Top 8 Best Portable Massage Tables 2021 Reviews

If you’re having trouble looking for a massage table, you should take a look at the list below. They are the best massage tables that come with great quality and provide high satisfaction to any customer that purchases them.

Buying Guides Of Best Portable Massage Table

Wonder what the best portable massage tables should feature? Here are some buying tips we have curated for you.

Upholstery: this is an essential part you cannot overlook. You should have those that have resistance to water or oil because massage tables tend to face with those liquids a lot.

Size: This part is also important because if the size is portable, it makes the job easier to place or fold them. It’s also related to the weight of the table also. You must choose those that are manageable.

Capacity: it will be good if you choose a table that can support more weight so anyone can use it without worry much.

Warranty: this point is what you should consider while getting the product. The reason is that only famous brands with high-quality products give you a warranty. So the longer the warranty period is, the better.

8. 3B Scientific Portable Massage Table

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If you are looking for a massage table but worry about it could take too much space, then you should try this portable massage table product from Scientific. The product can be folded into 2 sections, and there’s also a carry bag provided to make it easier for you to bring it along since it’s light in weight. With the adjustable height on the legs, you can change them to your personal preference from 24 to 34 inches. The legs are made from sustainable wood which can support weight up to 550 lbs. You will find a rubber on each leg of the table to prevent any scratch on the ground.

You will surely enjoy the feeling while laying down on it because of the soft cushion. Furthermore, you won’t feel any pain when you wake up. Inside the package, there’s also a face cradle with a pad for you to lay down comfortably and an arm hammock also.

7. SierraComfort Portable Massage Table

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Sierra Comfort is a high-quality massage table that you should get. It’s a hardwood frame table that is very durable and tough. It’s also a water resistance product which has a leather cushion on the surface of the table for you to lay down while getting the massage comfortably. The height of this SierraComgort’s massage table can be adjusted to your preference around 25.5’’ to 33.5’’ while the measurement of the tabletop is 73’’ x 28’’ which is spacious and has enough room for you to rest on.

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This type of portable massage table can be folded for easy storage and more convenient for the user. The weight of the user that this table can be able to support is up to 400 lbs. By purchasing this brand of SierraComfort, you will also receive an additional face cradle along with a face cushion for when you lay face down while getting the massage. There’s also a 2 years worry-free warranty provided for the customer.

6. Mt Massage Portable Massage Table

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As for this Mt Massage, you will surely enjoy your time relaxing while receiving your massage. This product is large which gives you more space to rest on it and move around freely on it. The size of this table is 30’’ x 84’’ but still portable for you to use compared to those normal size massage tables which are heavier and take up too much of the space. Furthermore, the cushion is thick and soft with multi-layers so you won’t hurt your body at all. It also helps prevent any damage caused by water or oil.

The leg size of this table is double the size of a normal massage table which is really strong and gives more strength in supporting the weight of the person well around 750 lbs which is more than other portable massage tables. Moreover, for the safety of the user, there will be an auto-lock hinge place in the middle of the table. You will also receive a face cradle connect to the table and a face cushion for you when face down. For this foldable massage table, there’s also carry bags with 4 extra pockets provided for the storage and easy to bring along anyplace.

5. StrongLite Portable Massage Table

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StrongLite is a portable massage table that you should choose if you want to save up some space since it won’t need a large area to put it. This wooden frame product of StrongLife has a premium quality which will last for a long time. The cushion is also made from a fine material that will provide you the comfy while using it. You would enjoy your massage to your heart content. As for the weight, this table is able to support the weight of the user up to 800 lbs. The height can also be changed by adjusting the dual knob on each leg of this massage table between 23’’ to 33’’.

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This StrongLite’s massage table also weighs only 35 lbs which are quite light. Besides that, it can be folded into parts to save up space for storage. While at it, you will get a carry bag for this product. The best part of getting this brand is because there will be a lifetime warranty for any issue related to the frame itself and another 3 years of free service for upholstery, foam, and headrest.

4. Master Massage

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If you want to have real relaxation time while getting the massage, the massage table is quite essential for that aspect since you had to lay down on it for quite a long time, at least 2-3 hours. The size is suitable for an adult to rest one without feeling cramp since it’s 30’’ x 84’’ with an adjustable height of 24’’ to 34’’. The aircraft cable will provide support to the table itself which can maintain the weight of the person around 750 lbs with no issue at all.

The cushions are also pretty in great shape, and with the 3 layers inside it’s still really soft and very durable to water or oil. There will also be a 2 years warranty on that. As for the cradle face, you can make any adjustments to your personal preference. The cushion face is also given to support your face and let it rest on. The product comes with a convenient carry bag and 2 large extra pockets on it.

3. BestMassage

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BestMassage will provide you the satisfaction of what you never experienced before with the massage table. The overall frame is well built from a good raw material that will provide you lasting quality and durable. The strength of the table will support up to 450 lbs. The cushion is super soft as it is made from a sponge with a small cell that is breathable and is also a PU leather so you won’t feel hot and able to rest on it comfortably. The four legs are covered by rubber to avoid scratching the floor. You can also adjust the height of this BestMassage’s product from 26’’ to 36’’.

This portable massage table was made in a form that you can easily fold and put it inside the carry bag so you can bring it along anywhere you want since it’s lightweight. The surface is resistant to any liquid and easy to clean. It’s also easy to use and install since it does not require any extra complicated installation, except putting up the face cradle and face cushion. Besides that, there’s also a place for you to place your hand under it.

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2. Royal Massage

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This Royal Massage is also one of the best portable massage tables out there, which you should take a look at for if you want to choose a better quality product. This portable massage table is quite light in weight and anyone can carry it on their shoulder freely without any much trouble since it’s only around 53lbs. Moreover, they will give you a carry bag with a zipper to put the massage table inside to protect it. And for the cushion, you will come to love it the first time you lay on it.

It has a total of 3 layers of sponge inside so it’s quite thick but soft and comfy for you to relax without hurting yourself from laying down too long on it. The upholstery also has luxury stitches. The capacity that it can hold is around 550 lbs. As for the table, dimension is 30’’ x 75.6’’ which is spacious enough for the adult. It’s also really easy to install. It takes only a few minutes to unfold it from the package, and you’re ready to use it anytime.


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As for this EARTHLITE brand, you can definitely rely on its quality. The product is well made from a strong wooden frame and tough, so it won’t break or wear out fast at all. You can also choose to change the height of the table anytime with the knob on the legs of this massage table. The softness of this cushion will let you enjoy the time while using it when you receive the message.

Plus, the thickness of this cushion won’t allow you to feel any hard surface from the tabletop at all. You can fold this EARTHLITE massage table to a smaller size which is easier to carry or bring it along to any random place since it’s 38 lbs. With the size of 30’’ x 73’’ and the adjustable height of 23-33’’, anyone can use it. You will get a lifetime warranty from this product and 3 years for foam and upholstery.


Now you can make your decision to get a portable massage table either for your own or business purpose. You can choose from the above products that are already ensured with the best quality and for your safety while using it. You can also use the buying guide as your references later on.

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