Top 8 Best Motorcycle Speakers 2021 Reviews

Some of the accessories to help make the motorcycles more modern and neat are none other than the speakers. Motorcycle speakers are very popular accessories to have for motorcycles, it gives loud, clear music for traveling and enhances the enjoyable quality of the ride at the same time.

To help ease your search in finding the best suitable motorcycle speakers to add on as an accessory for your motorcycle, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best motorcycle speakers for you. Continue reading down below to find out more product details.

Buying Guides Of Best Motorcycle Speaker

To get only the best suitable motorcycle speaker product for your vehicle, there are some certain criteria interested buyers should be on the lookout for. Here are some important criteria.

Material: The material used for the motorcycle speaker is very important since it is mostly to be exposed out in the open, whether weather or any plausible collision, which is the material used should be adaptable and durable for outdoor usage.

Dimension: Knowing the dimension of the product will help buyers to get a perfect fitting speaker for their motorcycle. Always be aware of the sizing, dimensions, and weight of the product before making the purchase.

Function: Functions of the speakers is the most important part that buyers should be aware of. Performance and additional features of the speakers will help enhance the product quality to fit with the buyer’s needs.

8. Kuryakyn Motorcycle Speakers

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This chrome rear motorcycle speaker provides the users with both visual and audio satisfaction. First of all, this pair of speakers is designed as rear speakers constructed with bright, beautiful chrome rings adorned with mesh grills for a complete trim, cheek look. Moreover, the material used can be easily replaced over the stock rear speakers. With this accent speaker set, it is capable of use with Harley-Davidson models such as the ‘14-’19 Electra Glides, the ‘16-’19 Road Glide Ultra, and the ‘14-’19 Tri Glide Ultra. Besides, each rear speaker has a dimension of 19 x 9.5 x 2 inches with a total weight of 11.2 ounces, a great product measurement for motorcycles.

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Style your motorcycle with these good-looking rear accents, cheek speakers to get the best visual and audio effects possible while taking your motorcycle out for a ride.

7. LEXIN Motorcycle Speakers

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This powerful and durable pair of speakers is a great asset for your motorcycle, providing both quality and performance. The design of this particular speaker set is constructed with a bullet shape design, made with an all-weather material. To be precise, this speaker is made using high quality, durable and waterproof, metallic material housing with a chromed polish treatment to get a shiny and attractive appearance. Furthermore, the speakers guarantee to provide access to loud and clear volume for a premium sound effect.

Other than this, this speaker as well can also be connected with Bluetooth, USB, a power amplifier, and also an FM tuner for radio. For this speaker, it has a packaging dimension of 9 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches, a total weight of 3.54 pounds, and a mounting hole dimension of ⅞”- 1.25”.

With great capabilities to match with its great material use, this speaker set is the perfect product for your motorcycle.

6. Herdio Motorcycle Speakers

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This fashionable motorcycle speaker is equipped with many efficient features in one package. To begin with, it is made using high-quality ABS material with the most superior standard with all the necessary installation tools, cables and wires included. Adding on to the product quality, this speaker is built from an IP66 waterproof construction base that is Marine graded to ensure its high quality and durability. In addition to the strong build, the speaker is also great at providing loud and consistent sound with the effect of a full-range stereo surrounding reproduction.

This high performing motorcycle speaker can be easily installed onto most motorcycles with a mounting diameter hole of 3.3” and a mounting depth of 2.12”. Moreover, this great motorcycle speaker can also be used with wireless and Bluetooth connections too.

For an awesome experience with motorcycle speakers, this set of durable, marine motorcycle speakers is your go-to choice.

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5. Herdio Motorcycle Speakers

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This wonderful 3 inches speaker has great performance ability with great use of material. It has 2-way full-range access to HIFI woofer and a maximum power handling of 140 watts along with a frequency response of 120Hz-20KHz. Also, the speakers are made with polypropylene cones that have rubber edges and a molded basket using ABS material with waterproof features to boot. Furthermore, the speakers as well are easy to install with compact and great sizing construction, it has a mounting hole size diameter of 3.38” and an overall mounting depth of 2.12”.

Besides this, these motorcycle speakers are also capable of usage with other appliances such as a yacht, ATV, golf cart, and more. This speaker set is also included with mounting screws, speaker wires, and a year full warranty.

Grab the best motorcycle speaker out there with this wonderful speaker set, providing efficiency, quality, and style.

4. GoHawk

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This uniquely designed motorcycle speaker pair is equipped with both Bluetooth and wireless streaming features with the absolute best sound quality. Adding on to its superb features, these speakers have a digital exterior display which its stereo unit is made from high-quality product material using aluminum. Moreover, the speakers are also capable of supporting USB and power cord usage, the design of the speakers allows it to be used with many devices and functions too.

Besides, it has a great mounting size that supports mounting handlebar dimensions between ⅞” to ¼”. Other than this, the speakers also have built-in high-performance amplifiers too. Accessorize your motorcycle with this speaker gadgets to get great performing motorcycle speaker products with promising quality and functions.

3. GoHawk

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This robust, charming motorcycle speaker has 4” full-range amplifier speakers. These speakers are made from high quality, waterproof ABS material with a chrome finish. Plus, the design of the motorcycle speakers also has supporting functions to use with speaker cables or any other wire or power cords. This speaker also has advanced and full functioning wired control for easy operation.

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Moreover, it also supports the use of Bluetooth connection as well as a wireless connection for up to a maximum of 15 meters. Other than being easily installed, these motorcycle speakers are great for mounting bar appliances of 1- 1/2”. For its overall product packaging dimensions, it is measured as 11.7 x 8.6 x 5.1 inches and 7.88 pounds in weight.

Many great functional features are included in the well-designed motorcycle speakers of this model and get the completely necessary package from these great motorcycle speakers.

2. Pyle

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This simple yet efficient motorcycle speaker is a mountable motorcycle accessory that has a speaker dimension measured as 2.5” in width, 2.5” in height, and a 3.75” in length along with an amplifier dimension of 3.25” wide, with a height of 1.25” and 2” long. Also, the speaker is completed with a guided instruction sheet, other necessary accessories such as a 12V power cable, mounting brackets, screws, and so on.

Besides this, the sound quality from the speaker can be paired to its product quality as well, with an included mini amp and 2.25” speakers. Other than this, the material used as well is of high-quality marine grade and waterproof construction.

No more stress and overcomplications while setting and use your installed motorcycle speakers anymore when it comes to these functional speakers.

1. BOSS Audio Systems

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This stunning, sleek motorcycle speaker has a great exterior design along with trustworthy construction and a wide range of functions. First of all, the speakers are made using durable polyurethane with resilient and waterproof features that offer great product longevity and performance. The speakers are also constructed into a dome shape to help radiate the sound wider and have voice coils equipped too to enhance the product quality and performance. Other than this, these motorcycle speakers have a dimension of 7.1” x 5.4” x 7.1” and a weight of 5.9lbs. Moreover, the frequency range of the speakers is between 130 Hz to 20Khz. In addition to all the pros of the product, a 3-year warranty is also given as well.

Ride your motorcycle in style with the best modernized visual and audio system provided in this compact and luxurious motorcycle speaker.


Get the best hands-on motorcycle traveling and day-to-day driving experience with these great motorcycle speakers products. Upgrade your lifestyles and get only the best for yourself.

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