Top Best Recumbent Bike Reviews in 2017

Looking for the best recumbent bike? The market offers variety of choices on this one and sometimes it can be hard to catch up on all of the features of all of these different products before you find your ideal one. We compiled a list of top recumbent bikes available on Amazon that not only have the best customer reviews but also are the best when it comes to technical details.

Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic

Our first item is definitely this recumbent bike as it coves with an oversized comfortable set that utilizes the best of the health care technology. The bike itself allows you to track your progress and workout results at anytime and anyplace. It comprises of comprehensive weight capacity and impressive magnetic tension system that is easily managed via any user interface. It allows for the individual settings and it also comes with a great user manual that provides more that just an information about the item but also gives solutions to the possible malfunctions.  It also comes adapted to the fitness app that is free to download.

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Exerpeutic Programmable Magnetic

This Exerpeiutic model is a must have for its excellent seat constructed with separate air chambers that equally disperse the user’s mass and are shock absorbing as well. This bike also includes 6 preset workout programs with Calories Burned readouts while tracking on your heart rate and time spent on the bike.  It also includes the back support with a finely designed backrest unlike the rest in its category so it’s definitely a good bid for your budget as it adjusts to your height, weight, heart rate and much more.

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Schwinn 270

While this model is a bit fancier than others on the list it delivers on quite a lot for the price as it encompasses LCD systems that help you monitor your progress with impressive 13 different types of a feedback. It also includes the charging USB port that allows data exchange and modification of the bike itself. This one is a great choice for those looking for different programs and change of the routine as it comes preloaded with 29 programs and goal tracking for each of these which promise the final results for perseverance.

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Nautilus R614

With this Nautilus model you get a whole package including sleek design and dual LCD display that is preloaded with 22 programs and two user profiles. It also lets you transfer your date from the bike to two free apps so you can keep track of your activity as well as motivate yourself to achieve more at the same time. It, however, doesn’t include A/C adapter so that can be a small problem although it delivers on a promise that you can create your own workout each day independently of the previous one.

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Schwinn MY16 230

This Schwinn model tracks your progress with LCD screen system and also offers you to transfer your data via USB. It comprises wide range of workout options and 20 levels of measured resistance options as well as 22 preset workout programs and 2 of them are user defined which gives you freedom to start off with something you find perfect for your routine. It also comes with speaker and modifiable three speed fan as well as the media ledge so this model really makes it to our to our top 5 for a reason.

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Nautilus R616

This Nautilus model comes with their signature dual LCD display and up to 29 preloaded programs as well as the audio chambered speakers for an awesome sound experience. It also includes comfortable seat and heart rate monitoring as well as the telemetry utilized for chest strap which makes this model a great choice for those who want to see a change on their body while tracking on a progress and taking care of their health so no issue would occur. The model has 25 levels of resistance which is impressive comparing to others in this category.

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Schwinn M17 270

As we close down on our list this Schwinn model must be mentioned as it a great choice for those looking for a quality recumbent bike despite the price tag. It includes impressive Bluetooth connectivity which offers you to track your progress on your smartphone and other smart devices. It includes dual LCD screen and is preloaded with 29 programs and not to forget 4 user settings as well as goal tracking option to keep you driven and constantly asking for more. It also includes USB port and modifiable speaker as well as a fan.

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Marcy ME 709

This Marcy model comes in three colors and delivers on much more than a sleek design for a reasonable price. It includes balanced pedals and huge display that tracks distance, speed, time and calories. Also comes with workout metrics and adjustable 8 level resistance as well as the comfortable padded chair that supports your back during the exercise. It comes with clear instructions manual so you can put it together all by yourself and enjoy your progress in a classic way without including smart devices and other obstructions.

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Exerpeutic 900XL

This Exerpeutic model is definitely a right item to close this list with. It offers challenging cardio workout while allowing you to track your progress via your smart phone. Smooth design and large LCD display helps you track your heart rate, calories and much more while constantly forcing you to work more. It comes with 3 year warranty and allows you to customize your ride with 8 level magnetic tension system.

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This list includes top recumbent bikes you can easily purchase on Amazon along with some technical details and overall customer experience. We hope this list helped you find your ideal recumbent bike that will help you improve your workout routine.

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