Top 9 Best Gas Chainsaws in 2021 Reviews

If you’re here looking for a great chainsaw that will help ease your workload, this is the place to be. In this article, we’re talking about lightweight gas chainsaws that are powerful enough to help you get work done quick. Not only that, these will not likely produce a lot of irritating noises like most chainsaws do, either.

Obviously, we can understand work is much harder if your tools aren’t working well or working to your likings. That’s why we’ve found 9 of the best chainsaws in 2021 for you to choose from. So, you can get your work done without having to deal with irritating issues anymore.

Table Of The Top 9 Best Gas Chainsaws


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  The first product on our list is this gas chainsaw from Black+Decker. The first great feature that this chainsaw has how long it will last. This model runs on 40V lithium-ion battery, so you can expect it to run for a very long time. Plus, if you’re concerned about maintenance, worry no more. This guy can automatically change its oil, so it will be less time consuming to take care of it. Not only that, you can always smoothly saw through wood, concrete or anything as a matter of.

With that said, in a charge, you will probably be able to cut through around 60 pine lumbers. That is quite a powerful machine. Not to mention, the chain is 12 inches as well. With the handle being wrapped completely, you won’t have a hard time going through the heavy work.

8. ICS 576153 680ES-14 Gas Powered Chainsaw

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  Here we also have a powerful chainsaw from ICS. Not only will you be able to cut through chunks of wood, but this is great for cutting through concrete as well. You will also have control over this guy with controls and stop functions. Not to mention, the chain itself is 14 inches. Also, you can also shift its lever to prevent flooding, as well.

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Ideally, you would want to use this guy to cut through irregular shaped wood or concrete. With this professional tool, you’ll be able to get work done within no time. But there is one thing that you might want to keep in mind. This guy might have a hard time cutting through 8 inches’ concrete, so do be careful.

7. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.3cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chainsaw

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   Let’s talk about our first top handle chainsaw. Unlike the ones we’ve mentioned before, this chainsaw has got handles on the top and side. This design will let you have a better control of the chainsaw and it will also lessen the weight that you’ll have to carry as well. Not to mention, the power that this guy has. You’ll be getting clean and smooth cut every time you put this to use.

To add to all that, you can quickly adjust the chains since this guy has a convenient access to it. If you’re concerned about starting this guy up, don’t be. You can easily start this guy up with its primer bulb that will also help with warming it up as well. If you purchase this product, you will be receiving warranties for it as well.

6. GreenWorks 20332 14.5 Amp 18-Inch Corded Chainsaw

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  Now, we’re going to be looking at this 18 inches’ chainsaw from GreenWorks. We’re looking at this powerful beauty that will let you cut through lumber smoothly. That said, you won’t have to worry about the large scatter with its 18 inches’ chain since that will do most of the clearing. Plus, you can simply maintain this guy by just using the automatic oiling system.

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In addition, adjusting the chains on this guy won’t be troublesome, either. So you can do your work without having to stop here and there all the time. Besides all that, you also have more control on the chainsaw as well, since the handle is placed above. You will definitely have an easier time using this product than most.

5. EGO Power+ 14-Inch 56V Lithium Ion Cordless Chainsaw

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  This is also another great chainsaw as well, from EGO Power+. Since it runs on a 56V battery, you will love how powerful this beauty is. Not to mention, the 6300 RPM motor that’s it is equipped with. You’ll be getting your job done smoothly and quickly. Although it is a powerful machine, you don’t need to be concern about the weight. This guy is pretty light. Not only will get work done quick, you won’t have to deal with back pain carrying this.

Besides that, we can all establish that not many chainsaws are durable during tough weather. This chainsaw is designed to be able to endure that as well, so you won’t have to worry much about that issue. You can also have a lot of control over this chainsaw as well as have the safety. Though you have to purchase both battery and charger separately.

4. Makita XCU02PTX1 36V LXT Cordless 12” Chainsaw Kit

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  So, here we’re going to be talking about this cordless chainsaw. This is designed to provide you with a high-speed performance as well as a powerful one, too. If you don’t enjoy loud irritating noises that come along with chopping woods or concrete, this is just the perfect product. The design that the company had come up with is to reduce as much noise as possible. With that said, neither will it send out emissions, so you can do your work relaxingly.

You can also simply adjust the chains on this guy easily as well. Without a tool need, adjusting won’t take long to be done. Not to mention, this kit comes with two 18V LXT lithium ion batteries as well.

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3. OREGON CORDLESS 40V MAX CS250-A6 Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery Pack

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 OREGON also has great products especially with this model that runs on battery. This product will help cutting wood so much more convenient. Unlike many other chainsaws, you can instantly start this guy up with no problem whatsoever. That said, this machine is made to give you the sharpest and cleanest cut on lumps that you can get. Without cords, you have the freedom to get your job done with convenience.

Alongside that, you will find yourself in love with the fact that this guy won’t be making noises. Plus, it is also a lightweight machine with not so strong vibration, so you won’t feel uncomfortable using it.

2. Echo CS-400 18” Gas Chainsaw

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  Here we’ve got a powerful chainsaw from Echo. It is a 40.2 gas chainsaw, so if you’re going to purchase this product, you can expect some powerful performance. Not to mention, it comes with a strong engine as well. So you will absolutely love the power of this chainsaw. With that said, the bar is 18 inches, you can cut through thick lumbers as well as concretes. Work will ever be the same with this guy in your hands.

Besides that, you can rest assure that starting this chainsaw. With its starting system, you won’t have to spend so much strength just starting it. With the purchase, you will also receive the engine’s oil.

1. Chainsaw, Gas, 14 Inches Bar, 30.5cc – Gas Chainsaw

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  Now we’re onto the last product on our list. This chainsaw that is from Echo, you won’t be disappointed. You will love the fact that this is a lightweight machine. But that’s not only it. This chainsaw is designed to be both powerful and comfortable to use. Especially, with its anti-vibration handles, you won’t have to feel discomfort while working anymore.

This chainsaw also runs on gas though keep in mind that the gas tank maximum capability is 8.5oz. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance either with this amazing product.

We’ve reached the end of our long list of products. Now, you get to choose which chainsaw that you desire to own. You will definitely find convenience in any of the products mentioned above. Soon you won’t have to deal with annoying sound, too much vibration, and heavy machines.

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