your home backyard into a laser tag arena and play like a champ with this very well made and reliable pack.


  • The set does not include batteries, so you will have to buy 16 AA batteries.
  • The laser emissions are safe for you and your family.
  • You get a sturdy carrying case.

Buyers Guide.

All the high-end laser tag guns above have for long shown good quality and excellent outcomes, and that is why we think these are the best money can buy. Even then, if you want a laser tag gun for the most exciting moments and memories, think seriously about the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set. It’s the winning combination of value and raw performance with a shot of pleasure at a modest price.

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