Top 8 Chains And Binders 2020 Reviews

With personal chains and binders, you can easily ship off items or deliver them with your own transportation all-in-one instead of using many resources for each delivery. Furthermore, you can use it to tow cars or other vehicles when they break down in case no tow trucks are available but your friend’s or family’s vehicles are in sight. In this article, we will guide you through the highest quality chains and binders that will surely leave you in awe. For deeper study, please follow along with us.

Buying Guides of Chains And Binders

To ensure that every shopping is made with glee and serves all the purposes, we have come up with a list of the factors that you should consider beforehand.

Capacity: Some of us are large scale workers in the field that needs a huge amount of goods transported each day. Then, the capacity of load limit that each binder can pull is very crucial because we don’t want a binder that carries too little each time which can result in a waste of more resources.

Safety Features: Working the chain binder can be very deadly. It can carry very heavyweights, which leaves us, humans, at a weaker spot. Though we can carry them, however, once they are put into action, we stand no chance against bearing weights that are at least 2000lbs. For that reason, not only checking for the safety of ourselves but to double-check the security of the load and other’s safety as well.

Chain size: Getting the right chain size for your binder or the right binder size for your chain is just as important because not all chains and binders go together. In other situations of matching chains and binders, it is not recommended as no one can tell about the strength of the security of the load or how long it will stay in place.

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8. Liftall 16002 Chains and Binders

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First and foremost, we have the model 16002 chain binder by Liftall that looks neat and simple but in fact, it is very sturdy and tough. It is a grade 43 binder that has a total length of 10 inches that allows the load enough space to rest preventing bumps and accidents.

Moreover, the chain binder is welded with grab hooks which makes it easier and firmer in connecting loads securely and reliably. The chain binder can withstand up to 5400lbs in the weight of loads. This is why awe rises for this small binder as, despite its simple image, it can bear large amounts of weight.

7. Liftall 16003l Chains and Binders

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Following, the Liftall load binder with model number 16003l is flashy and lucid with its red image. The item is 16 inches in length and 3 inches in height which clarifies that the item is solid and robust. Not to mention, the size of this load binder is perfect for chains that are ⅚” to ⅜” long.

In addition, the 16003l chain binder is made with a ratchet handle and hooks for easy connecting. It can pull all the way up to 5400lbs in total which is very monstrous despite the cheeky look.

6. Discount Ramps Load Chains and Binders

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If you’re looking for a load binder that has many functions and selective lengths of usage, the load binder by Discount Ramps should be taken into study. The Discount Ramps load binder is built with a ratchet handle that can be adjustable at lengths between 23-30” which broadens the usage of this binder. Not to mention, the hooks are also adjustable to 8” that matches ideally with 3/8″ or 1/2″ chain loops.

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As a matter of fact, this load binder is made of steel and painted off with a red finish that can transport loads in size of 9200 lb and breakthrough loads of 3300lb. Plus, the item is certified by DOT in securing transporting goods.

5. AMERICAN POWER PULL Chains and Binders

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Further along, the AMERICAN POWER PULL load binder is constructed to aid in delivering heavy, enormous loads around easily. Originally constructed in China, this steel load binder serves as a strong and long-lasting item that works its best to serve to maximum ability.

As a matter of fact, the load binder is designed with a ratchet handle that fits with 3/8″ – 1/2″ chain links. Plus, it is very convenient and easy to put into action as this load binder allows adjustable features and heat flexibility.

4. Vestil

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The lever load binder by Vestil is known to be robust and rigid in securing loads into place upon transportation. It is constructed with heavy steel that specializes in power and sturdiness.
Moreover, the lever is administrable with a ratchet handle that allows you to easily connect the loads together.

Additionally, the binder is built with 2 hooks, each on each side, that surely suits 5/16″ to 3/8″ chains. You can also separately insert a padlock for even more secure transport of goods. Plus, the lever load binder can withhold up to a 5,400-lb load limit yet is seen that the binder can go up to 19000lbs at max capacity.

3. 2Pack Truck

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Moving forward, we have the truckload binder by Professional EZ Travel Collection that serves multi-purpose functions and high strength. This binder is manufactured professionally in the factory that is best for connecting loads as the tightening features can be done easily. Besides, it is very easy to operate the binder as a whole while remaining under safe precautions verified by FMCSA and DOT.

In addition, the binder can bear a load limit of 2600lbs which also suits well with 1/4″ to 5/16″ chains. In all aspects, whether power, size, sturdiness, the binder fits perfectly for all. Plus, it is handy to carry around in vehicles with a length of 12 inches and handle length of 7.5 inches. For that reason, the binder is very flexible and demandable for transporting so that no one can skip it away.

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2. Indusco

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Continuing the list, we have a ratchet load binder by Induso that is capable of bearing large amounts of goods and weight. This ratchet binder is very convenient to use as every part of the binder is highly manufactured. Furthermore, the binder has a full capacity of carrying 9200lbs of goods which accommodates well into the 1/2-inches chain.

Likewise, it is recommended that users take serious precautions when operating the binder as malfunctions in usage can lead to life-death situations. For example, you or any other worker must not stand on the load or in the path of the load and instead help in operating the load every time.

1. ABN Ratchet

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Last but not least, the ABN ratchet chain binder assures that transporting loads will take place with ease and security. This ratchet chain binder is built professionally using forged steels. Not only is it firm and robust, but precautions are also taken upon rust that is then overpowered by powder coat. For that matter, the chain binder is really tough in strength such as connecting loads together for transport.

Not to mention, the binder also comes with a lever that allows a faster and simpler chain or cargo flat board’s security. Furthermore, the binder is supplied with hooks on each side that matches with 5/16-inch to 3/8-inch chains. Of course, the chain binder is rigid in carrying all the way up to a limit of 6600lbs. It also won’t break apart easily as well as the breaking capacity is thrice the load limit at almost 20000lbs.


In short, we have summed up the top 8 chain binders that support smooth loads transports for any scale of goods. If any of the deepened descriptions above matches what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to reserve yours now.

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