Top 8 Best Sewing Machine For Kids 2020 Reviews

Is your child interested in arts and crafts? Did they start asking you for their own sewing machine? Then consider these following sewing machines for kids to surprise them with. There are so many choices in the market these days that sometimes it is hard to choose the best one. Therefore, follow along with our elaborate list and the buying guide at the end to make the perfect gift for your child.

Buying Guides of Best Sewing Machine for Kid

First off, let’s check out some buying guides to make sure that you could choose the right sewing machine for your child.

Size: first of all, the size of the machine is the first thing to consider. All the machines on the list are portable and of small size, however, some are smaller than the other. You would want to get your kid a machine that would best suit their projects.

Features: second of all, the machines come with different features. Some are very basic but very effective. Things like a night light, foot pedal, and a thread cutter should be included. Essentially, it is a great feature to have both ways of powering up the sewing machine (with either batteries or adaptor).

8. Joypea Mini Portable Sewing Machine for Kids

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First of all, let us look at the first entry on our list, which is the Joypea Mini Portable Sewing Machine. This is a beginner-friendly sewing machine as it is basic enough to perform all the necessary functions. Your child can start learning the art of sewing with this machine without any complications. Moreover, the machine includes an extension table that is handy for many of your child’s larger projects. It is versatile to be used for many types of cloth.

Furthermore, this model of the sewing machine has 2-speed controls for your child to use. They can start learning at a slower pace and move up to a faster pace. Also, there are two options for them to start the process of sewing. The sewing machine comes with a foot pedal, which is convenient. And your child can just push a button on the machine to start sewing. Likewise, this model has a built-in LED so that it could provide better lighting for your child. Most importantly, either a power adapter or 4 AA batteries could power the machine up.

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7. EnjoyIf Mini Sewing Machine for Kids

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The next sewing machine on our list is the EnjoyIf Mini Sewing Machine. This is also a beginner-friendly machine that you could get for your kid to start practicing sewing. This specific model is small enough that it is portable. However, as the machine is small, it will not work with thick material. Other than that, it is a perfect starter sewing machine to get for your child.

Furthermore, this sewing machine has two options for speed – low and high speed. Your child will become a practitioner of sewing in no time. Another bonus point for this model is the built-in lamp. This will help your child work without straining their eyes. Moreover, the machine has an automatic thread cutter, which will be convenient for the kid to work on smaller projects. Likewise, both 4 AA standard batteries and a power adapter could power this machine up, which is included in the set.

6. BreadPeal Handheld Sewing Machine for Kids

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Up next on our list is the handheld sewing machine manufactured by BreadPeal. This sewing machine is perfect for both novice and professional sewers alike. It is a beginner-friendly machine and a perfect starting tool for your child. Moreover, as it is a handheld machine it is small enough to be portable. This sewing machine is 8.3 by 2.8 by 1.6 inches, which is a size that could be put in any of your bags to take along.

Furthermore, while getting this sewing machine you will also get bobbins with thread, extra needles, a threader, a spindle, and a user manual. You will have all the necessary equipment in one handheld tool for many of the DIY projects. However, this machine could be used only with 0.07 inches thick cloth. Anything that is thicker or thinner than that might not work with this machine. Other than that, it is a great tool to get for your child or even for your own projects.

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5. EEX Portable Sewing Machine for Kids

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Number 5 on our list is the EEX Portable Sewing Machine. This model of the sewing machine is a cute piece to get for your little seamstress. It is beginner-friendly and good for practice. The machine is equipped with two speeds for sewing, which are fast and low speed. Moreover, the machine has an auto winding for your kids’ convenience. Your child can control the sewing by foot with the included foot pedal. It is a great feature that is used to sew your clothes without taking your hands off the machine. Also, this model has an anti-slip bottom that prevents the machine from slipping on the table when using.

Furthermore, this sewing machine can be powered up in two ways. You can use the included adapter and power it through an electric outlet or you can use standard 4 AA batteries. Finally, this sewing machine makes uninterrupted stitches with double thread sewing, which will enable your child to create perfect pieces.

4. Varmax

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Up next on our list of best sewing machines for kids is the Varmax Mini Sewing Machine. This model of a mini sewing machine comes with a big extension table. This is a great feature as your child could work on bigger projects with the following extension. Also, the table makes the sewing machine stable so you will not need to worry about the machine slipping from place to place. Moreover, the sewing machine has two speeds to choose from, which are low and high. The good point of this equipment is the special cuff slots that are in the machine.

Furthermore, this sewing machine includes a power adapter, a needle threader, a needle, a foot pedal, 4 bobbins, and a user’s manual. This is a great sewing machine for your child to start using for sewing.


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The next best sewing machine is the KPCB Mini Sewing Machine. This is a great tool for both adults and kids. Its small size makes for convenient sewing and gives a great start for beginners. Likewise, this model has an extension table that would provide a better surface for bigger projects. Moreover, the cuff slot will help your child to learn how to sew cuffs and pants easily. Also, the foot pedal controls uninterrupted sewing.

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This is a small model of a sewing machine; therefore, it could only sew in a standard straight line stitching. However, it is a great starting point for your child to pick up the craft.

2. Cool Maker

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The number two sewing machine for kids on the list is the Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine. This is not only a functioning machine but a fashionable and stylish one as well. It is a great machine to get for your child if they enjoy adding personality to their clothes or any other pieces. Moreover, it is very easy to use and could be powered up by standard 4 AA batteries.

Furthermore, the fun part of this model is the included pom-pom maker. Now, your child can design its own plush toys as well as clothing pieces. Most importantly, you get many bonus goodies when getting this sewing machine. The set includes many fabrics, such as glitter fabric, decorative fabric, and felt fabric. Moreover, your child will get strings, ribbons, yarn, and stuffing for their toys. Also, it is a great starter pack as pop-out patterns and pre-cut projects are included in the set as well.

1. Beletops

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Finally, at number one on our list of best sewing machines for kids is the Beletops Portable Sewing Machine. This is a beautifully designed machine that is very compact. On top of its stylish design, the machine is highly functioning and of great quality. Also, it is beginner friendly but is a great addition for professional seamstresses as well. Moreover, the sewing machine is equipped with two speeds that will allow your child to pick up the craft at its own pace. A great feature of this model is the built-in night-light. You will not have to worry about your child’s eyesight when they use it for long hours.

Moreover, the machine comes with a thread cutter and a foot pedal. All of this makes for convenient and skip-free sewing. A power adapter is also included in the set to power the sewing machine up. However, this particular model could only work on a cloth not more than 0.08 inches thick. Other than that, it is a perfect sewing machine to get for your kid.


In summary, we have talked about the best sewing machines for kids that are available for your choosing. Along with our buying guide, we believe that you can surprise your child with a great machine.

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