Top 9 Best Parcel Drop Boxes in 2021

Today, many people prefer online shopping. Why? Online shopping allows you to buy as many things as you want, knowing they’ll be dropped at your doorstep. With online shopping, there is no worrying about parking, cashiers’ lines or the crowds that you see in most shops.

Therefore, if you’re tired of your items being stolen and you can’t stay at home to wait for your online purchased package, you should buy parcel drop boxes. The parcel boxes are designed in such a way that only someone with a key can open them. The boxes are also made of solid material that can’t be broken.

Check out Top 9 Best Parcel Drop Boxes in 2021

9. Architectural Mailboxes 6900W Elephantrunk Box

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6900W Elephantrunk Box is among the best parcel boxes on the market. These parcel boxes can receive several packages. They are designed with heavy steel gauge and cast aluminium that make them safe as they can’t be easily broken. The 6900W Elephantrunk Boxes are constructed with the ability to be securely bolted to the ground.

The Architectural Mailboxes parcel boxes are very secure. They come with a pry-resistant retrieval door with 3-point lock systems and two keys. This parcel box is weather resistant. It’s not affected by rain, snow or even outside wetness. With this parcel box, your delivered package will always stay dry until you come for it.


  • 3-Point locking mechanism
  • Pry-resistant
  • Patented rotating drum for multiple parcels
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Secured to the ground by bolts

8. Architectural Mailboxes 6900RZ Elephantrunk Box

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6900RZ Elephantrunk Box gives you the peace of mind you are looking for. Its sleek design gives it an aesthetic appeal. The manufacturers of these boxes had your security in mind when making the boxes. This is because 6900RZ Elephantrunk Box’s locking systems exceeds the quality standards of USPS.

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Their shock-absorbing cushions protect all the incoming deliveries. The 6900RZ Elephantrunk Box is bolted safely on the ground with hardware for wood decking and hardscape. With this parcel box, deliveries are retrieved behind an access door. The door is pry-resistant with two lock keys. This 6900RZ Elephantrunk Box will help you solve all your delivery problems.


  • Designed with patented rotating drum
  • ‘No deliveries’ indicator
  • Securely bolted ground
  • 3-point lock system
  • Galvanized steel and cast aluminium construction

7. Winbest Large Steel Freestanding Mail Box

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Winbest parcel boxes are designed with very strong material that makes heavy, sturdy and strong to withstand breaking and being carried away by thieves. They’re secured with a lock that keeps the packages safe from any form of theft. The Winbest parcel box is designed with a steel door lifts that help reveal a new drop slot. It can accept packages up to 11 by 2.5 inches’ size.

Its lower compartment has a push-lock that help secure the delivered package. This Winbest parcels box gives you a secure place to lock-up your essential items like large packages. In the topmost part of this parcel, you can store up to 13 by 6 inches’ item. They can be mounted directly on the floor by their mounting hardware.


  • Weighs 34 lbs.
  • Stainless steel door
  • Safe lock-up system
  • Two keys and mounting hardware
  • Tamper-resistant drop slot

6. PEELCO 30″ Package Drop Boxes

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The PEELCO 30″ parcel boxes are made with stainless steel and 0.8mm galvanized steel that makes them all-weather resistance. They come as either wall-mounted or freestanding dropbox. With PEELCO 30″, you don’t have to worry on safety as it comes with four unique lock keys. The steel material on the box is rust-resistant and waterproof, thus no need to worry about them being destroyed with rain or wind.

This PEELCO 30″ parcel boxes are large enough, allowing you to fit in as many deliveries as you can. They measure 17 by 8 by 30 inches in size. It’s very easy to mount the boxes on your wall as no installation tools are needed.


  • Safe and secure
  • Rust resistant
  • Four spare keys
  • Heavy-duty locking system
  • DIY Installation

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5. dVault Full-Service Vault DVCS0015 Letterbox

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dVault Full-Service parcel box has everything you need. They have a large space to secure a drop section for large parcels and a space to drop letters. The parcel is designed with an anti-pry dual hook, patented security- drop door and a good lock system that keeps your package safe from intruders. It’s made with 16 galvanized gauge of steel that makes it durable.

This dVault Full-Service parcel box is rustproof and very durable. There are two types of this dVault Full-Service boxes; the enclosed and freestanding parcel box. The enclosed ones are made to match the interior design of your home. It suits best those who work from home, like travelling and those who receive many parcels and correspondence.


  • Made of sixteen gauges galvanized steel
  • Rear locking door
  • Rust resistant
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Security drop door.

4. Step2 583099 Express Delivery Box

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Step2 583099 parcel box is made to withstand all types of weather conditions. The box keeps your package from the site of nosy neighbours. The parcel box is marked on all sides, thus allowing the carrier to know where to drop the package. Retrieving of your package from the parcel box is by removing its secure lid. The parcel box keeps your package dry at all times.

The box is very durable protecting your package from all form of damage. This Step2 583099 is spacious enough to accommodate packages of all sizes. With this box, you won’t have to worry about your package’s safety as it will be safe by the time you return home.


  • Spacious interior
  • Large easy to open the lid
  • ‘Deliveries’ marked on all sides
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Weighs 14.7 pounds

3. Lockable Wooden Parcel Box

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This Lockable Wooden box is made Porch Box LLC. The box is an anti-theft container for all your outdoor deliveries. With Lockable Wooden box you won’t have to worry about your parcels being misplaced. It’s made of heavy-duty solid material that make it very durable. It’s made with a sliding technology that makes it easy to open

The box is both waterproof and pest proof. Lockable Wooden box is spacious, measuring 26.75 by 9.5 by 11 inches. The box is designed with a centre post for reinforcement purposes. Its slim design helps in-floor space-saving. When you buy this parcel box, you don’t need to worry about assembling as it comes when fully assembled.

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  • No, assemble needed
  • Slim and classy design
  • Holds up to 25 by 23 by 9 inches’ parcel
  • Solid wood and sliding construction
  • Hasp hides in the lid

2. Suncast Resin Patio Storage Box

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Suncast Resin box is a fantastic addition to your pool house. With this parcel dropbox, you can store up to 73 gallows of your outdoor items with much ease. The box is waterproof keeping your parcel dry at all time in all weather conditions. Its long-lasting construction resists rust and fading keeping your dropbox looking new at all times.

The Suncast Resin dropbox is versatile, allowing you to store your patio furniture, sports equipment, gardening items, tools, grill supplies and pool toys. It’s designed with a function lid flips and hinges that make it easy to open and access your package from the dropbox. When it rains, water flows off the dropbox preventing water pooling.


  • Ideal for patio accessories
  • Functional lid
  • Low maintenance design
  • Five years’ warranty
  • Quick and easy to assembly

1. Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box

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With Step2 Deluxe parcel box, you’ll be assured that your parcel is safe and secure from porch bandits. The box is designed with a hinged lid that accepts a lock for additional security. The Step2 Deluxe dropbox is weather-resistant protecting your parcel from all harmful element. This dropbox is large and can accommodate many standard packages. Its transitional design perfectly blends with your home styles.

The dropbox is made with sturdy resin construction that your parcel remains intact. It has a flip-open lid that makes it easy to open when you want to retrieve your parcel. The dropbox is clearly marked for identification.


  • An extra layer for security
  • Durable construction
  • Elegant design
  • Spacious interior
  • Clear identification


Nothing hurts like your parcel being stolen at your doorstep. You, therefore, need to secure your parcel from being stolen. The best way to protect your package is by buying a parcel drop box and perfectly installing it at your doorstep. The dropbox secures your deliveries better than alarms and security cameras.

They are the best option for those who have space at the door. We have prepared for you a list of the best parcel drop boxes you will find on the market. Go through our review above, and you won’t miss a dropbox that perfectly suits you.

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