Top 9 Best Bottle Sterilizer Reviews in 2020

Though cleaning baby bottles may be as easy as it sounds, the traditional way of cleaning the bottle doesn’t guarantee that bottles can be 100% clean. It is better if you choose to use baby bottle sanitizers in addition to just rinsing bottles with water and soap as it is the only way to kill the bacteria, germ and odor.

As the safety of the baby is of utmost importance for all parents, we would like to offer this list that consist of Top 10 Best Bottle Sterilizer Reviews in 2020. All of these products are very safe for the users; read on to find out more.

List Of Top 10 Best Bottle Sterilizer Reviews in 2020


BAYKA Bottle Sterilizer is a baby product that is good to use for kids and allows parents to save a large amount of money. Priced below 100 bucks, it is considered as a very affordable sterilizer in 2020. The product comes in a very compact design which is capable to hold 2 bottles per time of sterilizing. It features touchpad buttons which assists your controlling to the max. It is constructed with PTC technology which helps to control temperature of your water down under 130°F degree. Even if you want to heat the bottles in a very low temperature, this one will help to implement it. Therefore, this bottle sterilizer electric helps to maintain full nutrition to your baby food. Moreover, BAYKA is compatible to steam so many kinds of bottle materials including those who are made of PP, glass, and silicon.

This bottle sterilizer and warmer also allows you to warm your kid’s milk. It has a function called “warm milk” which you can touch and it will set the time and right temperature for milk warming.

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9. Gortes

Gortes is a bottle sterilizer and dryer for baby that is built with grade quality. It comes with 6 functions to assist your taking care of baby. Those include milk warmer, formula warmer, Steam Sterilizer, Baby Food Heater, Defrost, fully functional and humanized. It is built very small, lightweight, and modern which is able to support up to 2 bottles at a time of sterilizing. Moreover, its LCD display screen makes it easy for users to keep track on how the each function work to ensure that the best outcome meets your needs and requirement.

This bottle sterilizer is also built with touchpad which is to make sure that users are comfortable to use it. The product also has (+) and (-) buttons which are there for you to adjust the temperature to meet the need of each functionality. It is also compatible to use with most types of milk bottle and other baby’s materials including glass, plastic, and silicone.

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8. Cuisinart

Who never heard of Cuisinart because it is quite famous when it comes to baby equipments. This is a top quality baby bottle sterilizer from the brand which allows every parent to take care of their beloved little ones with convenience and peace in mind. This product features a very small and contemporary style construction that is able to accommodate up to 6 bottles of milk bottles. Not only this, this sterilizer is also safe to use for steaming other things such as pacifiers, small toys, as well as breastfeeding materials.

The interior design comes with built-in measuring cups which makes it easy for storing bottles. It also has an integrated temperature adjustment knob in the front that allows parents to adjust from 1°c up to 100°c of temperature. Cuisinart bottler steamer is entirely made of BPA-free which is safe and secure to use with kids.

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7. Munchkin

Coming up next, let us introduce you to another top best baby bottle sterilizer from Munchkin brand. This is a very organized bottle sterilizer and warmer designed to promote good health of your kids. It comes with bottle stands that allow you to store up to 9 baby milk bottles per time of sterilization. It also comes with the upper tier that serves as a place for parents to store separately the bottle lids, baby suckers, and toys. The entire construction of this Munchkin sterilizer is highly built with solid plastic that is suitable to steam many ranges of baby bottles such as plastic, silicone, glass, and so on.

It is also constructed with fast technology which will finish the work up within 6 minutes. Therefore, you can always get ready to get your kid milk right from cleaning the bottles. Perfectly built with automatic shut off system, this product is very safe to use as it never overheats at all.

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6. Wabi Baby

Wabi Baby is a baby bottle sterilizer that features very modern design. This product normally takes up from 8 minutes to 15 minutes to sterilize the bottlers and other baby essentials. With a large interior space, it is able to take up to 8 bottles per once. More importantly, the product also comes with auto shut off program that never allows overheat or any accidental danger to occur. Wabi Baby bottle sterilizer has a LCD screen that provides a clear reading information.

The touchpad to any certain programs are built right next to the screen. Thus, you can easily follow up with the steaming. Moreover, the product weighs only 5.5 pounds which is light enough and allows you to conveniently lift it up and move it from one place to another. It comes with removable lid that makes accessing easier and faster for users. Before steaming, simply lift the top container up and pour the water into the water tray and you will be ready to go.

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5. Gourmia

Gourmia bottler sterilizer is one of the best product to get for your baby if you want to keep your beloved ones away from harmful bacterias. This product comes with a single button operation which is very convenient and fast to start sterilizing. It also received testing and certification from ETL which you can totally trust. This sterilizer takes about 10 to 15 minutes per sterilization which is quite fast compared to traditional way of sterilizing or other ordinary sterilizers. Furthermore, Gourmia allows you to store up to 7 bottles, lids, and other baby items per time of sterilizing.

Coming with a transparent lid, this allows you to conveniently keep on track with the steaming process. The lid also has a built in handle that is anti heating, non-slip, and is ergonomic to hold. The water tray is at the bottom level which you can lift up the top main container and pour water over before starting to sterilize.

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4. Baby Brezza

Do not let germs or any evil bacteria paranoid you. With this Baby Brezza bottle sterilizer and dryer, it kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs. This product is constructed with automatic sterilize, steaming, and drying system that always get any bottles ready to use in the next step. It needs about 10 to 15 minutes only for one time sterilizing, and it is able to keep all the bottles sterilized for 24h if you do not open the lid.

Baby Brezza sterilizer and dryer comes with a front integrated touchpad that allows you to start the process quickly and conveniently. Together with the LED screen featuring blue color, you can clearly follow up the information provided. At the bottom, this product also features a stainless steel water heating plate that allows you to pour out water and steam without the fear of germs at all.

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3. Papablic

Papablic bottle sterilizer will always give your baby feeding bottle with sterilization and sanitization. The product is designed to fit with both new born baby, infant, as well as toddlers. It has a large construction which is able to hold up to 11 bottlers per time of sterilizing. It is also a dryer which never leaves out any drops of water once it is sterilized. Thus, it allows you to use the bottle right away once the process is complete. It comes with a front dial that allows you to turn it up for the highest temperature. With the high temperature, this sterilizer is able to kill up to 99.99 percents of germs and other harmful bacteria.

It comes with triple functions in total. With the first function, this item allows users to steam the bottle. Secondly, it also allows users to steam the feeding bottle by using hot air. The last function is known as deodorizing which is the very last step to finish up.

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2. Wrea

This is a mini bottle sterilizer from Wrea. This product is perfect to use for trip or a new born baby. It comes with a very compact construction which is capable of supporting up to 2 baby feeding bottles. Its interior is designed very organized which allows you to store the bottles vertically. At the same time, this product also serves as a milk warmer which keep your kids milk or other baby foods to remain warm. It is also safe and good to use for warming up baby formula as well.

It comes with a dial that allows you to turn up or turn down the temperature at your liking. It also has an LED signaling light that let you know when the machine is in the process of sterilizing. Built with an automatic shut up program, it will shut the machine down once it finishes or runs out of water from the water plate. This helps to prevent any dangerous accidents from happening.

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1. Brown’s

The top best product and is also the last product is from Dr. Brown’s Company. This is a big yet lightweight baby bottle sterilizer that is easy to bring with. Whether you need to use it at home or want to bring it on the trip, Dr. Brown’s deals with it all. It has a very large interior space which can accommodate up to 6 bottles in a vertical storage. Then, it has an upper basket that is a place for parents to store and steam the bottle lids, suckers, as well as other baby toys.

On top of that, the sterilizer lid is right attached to the basket so it is very easy to close and open. The product is also constructed with cycle indicator and also an auto shut down system which allows users to use it worry free.

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Storage Capacity: when you want to buy bottle sterilizers, you may also need to consider how many bottles you want to store each time of sterilizing. If you prefer less work and it is for home use, getting a large bottle sterilizer with greater storage capacity is an ideal. This allows you to store up to 8 or 11 bottlers per once so it will cut down the cost and time of using.

However, if you want to look for a bottle sterilizer that you can bring up with on the trip, it is better to get a mini product that can support up to 2 or 3 bottles per time of sterilizing. All of the products we mentioned come up with both large and small storage capacity which you can now have more freedom to choose from.

Functionality: getting a product that comes with more functions is a plus. Some bottle sterilizer comes with only a single functionality which is to sterilize the bottles. Still, there are many new invented products that comes with more functionality. Most of the products we highlighted are not only a sterilizer. They, however, are a food heater, milk and formula warmer. This offers you more choices of usage..

Safe Used Materials: when you buy a baby bottle sterilizer, it is very important to think of the materials used for making the product. You need to make sure to get any products that are highly certificated from ELT or other health institution or organization. It is also good to find the one that is made of BPA free materials.

Ease of Use: ease of use helps to save you a lot of time. It is sure that as a parent, you are always busy with works, housework, and most importantly, your baby. Therefore, getting a sterilizer that comes with touchpad, LED screen, and automatic shut off program is the best thing to keep your baby safe and healthy.

Price: Even when functionality, materials used, and other factors are important, pricing should also be something you need to be concerned about. When it is expensive, you need to make sure whether the item comes up with features better compared to competing products or not. For example, whether it is tougher, of better quality, can heat up and get the job done faster, or perhaps whether it has any new functionality that is worth the price.


After browsing through many baby bottle cleaners available on the market today, have you spotted any that catches your interest yet?  As each bottle sterilizer’s features vary from one another, you can compare and decide to get the nicest one for baby’s health and your needs. Hopefully, this list can help you in making a better, informed decision.


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9. Baby Bottle Warmer

This baby bottle cleaner from Houzetek is the right choice for sterilizing the bottle for your baby. This is a 4-in-1 product that can warm, heat, sterilize and store the bottle. The temperature of this product guarantees to kill the germ ad bacteria effectively. You can comfortably use this product since it is the user-friendly product.

The built-in LCD display allows you to see and select the setting with ease. It is very safe to use thanks to its BPA-free material. With the large capacity and the handle of it, you can get only the comfort when using it.

8. BEABA Quick Baby Bottle Warmer

BEABA makes the way to the list by introducing the baby bottle sanitizer which is the ideal choice for all the parents. The fast and safe heating system of this product can clean, warm and sterilize the bottle for babies. It cares about the safety of the baby; that’s why the material used is the BPA-free one.

Along with the great features, the design of it is very outstanding one as well. It can save space; therefore, it will keep your kitchen well organized. Last but not least, it is compatible with all bottle sizes.

7. BallaBébé Baby Bottles Sterilizer

Getting a good steam sterilizer is very important for keeping the baby safe from the harmful bacteria. This is the product from BallaBébé Baby Bottles Sterilizer that can sterilize and dry the bottle at the same time. You will sure to fall in love with the 3-in-1 function of it. The size of it can accommodate up to 8 bottles; therefore, with just one go, everything is ready to use again.

There are 3 modes for you to select, so it is made for the convenience of the users. If you purchase this product, you will get the 12-month warranty too.

6. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Papablic Baby Bottle can clean the bottles for your baby like a pro. With the right temperature of it, it guarantees to kill up to 99.9% of the harmful bacteria, germ and many other hazardous components. The awesome design of this bottle sterilizer and dryer will also eliminate the bad odor from the bottle.

The great capacity of this product can hold up to 11 bottles. For the safety purpose, this electric device can automatically shut off. It is ergonomically designed to offer the comfort for the baby and parents.

5. Baby Bottle Warmer

It is very crucial to get the right bottle sterilizer and warmer for the babies. This is the product from Babebay that has the great quality and appearance. The functions of it are up to 4 in just 1 product. You can save money and space when it comes to storing this product.

This product prioritizes the safety of the babies; that’s why the material use is the BPA free. The attachment of the LCD screen offers you the comfort for selecting the option you want. You can easily control this smart device with just one click.

4. The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

Coming up next is the bottle sanitizer which brought to you by The First Years. This well-known brand guarantees to offer the package of product that has everything you need. It is the expert in cleaning and killing bacteria in bottles.

More than this, it can be used for cleaning the toy as well. With the great and unique design of it, we bet that you will be amazed by it quality and durability.

This product adopts the new technology, so each and every bottle will get the direct and powerful steam. For saving space, the dry rack is built in this product.

3. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

If you want to spend money on the right product, Dr. Brown’s will sure to give you what you want. This premium quality product cares about the safety of the baby, it produces the bottle sterilizer that can be operated with ease. It uses electricity to produce the steam, after reaching its cycle; it can automatically shut off.

The capacity of it product can hold many bottle; on top of that, the accessory and toy can go into this sterilizer as well. No matter you are the skilled baby-sitter or parents, this product is the right choice for everyone.

2. Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Baby Bottle

For the safety of the baby, the bottle used to feed them must be thoroughly clean. Tommee Tippee has the big step and introduce to you the great Electric Steam Baby Bottle Sterilizer. With just 5 minutes, you will get the bottle that is free from bacteria. It guarantees to effectively clean up to 99.9% of the harmful germ that causes the disease to the babies.

The sleek and modern design of it will add the beauty in your kitchen. We bet that you will be in love with the quality and the advance technology of it.

1. Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

With the great design of this Philips AVENT 3-in-1 product, you beloved baby is safe from the germ and bacteria.

This baby bottle sanitizer kills 99.9% of the germs found in the bottle. The speed and powerful steam can sterilize the bottle in just 6 minutes.

After that, this product will automatically shut off. Please be noted that after sterilizing the bottle, you can enjoy using the germ-free bottle for 24 hours. The capacity of it is suitable for holding 6 Avent bottles.

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