Top 8 Best Smoker For Beginners 2021 Reviews

Do you enjoy cooking at home and have been wanting to explore new outdoor cooking experience? If so, the first step would be getting yourself the best grill smoker for beginners that will make your cooking experience easier and allow you to cook mouth-watering smoked meats dishes. With the overwhelming options of smokers available, it could get quite hard to choose one, especially finding one that’s beginner-friendly.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 8 best smokers for beginners with their detailed reviews and a buying guide to make sure you know what features to look for in a beginner smoker.

Buying Guides Of Best Smoker for Beginner

These are some of the essential features you’ll need to look for when choosing your first smokers to ensure you’ll make the best-informed purchase.

Types of Smoker: As mentioned earlier, smokers come in different types which are either electric, charcoal, hardwood, pellet, or propane smokers. Just as their names suggested, they’re fueled by different sources of energy. Charcoal and hardwood smokers are the traditional types of smokers. They typically give your food a more classic authentic smoky flavor and aroma. Charcoal smokers are available in different price ranges depending on their features.

If convenience is what you’re looking for, smokers fueled by electricity would be a good choice. They usually require less work while cooking as you only have to set the temperature and let your food cook. However, the downside is that electric smoker tends to give less authentic flavor.

Pellet smokers are electrically fueled but require wood pellets for smoke and heat. They work like electric smokers but give your food charcoal or hardwood flavor.
Meanwhile, propane smoker makes a good alternative option to an electric smoker. It’s portable as you don’t need to plug it for power, which makes it a great option if you need to move around your cooking place often.

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Sizes: To make sure that your smoker will be able to meet your needs, getting a suitable size is important. Smokers are available in different sizes, so knowing your typical serving portions would be helpful, especially if you often have friends or family gatherings. However, also keep in mind that bigger smokers will need more fuel and take up more space.

Features: From temperature adjustment to racks or tray adjustment, these features will ease up your cooking experience with smokers as a beginner. Along with that, you should also look for features that allow for easy cleaning and ash management (if you’re getting a charcoal smoker). Other than that, features like side-loading wood chip, automatic on/off, and temperature gauge are beginner-friendly which will be beneficial for you and make it easier to cook delicious smoked-style dishes for your family and friend gatherings.

8. Smoke Hollow – Electric Smoker for Beginners with Adjustable Temperature Control

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This electric smoker by Smoke Hollow has a 1500-watt adjustable heating element. This feature is beneficial for beginners as they have full control over the temperature setting. The two cooking grids of this smoker are made of Chrome plate. They’re also adjustable to different cooking heights inside the smoker’s grid system as well.

Moreover, the smoker also features side handles in its steel cabinet with a heat-resistant door handle that’s adjustable and equipped with the latch system. Additionally, it also includes a porcelain-coated water pan and a porcelain-coated chip tray to help you achieve a satisfactory result for your smoke-style recipes.

7. Dyna-Glo – 36” Vertical Smoker for Beginners

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This charcoal smoker by Dyna-Glo is equipped with four cooking grates with a total cooking space of 784 square inches to accommodate various types and sizes of food. A charcoal smoker is an ideal option if you’d like to achieve the best smoke flavor and aroma for your smoke-style meats.

If you’re concerned about making a mess while using a charcoal smoker, you can be worry-free now. The smoker is designed with the ash and charcoal management system that includes the charcoal grate, charcoal chamber, and a detachable ash pan to handle a large number of ashes for long hours of cooking. It’s also designed with the double-door feature to lessen heat loss while you’re accessing the food or adding fuel.

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6. Char-Broil – Analog Smoker for Beginners

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Char-Broil electric smoker has a cooking area of 544 in2 that spreads across the 3 Chrome-plated grates. It’s constructed with an insulated double-wall and two exhaust ports. The door is designed with dual-latches for a sealed shut and it also has a temperature gauge mounted on it as well so that you can easily check the internal cooking temperature.

Additionally, the aluminized-steel water pan keeps the food juicy, and the detachable drip tray minimizes mess to makes it easier for cleaning. With its simple and easy-to-use features, this electric smoker will accommodate any beginner chef to create delicious smoked dishes easily.

5. Meco – Americana Stainless Steel Smoker for Beginners

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Americana charcoal smoker has a cooking space of 351 in2 with two chrome-plated grids for cooking. The smoker is a stainless-steel constructed with a design resembles a chimney. The loose-fitting lid and the tight-fitting door allows the smoke to flow consistently to achieve maximum aroma and flavor for your food. The side and lid handles are made of heat-resistant wood for easy accessibility.

The front sliding doors make accessing your food, adding water, charcoal, and wood chip while cooking easier than ever without removing the lid cover to reduce heat loss and keep the meats tender. Moreover, the heavy-duty built stainless-steel legs guarantee durability and stability while cooking. The smoker also features a detachable ash pan that makes cleaning an easy task.

4. Dyna-Glo

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This wide-body charcoal smoker by Dyna-Glo has 6 grates for cooking with a total cooking space of 1,890 inThe snooker is designed with a wide-body vertical offset style to optimize the indirect flow of heat and improved charcoal and ashes management system which is ideal for infusing smoky flavor and for slow-cooking. Its charcoal chamber store the briquettes tightly stacked to boost burn efficiency to cook your food well and give it that classic irresistible smoky flavor and aroma.

The inner cooking grates are adjustable to 6 height variables to accommodate various types and sizes of food. Moreover, the temperature gauge will help you set the ideal temperature for your smoked-style dishes. With its large cooking area, this charcoal smoker is suitable for anyone who enjoys cooking for large group gatherings as it can accommodate large portions of food.

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3. Masterbuilt

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Masterbuilt electric smoker comes with 3 height-adjustable smoking racks that are Chrome-coated. The smoker has a 1500-watt heating system for even and consistent smoking allowing you to create delicious smoked meats for any occasion.

The analog dial on this smoker makes temperature control easy. you can also easily keep the temperature monitored with the temperature gauge for a perfect smoke process. Moreover, the front-slide tray carries any food or grease drippings while also makes it easy for ash removal and cleaning.

2. Masterbuilt

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We have another electric smoker by the Masterbuilt which is the MB20071117 Model. This electric smoker uses a digital battery-free remote panel control for temperature setting adjustment. With 4 smoking racks, it can accommodate up to a variety of food types and sizes. It has a maximum temperature setting of 275 degrees Fahrenheit with time control for an even and consistent smoking.

The smoker is designed with a side-loading wood chip system so that you can easily add more wood chips as needed without opening the door to avoid loss of heat allowing your food to stay juicy and tender.

1. Char-Broil

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With 370 in2 of cooking space that holds two porcelain-surfaced cooking grates, this 16” charcoal smoker by Char-Broil can accommodate a variety of foods for your family and friend gathering. It’s equipped with the special innovation of airflow control setting and the numbered damper system that simplify temperature regulation. It’s also designed with 2 side handles for easy lift and a lid with a mounted temperature gauge.

To add extra stability and easily accessible height, the smoker is designed with durable steel tubed legs. The sealed door allows for easy access to fire and smoke flow for an enhanced cooking experience.


The two types of smokers listed here are the charcoal type and the electric type, both of which are suitable for beginners because of their simple features. If you’ve been wanting to take your cooking skills to the next level and try smoked-style cooking, or you’re just someone who simply enjoys smoked food, one of these smokers will surely make your cooking pleasant and help you cook delicious food to enjoy with your beloved family and friends.

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