Top 10 Best Travel Tripods Reviews In 2019

Traveling with your camera is a delight, especially if you’ve got all your equipment with you. But lugging a heavy tripod stand everywhere you go is exhausting. If you’re in the market for a lightweight travel tripod, here are the top 10 best travel tripod.

List Of Travel Tripod Reviews

Camera Tripod - ESDDI 55'' /140cmTravel Lightweight Portable Tripod for Smart phone and Camera DSLR Canon Nikon Sony Samsung Olympus with Carrying Bag Maximum Load Capacity 11Lbs/5Kg and 1/4
BONFOTO Mini Tripod B71T,Lightweight Portable Aluminum Camera Travel Tabletop Tripod with Quick Release Plate, Pan Head for Smartphones Compact System Camera DSLR Canon Nikon Sony with Carrying Bag
BestTrendy 42-inch Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod, Lightweight Travel Cellphone Mount Stand with Bag, Bluetooth Remote Control for DSLR Cameras, iPhone, Samsung, Gopro (Silver)
Zecti Travel Tripod 55 inch Aluminum Camera Tripod and Monopod for DSLR Digital Cameras Video GoPro Nikon Canon Sony
$61.99$79.99 (23% off)
$72.99$79.99 (9% off)
BONFOTO Q111 Camera Tripod 55-inch Compact Lightweight Travel Tripod for YouTube Phone Live Broadcast Live Chat Projector Gopro and DSLR Canon EOS Nikon Sony Samsung(Blue)
MACTREM Mactrem.03 PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Lightweight Aluminum for DSLR SLR Canon Nikon Sony Olympus DV with Carry Bag -11 Lbs(5Kg) Load (Blue)
$39.99$99.99 (60% off)
AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag - 16.5 - 50 Inches
$11.02$14.99 (26% off)
Lammcou Camera Tripod Flexible Phone Tripod Lightweight Action Camera Tripod Mini Gorilla Pod DSLR Tripod Octopus Travel Tripod Stand for Gopro/XiaomiYi/Canon/Nikon/Sony/iPhone/Samsung/LG
$21.99$69.99 (69% off)
AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag
$17.27$23.49 (26% off)

10. ESDDI 55″ Portable Travel Tripod


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The ESDDI is a foldable aluminum alloy travel tripod with a 3-way panning head that unfolds to a maximum length of 55″. When folded, it measures only 19.7″. You can adjust the height at the geared center column without much fuss. A hook under the center column provides you with the ideal place to hang some weight to increase stability. The panning head is not only easy to use, but it can also swing 360 in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Ultra-portable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

9. BONFOTO Mini-Tripod B71T


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The BONFOTO B71T is a compact mini-tripod with an adjustable center column and adjustable locking legs. Each of its legs has three sections and quick release locks that are more convenient to use. This travel tripod also features a professional 360 rotary pan for panoramic shots. A wide-leg flip lock mechanism, the center column hook, and rubber hose feet further enhance the tripod’s stability.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Lightweight; weighs only 1.7lbs
  • Has a smartphone panning head
  • Also quite affordable
  • Comes with its own carry bag

8. BestTrendy 42″ Aluminum Camera Tripod


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At 42″, the Best Trendy camera tripod may not be long enough for everyone. The tripod has 3-section legs that can be adjusted to various lengths, and a 3-way pan smartphone head that can also rotate from portrait to landscape and vice versa. The tripod’s frame is high quality aluminum alloy. Its collapsible design makes the legs contract and fold when the handle is rotated downwards. It also has a built-in spirit level.

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Advantages Of The Product
  • Folds into a compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile smartphone attachment head

7. Zecti 55″ Aluminum Travel Tripod


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The Zecti aluminum travel tripod folds down to a travel-sized 34″ but can be extended to a maximum length of 55″. At this slightly higher price point, you get 4-section legs, a panoramic head ball, and flexible angle and height adjustment. Some of the unique things you can do with this tripod include turning it into a monopod by removing the detachable legs, and inverting the central axis to get incredibly low shooting angles.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Versatile
  • Slim, lightweight and compact
  • Good build quality
  • Free padded carry bag

6. Rangers 57″ Aluminum Tripod


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Capable of folding down from 56″ to 14″ in a matter of seconds, the Rangers aluminum tripod is a great choice for the road. Ultra stability is guaranteed thanks to its CNC machined fork. Setting up the 4-section column legs is straightforward thanks to quick release flip locks, while a rotating ball-head lets you take panoramic 360 shots. The tripod also has two built-in spirit levels.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Very light and compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides panoramic shots

5. BONFOTO Q111 55″ Travel Tripod


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Features like the individual leg angle adjustment of its 4-section columns make the BONFOTO Q111 more flexible and easier to handle. Like the B71T, this also supports inverted central axis to provide extra low shooting angles. Lifting the axis can be done conveniently using a specially designed handle, while a steel rocker gives you full control during panoramic 360 shooting. The tripod also has non-slip rubber feet for added stability and it comes with a portable carry bag.

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Advantages Of The Product
  • Affordable
  • Supports panoramic shooting
  • Supports impressively low shooting angles

4. MACTREM PT55 Travel Camera Tripod


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The MACTREM PT55 travel tripod extends to a maximum height of 55″ but folds to a travel-sized 19″. At 3lbs, it is very light and capable of holding nearly four times its weight. It features a 3-way pan head with 360 swiveling for panoramic shots, a universal quick-release attachment plate for rapid set up, 4-section lever lock legs that adjust to any terrain, and rubber feet to maximize stability. The tripod comes with its own convenient carry case.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Slim, compact, and light
  • Supports panoramic shots
  • Quick-release plate allows for quick camera attachment and detachment

3. AmazonBasics 50″ Lightweight Tripod with Bag


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For smartphones, tablets, and small digital cameras, this 50″ travel tripod is a great choice. This aluminum tripod weighs only 1.19lbs and costs less than 20 USD. The tripod’s 3-way head supports tilt and swivel motions, and also allows the orientation to be changed from portrait to landscape. Its 3-section collapsible legs can be folded to just 16.5″ and stored in the provided carry bag.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Good range of functions

2. Lammcou Durable Tripod Stand


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This travel tripod is made from a light but durable combination of rubber and aluminum. Its flexible rubberized legs provide unmatched levels of versatility when angling and positioning the camera. The tripod comes with a ball-head that rotates smoothly in 360 to facilitate effortless panoramic shots. Its rubberized legs are not prone to cracking since they retain their elasticity even in cold temperatures.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Very flexible
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

1. AmazonBasics 60″ Lightweight Travel Tripod with Bag


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This 60″ AmazonBasics travel tripod is a lightweight but durable choice with rubber feet and adjustable 3-section legs. It is compatible with most digital cameras and smartphones. The tripod features a 3-way head with swivel, tilt, and orientation adjustment functions and two built-in bubble view levels. It weighs just 3lbs but can support up to 6.6lbs. When folded, the 60″ tripod measures only 25″ and fits easily into the provided carry bag.

Advantages Of The Product
  • Extra tall
  • Lightweight
  • Good build quality