Top 8 Best Markers For Coloring 2020 Reviews

Art is a reflection of life. Life is filled with colors even though it might seem grey or dull sometimes. To bring your art into life, you are going to need markers that will not only bring color but will also illustrate your talent onto the canvas. Due to this reason, we have gathered detailed information and description to make you a list of the top 8 best markers for coloring. As you read deeper into the article, you will get to see the unique features of the markers and some guides to help you buy the right product.

Buying Guides Of Best Markers For Coloring

In order to help you purchase the perfect watercolor set for you, we have gathered some factors for you to consider.

Brush Tip: Some products have brush tips made out of different materials. Depending on your uses and the quality of the brush, it is important to consider the brush and the shape of the tip itself.

Kid’s safety: If you are buying it for a child, it is crucial to check if the watercolors are safe to use and are non-toxic to avoid unwanted accidents.

Colors: The products contain different numbers of colors, some more than others whilst some bolder than others. Depending on your likings, type of art, and preference, different products will impact you differently.

8. Super Markers Markers for Coloring

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Starting the list we have the Super markers, these watercolor pens are available in 48 colorful and bold colors which will make your art stand out compared to dull-colored art. With the flexible brush tip, the watercolor can draw brushstrokes as well as fine lines making it convenient for professionals along with beginners.

Furthermore, these watercolors are safe for kids to use, meaning they are non-toxic, acid-free, water-based, and the caps are breathable to save children from choking. They are safe for kids from 3 years and older. Moreover, the colors come in an organizer rack that allows for individual markers.

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7. Ohuhu Art Markers for Coloring

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Number 7 on the list, we have the Ohuhu Art Markers that have dual tips for different uses. If you need to color or shade you can use the brush tip whereas if you need to draw or outline a drawing you can use the fine tip for a cleaner finish. With 60 diverse colors, the possibilities are unlimited. The color itself is blendable so you can even make new colors with the existing ones. Furthermore, each color comes with a color code so if you run out of the one you do not have to buy them in stacks.

The watercolors are fast-drying, so you can layer on colors and do not have to worry about smudges. The multipurpose Ohuhu art markers can be used for everything including drawing, painting, calligraphy along other purposes.

6. Soucolor Markers for Coloring

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Subsequently, we have the Soucolor markers that are available in 32 rich and colorful colors. These watercolors are water-based and do not have similar colors within the set. Soucolor Markers are designed with dual tips. One with a 0.4 mm fine tip used for detailed drawings and lines. On the other hand, we have the 1.2 mm brush tip used for coloring, signing, calligraphy along with shading.

With the Soucolor marker, you do not have to worry about the paint bleeding or leaking onto the other page causing unwanted smudges. Moreover, the colors are odorless and have a large ink capacity so your colors will last longer compared to other products. For a more organized set, the colors come in a plastic set that is arranged neatly.

5. Hethrone Markers Markers for Coloring

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Fifth on the list, we have the Hethrone marker set that is available with 120 colors. The variety of colors, Hethrone provided gives you more to work with. The colors include primary colors as well as complimentary colors that allow you to blend it together creating dimension making your art come to life. With the dual-tip design, you can pick out whatever style and use that tip to make it possible. So if you want a neat, organized art with refined shapes you can use the fine tip of 0.4mm but if you want a drawing filled with colors and life you can use the nylon fiber brush tip of 1.2mm.

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Moreover, the watercolors are fast-drying and are safe for children to use. Not only is it odorless, but it is also non-toxic and acid-free. It can also last longer compared to other marlers due to its 1.5g ink capacity compared to the usual 1.2g. With the non-bleed ink, you can use it for journaling without having to worry that it will soak through to the next page.

4. TOOLI-ART Art Markers Set

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Number 4 on the list, we have double-sided art markers set from TOOLI-ART that one side has a flexible brush tip length 1-4mm and the other side is 0.4 mm. The thick side is the best for shading, highlighting, etc. which basically help fills in large blocks; whereas the thin tip helps you create precision onto your work such as during writing, drawing, doodling, etc. The markers are designed to create clean and smooth work as it is fast drying, therefore, making it leak-free and safe from other spilling hazards.

Furthermore, for safety issues, the markers meet ASTM D-4236 standards as well its chemicals do not include acid, and are water-based which makes it odor-less. With an overall dimension of 10.6 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches, the set is portable yet also durable and can be used anywhere; no matter home, school, or even in a park. The purchase of this set of markers includes 36 colors and also comes with a coloring eBook. Moreover, if the set doesn’t meet your satisfaction, a refund or a replacement is also available.

3. SPREEY Art Markers Set

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Next, we have alcohol art markers that come with a fashionable and portable storage box from SPREEY. The pen holder section of these markers is triangular and has a 3.5G large capacity ink. These markers are inspired by the German craftsmanship as the pens itself are mess-free meaning that there should be no fear of the ink fading or leaking. The markers have two nibs: the broad nib and the finer-point nib.

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This whole set of markers comes in 84 different colors with refillable ink and replacement nibs for environmentally friendly purposes. Furthermore, the ink in these markers is alcohol-based allowing it to be saturated and add depth to any color. The markers suit all types of artists: doodler, beginner, or even advanced artists, and they are mostly used by designers, illustrators in all departments/majors such as fashion, architecture, etc.

2. SUTOROO Dual-Sided Markers

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Here we present to you SUTOROO’s set of dual-tip markers: one tip is a fine-liner pen and the other is a flexible, wide brush-type tip. These water-based ink markers are ideal for sketches, doodling, writing, calligraphy, illustrations, designs, animations, etc.

Furthermore, they come in 24 vibrant colors, and besides helping to fulfill the art on your projects or hobbies, these markers can also act as an antidepressant tool for art therapy. In addition to that, if you are not sure what to get an artistic friend or your children something as a gift for any occasion, this art supply set will be the perfect gift.

1. Hethrone Dual-Brush Art Markers

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Last but not least, we have an art marker set from Hethrone that has two sides: a 1mm fine liner pen and the other side is a 4mm brush marker. These features allow the markers to be ideal for sketching, writing, shading, drawing, calligraphy, doodling, etc. The 36 colors of the markers stand out to make it convenient for you to find the color you need.

Furthermore, the art marker set comes with a transparent case for storage and portability. The ink used for these markers are long-lasting and also dries quickly, therefore, reducing the mess as much as a marker can produce. Moreover, the ink used in the markers is water-based thus making it acid-free and non-toxic therefore suitable for children. No matter in class, in your room, in the park or anywhere else, these markers are perfect.


To sum it up, we have provided you with the top 8 best color markers available along with a list of guides to help you choose the right one. If any of these products match your preferences, start your booking now.

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