Top 9 Best Baby Walking Toys in 2021 Reviews

Baby walkers are suitable for toddlers who are still learning how to walk. If you need a peaceful time with your little bunch of joy, you need to get them the right walkers. When you choose the right Walker, you get to attend to your other chores while your kids play and learn to move around.

Baby walkers also help the baby to exercise. Therefore, they help the baby develop physical fitness. Some serve as an object of entertainment since they come with musical devices and toys. All these benefits are vital when it comes to your child’s learning and development.

There are several types and brands of baby walkers in the market.  Therefore finding the perfect one can be a bit tiresome. It is for that reason that we have compiled 9 of the best baby walking toys that will be worth every penny.

List Of Top 9 Best Baby Walking Toys in 2021 Reviews:

When shopping for a baby walking toy, it is important to look out for the following

Safety features: Every parent knows child safety is a top priority.  Therefore it is important to consider and ensure that the kid is not harmed by the walker while using it. It is important to choose one that incorporates safety features that will reduce or prevent accidents and offer optimum comfort.

Adaptability or versatility: Secondly, it is vital to ensure that the walker will adapt to the needs of the baby as he or she grows. Ensure that it is comfortable for the baby and also stable. Carefully examine the base, seat and the height of the baby walker before buying.

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Features for entertainment or amusement: It is wise to choose a walker which will be able to entertain the baby when she or he is tired of moving around. Find one that has music or amusement tools such as toys, piano keys and much more.

9. Labebe Baby Walker with Wheel Baby Walking Toy, Orange Owl Printed Wooden Push Toy

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  • By:  Labebe Stores Baby Walking Toy

I bought this baby walker when I had my first baby. My son started walking when he was nine months. I liked this particular walker because apart from being a walker it is also toy storage. It comes with a big toy chest. It allows the baby to sit and play independently. And when it is time to move, the baby just pushes it and in the process learns how to walk.

When my son learned how to walk steadily, he would take his toys and move with them everywhere. The wheels have a rubber ring that ensures the walker does not skid and also protect your floor from wear and tear. In addition, the rubber ring controls your baby’s walking speed. Lastly, the broad base allows the baby to keep his/her balance thus gaining more confidence while learning to walk.


  • Suitable for children between ages 1-3 years
  • Doubles up as a push wagon

8. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker

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  • By: Bright Stars Baby Walking Toys

Ever wanted a baby walker that your child will use you for a long time even after she learns how to walk? Then this is the right product for you. This 4-in-1 walker will transform your little one into a cute little chef. It comes with a Cooktop area that pops popcorns and sandwich. Additionally, it has buttons that when pushed produce sizzling sounds.

It has a Cooktop that can be removed for the baby to sit and play with. Secondly, the carts leg can be locked in place such that the Cooktop area becomes a stationary table. Thirdly, when the baby wants to move around, the sturdy legs are wide and perfect for his/her walking progress. Finally, the best part is that as the baby grows, this walker can be transformed into a shopping cart and they can load it up just like the ones used at the grocery shop. Buy this walker and enjoy shopping with your little one.


  • Has 4-in-1 feature for additional comfort and fun
  • Can be transformed into a shopping cart

7. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker Baby Walking Toy

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  • By: Fisher Price Baby Walking Toys

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The Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker is a versatile toy that allows your baby to explore fun activities and learn how to walk. Baby Walking Toy comes with flipping doors, a spinning ball and sliding spin beads. These features, keep your baby engaged while you take care of other activities. When it’s time to learn how to walk, just stand it up and it transforms into a baby walker that helps your baby to steady his first steps. Once the baby is done using the walker, it can be folded up nicely for storage and portability.


  • This walker folds up easily for storage and portability
  • It includes fun activities such as turning gears, flipping doors, spinning beads and panels

6. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

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This Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy makes learning how to walk a fun event. It features a sturdy handcrafted wooden construction. In addition, it comes with three Gators and multicolored fish that appear to be swimming as the walker moves. This allows the baby to develop motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Baby Walking Toys has a wooden handle that extends from the back of the base with beautiful details.  The support has ladybug and butterfly beads that will allow the baby slide and spin. Every time the baby takes a step the Gators open their mouths. This walker is amazing at keeping the baby busy while learning how to walk.


  • Has a sturdy wooden construction
  • Comes with 4 gators that open their mouths and produce gentle cracking sounds

5. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce Baby Walking Toy, Stride and Ride Elephant

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This is another great baby walker by Fisher Price. Baby Walking Toy is designed to look like a floppy-eared elephant.  This walker allows your baby to walk, bounce and scoot away. When the baby is done bouncing on it, the handle automatically transform into a walker to help her with her first steps. Once she/ he is done with walking the handle folds down to convert into a ride on toy that allows the baby to sit and scoot. In addition, it comes with colorful lights and music for entertainment.


  • It comes with over 30 songs, tunes, fun sounds and phrases
  • Has colorful buttons that light-up

4. Melissa & Doug Rattle Rumble Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

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  • By: Melissa & Doug Baby Walking Toys

Melissa & Doug have been known to provide toys that strike imagination and sense of wonder in all children and this is reflected in this activity walker. This Baby walker produces a rattle and rumbling sound with every step that the child takes. It has canisters that have colorful toys that tumble around as the walker moves forward and backward. In addition, this walker is sanded to reveal a smooth finish.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about splinters hurting your baby’s little hands. Grab this walker today and promote your child’s walking progress and motor skills.


  • It has colorful pieces inside transparent a canister that produces rumbling sounds when it pushed along.
  • Sturdy and stable design promotes motor development when pushed forward and backward.

3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Baby Walking Toy Blue – Online Exclusive

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  • By: VTech Baby Walking Toy

I have always been a great fan of VTech. They provide amazing baby toys. Baby Walking Toy is for this reason my top 3 product in this list are from them. I love how they have managed to get almost everything a child needs to be entertained while at the same time stimulating the baby’s learning and develop motor skills. This walker comes with 5 piano keys, 3 rollers, 3 light-up buttons, shape sorters, spinning gears, telephone handset and three lights up buttons.

To start out, the easy to remove panel offers floor play for added fun, and when it’s time to walking it easily transforms into a sturdy walker. The sit-and-stand technique keeps your baby on track as he or she learns about color, shapes, music, animals and much more.


  • Comes with over 70 sing-along tunes, fun phrases, and sound effects
  • Suitable for infants between 9 months to 3 years old

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Baby Walking Toy Pink

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  • By: VTech Baby Walking Toys

I bought this VTech baby walker for my niece. She loves it and the bright color suits her nursery since it is pink too. Baby Walking Toys comes with 2 colored spinning rollers, lights up buttons, shape sorters, music, catchy phrases and sound effects and over 70 songs. When it comes to the wheels, you don’t have to worry because they won’t leave marks or wear and tear our carpet. The pros of this walker include ease of use, durability and it’s suitable for all toddlers learning how to walk.


  • Features a removable play panel
  • It has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage your child’s creativity

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, Baby Walking Toys

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  • By: VTech Baby Walking Toys

Number one on our list had to be the amazing VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This walker offers your little ones a chance to play with the detachable activity panel as they discover animals, music, colors, shapes, and numbers. Once you attach the panel to the walker, he/she will grow and continue to learn as he moves along. Be rest assured that your child will develop motor skills. Baby Walking Toys comes with 5 piano keys that offer fun and amusement for enhanced creativity in kids.


  • Have 3 shape sorters, 2 colorful spinning rollers and 3 light-up buttons that help to develop motor skills.
  • It includes a pretend telephone handset with 2 AA batteries.


We have highlighted the best baby walkers on the market. It is our hope that we have eliminated the guesswork that comes with choosing the right one. However, we highly recommend the one topping our list VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker because it has all the essential features that will help your child’s development and learning skills.

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