Top 8 Best Smoker Grill Combos 2021 Reviews

In order to successfully produce a quality barbecue for your family, friends, or guests, it requires good smoking equipment. That is why a smoker grill combo is the best option as it could maintain the temperature perfectly. Therefore, the meat will not be burnt easily like charcoal grills. This is just a wonderful idea for your barbeque. That said, we would like to introduce you to the best smoker grill combo with all functions that you need for your barbeque party.

Buying Guides of Best Smoker Grill Combos

Before we dive into the review, the below information is some handy tips and features that you should look out for when purchasing the smoker grill combo.

Material: One of the most essential factors is material as it could determine how durable the smoker-grill could be. Steel coated carbon is a commonly used material. It is durable but it could rust from time to time. So, it is better to purchase the aluminum or stainless steel because it is rust-resistant and it stands against elements too.

Fuel type: Since different smokers use different fuels. Some use electricity, charcoal, gas, wood, and pellets. If you are a beginner, you should go with electricity and gas because you will not have much hassle in using it.

Size: The bigger its size is, the more space it’s needed so you can measure your unit before you purchase the device. Plus, it will not be too heavy to carry.

Storage and portability: The smoker will serve you for a long duration of time if you protect it with cover when you store or you do not use it since you might not have enough space in your house or it suddenly rains. You are not going to use the smoker in the same spot so it will be more comfortable if the smoker is lighter. Hence, you can carry it and put it in your car for outdoor picnics and any other activities.

Cooking area: If you are going to throw a big party in your yard, you will need a bigger space so that your family, friends, or guests will never have to wait. On the other hand, you can use it according to your needs.

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8. DiamondKingSmoker Smoker Grill Combo with Lid

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Having DiamondKingSmoker smoker grill combo, you do not need electricity, propane, and charcoal to get a wood smoker grill. This smoker is high-quality stainless steel made so it will provide you a long period of time and will never warp as well. The ergonomic lid design with handle allows you to add more woods conveniently, which is really easy for every user. Plus, the introduction is easily understandable.

You can use chips, pellets, or chunks in the smoker cube to produce smoke and heat to cook your food. The smoker cube could hold bigger and more woods. Hence, you will have longer smoking and only take small space on the top of the grill. With this innovative smoker, your food is cooked within minutes.

7. Char-GrillerDual Smoker Grill Combo

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This dual smoker grill combo by Char-Griller is constructed from top quality stainless steel so the heat could retain well. The electronic ignition with three burners can reach high temperatures and heat up quickly while maintaining the temperature stably. The three side burners are gas area, charcoal areas, and additional side area. These will provide enough cooking room for your party.

The gas and charcoal cooking area offers built-in warming racks. It also has a bottom metal rack in the cart. The gas side has cast iron grate porcelain coated. Its detachable ash pan can lift out of the great and dump the ash. The grate lifter can be used to lift to add more or new charcoal. With the two wheels, the chart will stay in place.

6. Dyna-Glo Steel Smoker Grill Combo

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If you need a larger capacity, then the Dyna-Glo charcoal smoker will be your excellent choice. This steel construction smoker offers six cooking grates that you can cook larger amounts of food in just one go. Thus, you can serve without long hours of waiting. The steel body has a powder coat finish so that it will last longer and withstand all elements.

You can control the temperature with reliable electronic ignition. The door is designed separately in order to keep the heat while you add more wood chips during the process of smoking. Equipped with a damper and smokestack, you will get the temperature accurately and the built-in thermometer comes with a smoke zone indicator, your food will be cooked efficiently.

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5. Char-Griller Smoker Grill Combo

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The sturdy stainless steel body of Char-Griller smoker and griller comes at an inexpensive price but it offers durability, rust, and corrosion resistance for prolonged use. The smoker grill combo is designed to ease your job with perfect results while using only a few charcoals. You can maintain and control the temperature with the bottom and top dampers. It also lets the airflow in and out of the charcoal smoker-grill.

The locking dual wheels keep the cart steady and you can also unlock it to move easily. Plus, you can collect the leftover ash without much hassle as the pan is removable. The 314 square inches cooking space with the two-side table is perfect for your family gathering barbeque.

4. Cuisinart

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Since quality is the first priority, the Cuisinart has manufactured its smoker grill combo with heavy-duty stainless steel so it will stand against all elements. The cooking area is incredibly large with a warming rack and it is designed with a two-sided table for your food preparation. If you are a professional, then its four ignition burners are perfect for you as it offers enough control to maintain the temperature with the inner thermometer.

By twisting the knob, you can grill your food conveniently. The cart has two wheels that you can effortlessly move it around; at the same time, it stays steady on a flat surface. There is also a bottle opener that is built on the prep table so you can drink your beverage and beer at any time and anywhere you like.

3. Royal Gourmet

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Having Royal Gourmet, the cooking accessories, and food preparation will never get in your way. This is due to the reason that the cart has a bottom shelf with two side shelves so everything is in order and organized. The porcelain cooking area with a warming rack could serve more than eight people. The temperature can be monitored easily with the temperature gauge feature. The charcoal pan’s height is adjustable so that there is space between the food and charcoal.

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Furthermore, the door of the ash pan allows you to tend charcoal conveniently. The hole’s design of the pan lets the air circulate and you can get the ash from the drawer. The cart can be transported with less effort because of its high-quality dual wheels.

2. Masterbuilt

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If you are looking for a smoker that could be controlled by your smart device, then here it is the digital electric smoker-grill by Masterbuilt. You can literally monitor the heat or turn the power on and off with your control panel or your smart device by Bluetooth connection. The probe thermometer is built inside the cart for consistent smoking and perfectly cooked results.

Featuring four chrome-coated cooking racks, you can smoke and grill larger amounts of food items for your barbeque party. The cart is big enough for two turkeys, six chickens, and any other big size food. On top of that, you can add more wood chips from the side loading system so that you will not lose heat while opening the smoker door.

1. Z Grills

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The six in one grill and smoker from Z Grills can help you save up your money as you can roast, braise, smoke, grill, barbeque, and bake in just one machine. Even better, it is constructed from stainless steel so it is not only corrosion resistance, but it also offers lifelong use. The pellet grill costs less than gas and carbon grill while resulting in tasty food for you as well. With its auto-start ignition and auto-temperature control system, you can use it without difficulty.

Above all that, the machine can be used and washed safely and easily. Its locking wheels keep the cart in place and then when you want to, you just have to unlock it so it is pretty easy. The cooking area is also huge for a greater quantity of food grilling.


After you have gone through the article, we hope that we sort out your confusion about the smoker grills that you may have and allow you to pick the best out of your considerations. With a smoker grill combo, you will never burn any meat because the chance is lower than it is on a grill or a stove. So why do not you purchase it so that you can invite your guests over to enjoy the barbeque time together?

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