Top 8 Best Throwing Knives 2021 Reviews

Throwing knives are fun games that you can play with friends and family members. No matter what, you need to choose the right product. That said, here, we have the top eight best throwing knives with a product buying guide.

Buying Guides Best Throwing Knives

For a throwing knife to be reliable, durable, and meet your needs, these are 2 important factors you should keep in mind when buying a throwing knife.

Material Chosen

The product should have quality construction that enables the item to be a professional and outstanding product among many other competitive brands. In fact, stainless steel is considered as one of the top construction materials for the item. As a result, we should always consider those products with stainless steel as the construction material. No matter what, there can be other metals that make up the best qualities for throwing knives. We encourage you, as a result, to do some basic research to make sure those other metals are right for the knives.

Balanced Throwing

The knife should come with a balanced throwing as well. A balanced throwing is good when the handle and blade are designed to balance each other. There is no doubt that you can consider the quality when all the products mentioned have balanced throwing. No matter what, if you are going to consider other products not mentioned here, we encourage you to read a lot of reviews from the previous buyers. It is hard to know whether a brand has a balanced throwing style when you are shopping online.

8. Perfect Point Throwing Knives

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Here, we have Perfect Point. It is a set of throwing knives. The blade comes in black color when it is constructed with stainless steel. The stainless steel assures the item to be a reliable and dependable item you can find in the market today. Furthermore, it comes with those handles constructed with stainless steel as well. Meanwhile, it gives you a balance when you throw the knife with it. The company that designs and constructs the product doesn’t compromise at all the quality and balance between the blade and handle of the product.

Additionally, the blade is razor-sharp that is exactly what you want from a throwing knife. Furthermore, the product is small. Consequently, it is simple for throwing. It gives you the convenience to throw the knife with it. It is interesting to have the product because the set comes with many interesting colors that you fall in love with very instantly. The product is going to stick with the wooden target that impresses you very instantly.

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7. Rite Edge Throwing Knives

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Another loveable item is from Rite Edge. It is special to have this throwing knife because the handle is rubberized so as to make the item great for throwing. Furthermore, the blade is constructed from stainless steel, so it is a reliable and durable item right there available in the market. Furthermore, it comes with a black handle that makes you look like a professional knife thrower without a doubt.

The product comes with strength that assures you have confidence when throwing the knife with it. The knife is convenient and simple to hold. Besides, the product sticks well with those wooden targets. You are going to like the product instantly once you have it and throw it for the first time.

6. Perfect Point Throwing Knives

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Another favorite recommendation is Perfect Point. The product comes with three knives per package collection. The package collection is enough for throwing, and it is good to be a gift for friends and family members. Each knife is constructed with stainless steel, and the three throwing knives come with black color. These qualities enable the product to have a professional and uncompromised outlook Furthermore, the product is a balanced one you can have for a throwing knife. The balance quality allows convenient throwing with the knife.

Besides, the blade is sharp and gives you an edge when you are throwing the knife with it. Moreover, you get comfort and confidence when you are throwing the item. We are smart to consider the product because it is also lightweight. No matter what, it doesn’t lose the weighty balance you have when you are throwing with the product. Lastly, these are all the qualities that make up such a perfect set of knives for throwing.

5. Kershaw Throwing Knives

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Another top performer is from Kershaw. The package collection comes as a set of three knives for throwing. Three knives are enough for you to enjoy with your friends or family members. If it is not enough, however, you can consider having two package collections of it. The product has a high performance. The product is good to go for throwing with it. Furthermore, it is constructed with stainless steel, so the item is reliable and durable. In fact, it is corrosion-resistant as well. This assures the product is going to be long-lasting for many years to come.

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Furthermore, it comes with black color. It has a rugged appearance that gives a professional outlook to the item. What’s more, the item doesn’t make it apparent for those scratches and fingerprints that it boasts a confident outlook for the set of knives. Meanwhile, the spear point is double-edged that is designed smartly for the product’s throwing blade. You can present this as a gift for friends or family members. They are going to like it very instantly because it is a perfectly designed package collection that is not common with other items.

5. United Cutlery

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Let’s have a look at United Cutlery. The product has gone through testing that assures the item is durable and safe for applications. This shows that the company has so much care for the product design. It proves the product stands as one of the most outstanding brands available in the market. Furthermore, it is constructed with quality materials that enable the item to be an efficient product that you can find. Meanwhile, it is a tough product for users all across the world. Many buyers of its consider the product as a top-notched item that is available for online shopping. It is hard to find the product with a parallel quality, and many throwing knives do not match with its quality.

Besides, the blade comes with a length of 5 1/8 inches that is a fairly long blade for throwing. The blade is razor-sharp when it is constructed with stainless steel. The handle and blade balance each other, so the product is weighty and balanced for throwing. It is a smart and outstanding knife you can find in town. The product’s quality is superb, and you are going to like the product very instantly. It also has a grip that features leather that is a good construction for throwing. Lastly, the product makes up with the qualities that boast the item as one of the most outstanding throwing knives available right there.

3. SZCO Supplies

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Another top performer is from SZCO Supplies. The blade is constructed with stainless steel, so it is a reliable and outstanding product available. Stainless steel is famed for constructing many of the outstanding brands of throwing knives that you can find available in town. Furthermore, it comes with two colors including silver and black that combine together to make up a professional outlook of the product. Besides, the item comes with a sheath for storing those knives.

Besides, the item comes as a set of many throwing knives. It comes with 12 pieces of knives that are numerous enough for throwing. The product has a nice quality that you cannot ignore. The quality with balanced throwing assures you have the edge over your mates in case they are having another set of throwing knives. The product is going to exceed your expectation, and you like it very instantly once you have it.

2. Smith & Wesson

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Smith & Wesson throwing knives highly-rated as well. Each of these knives weighs 4.7 ounces that are a balanced weight for throwing. Furthermore, the product comes as a set of six different pieces that you can find available. The six pieces are enough for your throwing alone. Even if you are throwing knives with your friends or family members, the number is fairly enough for one round of competitive throwing. Moreover, it is made to be a reliable product that is promising for throwing. The item comes with a sheath for holding all the six pieces of knives together.

You can have confidence in throwing because it is a sturdy and balanced product right there. Lastly, it comes with lifetime warranties with limits that boost confidence in your buying with it. The company has so much care for the product. Lastly, there is nothing as a barrier for you to buy the set of knives.

1. Spyderco

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Spyderco has received many positive reviews. The product has a single smooth blade. It doesn’t have teeth or serrations like other types of knives. Therefore, it has a smart design that you can find with the brand. Furthermore, the product has a precise center and balance for you to throw it equally. It enables full or half-spin with it that the product is ideal for applications. The knife throwing is going to be a fun and entertaining game when you have the brand with it.

Moreover, it is constructed with stainless steel. The product is tempered, so the item can bring about spring hardness with it. Additionally, the item has satin finishing and black oxidation to assure the professional outlook of the item. The product is a world-class knife you can find available in the market. Furthermore, it brings about a sheath that covers with leather for the quality of the package collection. It proves the company has thought well about the product, and it stands as one of the most outstanding items available in the market.


So far, we have gathered for the top eight best throwing knives available in the market you should consider getting. Any of these lovely knives will never fail to impress you. Hence, do not hesitate to get your preferred model soon.

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