Top 8 Zero Friction Golf Gloves 2021 Reviews

Golfers want the best when it comes to golf gloves. This article lists down the top 8 zero-friction gloves of the moment. These products offer amazing gripping and fit to golf players. They have been designed so that users can have the greatest comfort and experience in the golf field. They are also great gift ideas for golf players.

At the end of the article, we have included a buying to help you pick up the best glove that suits your needs.

Buying Guides Of Zero Friction Golf Gloves

The fit of the glove: The most important factor is the fit of the glove. In all circumstances, golf players will want a glove that offers the perfect fit. Gloves with “One Size Compression Fit” technology offer a good fit as they conform very well to the hand. Users have better control and comfort with a good fit.

Compatibility with devices’ screen: You might also want to know if the glove works with smart-phones and other devices. For some people, it might be annoying or disturbing to need to remove the glove from everything they need to use their smartphone.

Other features: Depending on who is going to use the glove, you should consider the size of the gear. If the user is a child or has smaller hands, you should choose a junior glove for example.

Secondly, some gloves are made of special microfibers that are suitable for humid and wet environments. This is important, as humidity will affect the gripping and eventually the player’s performance.

Last but not the least, the design of the gloves might be important for some people. There are designs made specifically for female or male golfers for example. It is also convenient if the glove includes a port for a removable tee and ball marker.

8. Zero Friction Men’s Zero Friction Golf Gloves

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Looking for a comfortable, durable, and stylish glove to enjoy golfing? Have a look at this amazing Cabretta Elite glove. This left-hand worn glove is available in several colors – grey, black, green, burnt orange, purple, and red. It is very fashionable and will boost your confidence in your game with its fantastic design. In addition to that, the glove is made of Cabretta leather which gives users a solid gripping. Thanks to its “one size compression-fit technology”, the glove can fit any size of a hand.

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Like the “universal fit” and material of the glove makes it conform perfectly to your hand so that you can enjoy your game with the greatest comfort and efficiency. When the glove is on, users can still use their smartphones and other touch-screen gadgets.

Moreover, the product includes a removable tee/ball marker that is convenient during games. The glove features reinforced lycra mesh for optimum breathability, better fit, and durability of the product. You will fall in love with this Cabretta Elite glove!

7. Zero Friction Ladies Zero Friction Golf Gloves

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Ladies, this the zero-friction that you have always needed. This elegant Elite glove matches fashion, effectiveness, comfort, and durability. It is available in several colors, namely black, red, pink, lavender, navy, and pink. The glove has been smartly designed and developed so that users have the best experience. This design includes a palm patch that adds to the comfort and durability of the product. The glove is made of authentic Cabretta leather that offers a great gripping through zero friction. In addition to that, it features a strong lycra mesh that reinforces its breathability, durability, and strength.

When playing, users will love how helpful the detachable ball and tee marker is. The glove has a compression-fit technology that makes the glove mold perfectly to the hand thereby offering a perfect fit. This lady Cabretta elite glove is a great gift idea for golf lovers!

6. Americana Zero Friction Golf Gloves

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No one would be surprised to find this amazing Americana golf glove on our list. When you play, you will love wearing his leather glove; it gives you more confidence and adds a fashionable touch to your whole outfit. Users love how comfortable the gear feels. With its universal compression-fit technology, it molds with great fit to your hand. In addition to that, the patch finger – made of leather – adds more to the fit as the patch has been designed for the greatest gripping. It is very easy to make fit to several hand sizes, thanks to its adjustable wrist.

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Get your Americana Cabretta now or treat your friends with an amazing golf glove. It is available in three colors – red, blue, and white. For convenience while on the court playing, the glove features a ZF 1 ¾ tee and ball marker – which is removable if users do not want to have it in the glove. On top of that, buying this Americana Cabretta Leather Golf Glove will help the Veterans Golfers Association, as some of the proceeds go to that organization.

5. Golf Gloves, Universal Fit One Size

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Little ones need the best to have the best experience from a young age. These synthetic golf gloves are for juniors. The product has been developed to offer the perfect fit and so that users have a very comfortable experience. With its all-weather synthetic palm and microfiber back, there are reinforced durability. In order to have a good fit nearing perfect, the glove is ergonomics.

To provide a solid gripping, there is a synthetic patch surrounding the first finger and the palm and fingers are digitized. In addition to that, the black mesh lira throughout the glove amplifies the fit and breathability. This product also features a removable tee and ball marker.

4. Synthetic Golf Glove (2 Pack)

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Zero Friction is renowned for making great products and this pair of golf gloves is no exception! With universal fit one size, this glove features a compression-fit technology that does not mold it to your hand perfectly but it also gives a perfect feel. Like many Zero Friction gloves, this synthetic golf glove features a palm patch that reinforces comfort and durability. It is a product that will stay with you for several games throughout the season!

The gloves are available in several patterns for everyone’s taste – black, desert camouflage, night camouflage, yellow, or white amongst others. The gloves have better breathability and fit thanks to its fill of lycra mesh inside. It also features a removable marker for tee and ball. In addition to all these features, the product comes with a complimentary pack of tees.

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3. Cabretta Elite Golf Glove

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If you are looking for a modern, efficient, and durable golf glove for you or as a present to your friends, this amazing product from Zero Friction is worth a look. Made of authentic Cabretta leather, this glove has an incredible look and feel. This 2-pack set has an optimized lycra mesh that increases strength, durability, and boosts the breathability. In addition to that, its compression-fit technology makes it fit perfectly to your hand so that you have a very tight gripping.

You will love to train with this great product! The glove includes a pocket for holding detachable tee and ball markers. Users can also enjoy a complimentary pack of performance tees. While on the court, users can still check their phones or other devices with the glove on; it works well on touch-screen devices.

2. All Weather Golf Gloves

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An amazing golf glove for women. With a sleek and black design, this glove will not be a fashion touch but also a confidence booster. It has been engineered in order to maximize strength and durability. The pair of gloves feature reinforced lycra mesh that adds to the sturdiness and durability of the gloves. With the comfort and experience in mind, the first finger features a leather patch that improves gripping.

Likewise, the backside, palm side, and the finger side have black mesh lycra that enhances breathability and improves the fit. One of the notable features of this product is that it features high-quality microfiber suede that makes it suitable for use even in wet and humid weather.

1. Ladies Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

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These 2-pack golf gloves are very stylish and are available in several colors – white, blue, lavender, pink, and red. It has been developed with features that will offer the perfect fit and gripping. In addition to that, this product has the compression-fit technology which makes it conform to the hand’s form excellently. With its palm patch, the glove feels more comfortable and has greater durability. This glove also includes a detachable marker for tee and ball. Last but not the least, this product includes a free pack of tees.


Having gloves that are comfortable, with zero friction, durable and stylish may make all the difference while playing. These gloves are essential as they improve performance and protect the hands. In addition to that, they often include features that facilitate the life of golf players.

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