Top 9 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2021

Gone are the days when led parking lot lights were rare. Nowadays, they can be found in many parking lots thanks to their ready availability, good service, and reputation. This is attributed to better technology that has resulted in more powerful and more energy-efficient products. Led lights are preferred over halogen or HID lights because they use lesser energy, don’t produce lots of heat, have better spectrum, and also last for a longer time. Nevertheless, Led lights aren’t built the same. Some will have a super long lifespan while others are just average. Some lights cover a longer or wider area compared to others, and will still vary with size, capacity, intensity, price and more. After comparing the top products on offer, the following are without-a-doubt the best led parking lot lights on the market.

List of Top 9 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2021

#9 Hykolity 200W LED Parking Lot Light

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By: Hykolity

Why do we pick this one?

  • Powerful light and good distribution
  • Strongly-built and waterproof
  • Easy to mount
  • Energy efficient

This light produces a bright light that will ensure your parking lot is well illuminated. It has a brightness rating of 20000 lumens and covers a wide area. The unit is equivalent to a 1000W halogen bulb but consumes only a fraction of the power and this makes it perfect for people who wish to keep the cost of energy low. The manufacturer states that using this product will save you 75% or even more. It is rated 5000K and gives good daylight and should last for more than 50,000 hours. It’s easy to mount and should take only a few minutes and has a waterproof rating of IP66 which makes it suitable for the wet weather.

#8 LAPUTA Super Bright Led Lights, 200W, 4 LEDs

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Lighting your parking lot shouldn’t be a costly affair. With this led parking lot lights, you will be able to illuminate your residential or commercial parking as well as the yard, or playground. It produces 20000 lumens and requires a voltage of between 85 and 265V AC. The floodlight produces a cool white light and can stay on for a long time without overheating or its performance dwindling. The IP65 light is waterproof and features a protective case and glass cover. The light can be equivalent to a 500W HPS bulb but will use 55% less power and will last for a longer time. When used as recommended by the manufacturer, you should enjoy about 50,000 hours.

#7 SkyGenius 54W LED Light Bulb

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By: SkyGenius

Why do we pick this one?

  • Made from tough materials
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • Easily replaces the traditional bulbs

Say goodbye to the energy usurping incandescent bulb. With this LED light, not only will you get brighter light but will also lower your costs by more than 50%. The unit comes in a nice size to fit in most places and has a brightness of 5500 lumens. The 5000K Daylight unit consists of a strong aluminum case to prevent damage, from the elements, vibrations, dust, creatures and other things. It’s easy to install and stays put all through even in windy conditions. It can replace the traditional Metal Halide HPS bulbs and is suitable for warehouses, parking, yards, garage, street lighting mad more.

#6 Stasun 300W LED Flood Light

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By: Stasun

Why do we pick this one?

  • Good illumination and light intensity
  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • High quality and long-lasting

Although it is stated 300 watts, this Led unit produces very bright illumination. The unit delivers up to 27000 lumens and is equivalent to a 900W halogen bulb. Despite the powerful lighting, it runs cool thanks to the quality engineering and good materials. It produces 3000K warm light that is perfect most situations including the parking lot, gorge, warehouses, and yards. The unit comprises a die-cast aluminum housing and sturdy polycarbonate glass lens. It features an adjustable head for varying the position or angle and is also waterproofed to prevent damage from rain. Like other leading parking lot lights, it’s built to last and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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#5 Superior Lighting Led Parking/Security Light

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By: Superior Lighting

Why do we pick this one?

  • Very simple and easy to install
  • High-quality construction and longlasting
  • Strong and waterproof casing
  • Good light intensity and distribution

This Led light is appropriate for illuminating parking lots, garages, building walls, barns, alleyways and more. It comes in a simple and easy-to-mount design and should take a few minutes. The 70-watt unit produces 7000 lumens of brightness and offers as many as 50,000 hours. The 5000K daylight comes with a strong waterproof (IP68) casing for longevity and is also bug and dustproof. This makes it perfect even in the rainy conditions and assures you of 50,000 hours or more of quality lighting. According to consumers and analysts, replacing the normal halogen bulbs with this one will lead to an energy saving of more than 50%.

#4 AMMON LED Parking Lot/Yard/Playground Flood Light, Black

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Why do we pick this one?

  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Good quality and eco-friendly
  • Super bright and long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly

Rated 400 watts, this black Led light will provide a nice illumination for most parking lots. It’s designed to work with a voltage ranging from 85-265V AC and can easily be mounted in many places including the walls. The powerful light is very energy efficient and will save you as much as 60% when you swap with the normal lights. It designed for AC voltage ranging from 85 to 265V and has a tough casing and glass lens for extra protection from the elements, insects, and more. The bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any toxic compounds like lead or mercury.

#3 Morsen Outdoor/Indoor 600W Flood Light

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By: Morsen

Why do we pick this one?

  • Super bright and good light dispersion
  • Easy to fix and long-lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

Lighting your parking lot, garden, statue, billboard, dock, square, stadium, sports center, warehouse, private house, godown, building site, port, factory and other places shouldn’t be a problem or an expensive affair. With this led lights, not only do you enjoy quality light but will also lower the cost of power by as much as 80%. The 600W unit works with 85-265V AC and delivers 6000K daylight white. The long-lasting unit offers as many as 50,000 hours and requires a very short time and basic tools to install. It provides 60,000 lumens which are super bright and comes with a 120-degree beam angle for good light distribution. With a waterproof rate of IP65, the light can tolerate the rain and can be used indoors and outdoors.

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#2 Hyperikon 150W LED Shoebox Pole Light

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By: Hyperikon

Why do we pick this one?

  • Good light coverage
  • Strongly and waterproof
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Energy efficient and durable

This led light is brightening your parking lot, garage, yard, and dork and many other outdoor places. The 150-watt unit has a brightness of 18000 lumens and replaces a 450W HPS/HID bulb. It has a rating of 5700K and provides bright light and distributes it to a large area. Although super bright, it consumes minimal power and will last for a long time. Using it as a replacement for the usual bulb will lead to an energy saving of up to 75%. It runs on 100-277V AC and has a waterproof rating of IP65 to tolerate the rain. Mounting the light is very simple and straightforward will take a few minutes. It features a sturdy housing for extra protection against environmental factors and will stay cool even after continuous use courtesy of the good heat dissipation.

#1 RuggedGrade LED Parking Lot Lights, 61,000lms, 480 Watt

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By: RuggedGrade

Why do we pick this one?

  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Good quality and versatile
  • Powerful and super bright
  • Strong construction

Delivering up to 61,000 lumens, this is amongst the best led parking lot lights in the market. It features a solid and high strength case and tough lens to withstand the elements and other environmental factors. The 480W unit produces 5000K bright white light and is equivalent and can replace a 2000W metal halide bulb. Its waterproof rated IP65 to tolerate any weather conditions and the features an effective heat sink for quick and easy dissipation of heat.

The light is easy to fit, can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can easily be adjusted after installation to change the angle. Other than the parking lot, it’s also suitable for the dork, sport courts, warehouse, street lights, roadways, walkways and more.


Searching for the best led parking lot lights may have been a challenge. However, after reading this review, you only need to pick one or two items. The above products have an edge over the other types when it comes to ease of installation, dependability, light intensity, energy efficiency, effectiveness, durability, elegance and in other areas. They are backed by positive reviews from both consumers and experts who give them a thumb up in the above aspects and should, therefore, give you reliable and quality service.

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