Top 8 Best Snowboard Bindings 2021 Reviews

When looking at snowboard bindings, we first need to know what is considered a good snowboard binding. Safety comes first so we need to make sure that the snowboard binding is able to secure your foot to the board without falling apart during rides. In addition to this, we also composed a top 10 list of snowboard binders that might interest you. We do this so that you will not have to browse the web for hours trying to find the perfect one. At the end of this article, we will also have a buyer guided which will further help you with your purchase.

Buying Guides Of Best Snowboard Binding

But before we dive into the product reviews, here are a few factors you should keep in mind when buying a snowboard binding.

Material: When looking at the material we need to make sure that it is strong and light enough to keep you safe but not provide any discomfort. Often these binders can be made of plastic or metal added with other materials like fiberglass etc. You need to know your experience level to make sure that you are choosing the right material for your needs.

Versatility: We need to make sure that the product that we are getting fits with what snowboard we have. This is why we need to make sure that the bindings can easily fit over the snowboard with ease. We recommend getting snowboard bindings that can fit onto most snowboards as this will make the installation process much simpler.

8. Burton snowboard bindings

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This snowboard binding is a very durable and safe option for any snowboarder out there. It also provides very good support and comfort while snowboarding. This is because it uses B3 gel as its cushioning system which means that not only will you be secured in your snowboard you will also not feel any irritation during long hours of snowboarding. I recommend this product for anyone who is new to snowboarding since it is a very helpful and durable option. This will also make sure all your falls will not injure your ankle. This particular product is also made up of durable and reusable material which means it also is good for the environment.

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Not only will this binding save your ankle it will also save the earth. When it comes to durability you will not have to worry as this binding will have you safely secured for all your rides.

7. NOW BINDINGS snowboard bindings

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Another great option for anyone that is new or experienced in snowboarding is this product will offer more than what you expect. This is due to its design and choice of material; it is made up of Hanger 2.0 nylon and 30% fiber-glass. In addition to this, it also has a buckle 2.0 which means that it will not only keep your foot locked in it also provides support to your ankle.

The straps on this product are also fully adjustable and will make sure your foot fits in perfectly without having to over tighten or over loosen the straps. Moreover, this is a perfect product for anyone looking for a new snowboard binding that will guarantee safety and comfort at the same time.

6. Burton Grom snowboard bindings

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This is a product that people might look at often when browsing on the net as it looks basic and unsafe. However, this product provides a very secure fit that not only holds your foot in but protects your ankle as well. In addition to this, the material that this product is made of is very lightweight and can easily be brought around when not in use.

This snowboard binder is also very versatile as it can fit on most mounting plates and can be installed into most mounting systems. Therefore, when purchasing this product, you do not have to worry about it not being able to fit on your snowboard. Overall, this is a good and reliable product that makes snowboarding a simpler and easier process.

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5. Salomon snowboard binder

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This particular snowboard binder is unlike any other in the current market. This snowboard binder has many features such as suspension, control, and response. Moreover, the unique suspension mechanism that they implemented into this binder is very useful as it can make your fall less impactful and will disperse the force into the binders to save your leg. By only using rubber supports it will change the way you snowboard drastically.

Not only this but the ankle straps provide 3D comfort for your legs as it is made up of a softer material that will make your snowboarding experience more enjoyable. Thanks to the design of this binder you will be able to have a more freestyle experience. This is particularly good for the more experienced snowboarders out there who want to have just a little more fun.

4. Flow snowboard bindings

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This snowboard binder has a unique design that stands out from other competitors on the market. It has a Glass Filled Nylon Asym Rockered Baseplate that provides very great support for any snowboarders out there. Not only this but it also has an active strap technology embedded into the fitting system. This is a system that allows for an easy overall adjustment on your foot and ankle as it evenly tightens all the areas around your feet.

By having this system, it makes snowboarding a more safe and friendly sport. Due to all the special features that this snowboard binder has to offer we highly recommend you check this one out.

3. Ride snowboarding bindings

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A truly special snowboard binder that also includes many special features to help you with your snowboarding experience. The material that they choose to make the base pad out of is PVA which is a light yet durable plastic compound. In addition to this, it comes with multiple sizes in case you have a larger than average-sized foot you will not be disappointed. This makes the snowboard binding more versatile and also opens up to a wider range of consumers.

By having all these features, I highly recommend checking out this particular snowboard binding as it not only provides comfort but it is very durable and safe as well.

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2. 5th element snowboard bindings

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This is a different take on the ordinary snowboard bindings as it has high durability and high performance. In addition to this, the new technology reduces shakiness and provides more stability when snowboarding on more uneven terrain. It will also provide comfort when snowboarding for a long period of time since it also has cushioning built into the bindings.

Moreover, this design makes it very versatile as the straps are fully adjustable to fit your desired foot size. It also protects your ankle from injuries as it is a high top and has 2 buckle straps that will securely lock it in place. I recommend this for anyone just starting to snowboard as it is affordable and will fulfill its purpose extremely well.

1. Mad Jacks Snowsport snowboard bindings

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This is a more advanced version of the average snowboard bindings as this has many advanced components fitted for the professionals. The reason that this is a different snowboard binding is that it has various features that are only suited for high-performance snowboarding. In addition to this, they also focused on the durability of the binding as it is constructed from a metal chassis that will surely hold the impact of a high jump. Not only this but they also made sure that this product is versatile, so you will not have to worry about fitting it with different brands of a snowboard.

This is a very unique piece as it not only provides durability and safety it also makes sure that you are comfortable when snowboarding. They prioritize the user’s experience. This is why this product is a recommended product from us.


In conclusion, there are no bad options; it just really depends on what you are looking for in a snowboard binding. Not only this but the binding you choose also depends on the level of experience you have with snowboarding as this will help you make a better choice when choosing the right binding for your snowboard.
This is why we composed this top 8 list; it is to make sure that you are getting only the best product for your money spent. We are also here to make sure you can save time browsing the web to find a snowboard binding as we already have 8 of the best bindings for you.

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