Which kick scooter to choose? The Different Types of Kick Scooter You Should Know About

Which scooter to choose for adults Who said that kick scooters only for children. Nowadays this form of transport hits all popularity records and quite possibly it will replace bulky bicycle.

I’m a busy guy and I’m always on the move. But I don’t like driving all the time. It’s bad for the environment and parking is a pain.

Good thing I’ve got my kick scooter. This may be a scooter, but it’s definitely not a toy. It’s got an aluminum body, a hand disc brake, and a foot brake, non-slip rubber handles, and a shock-absorbing suspension for a smooth ride. Plus I just step on this little pedal it folds right up and goes right over my shoulder. Anyway, you get the idea the kick scooter is built to last it’s fun and gets to where you need to go.

Types of scooters

So let’s take a closer look at kick scooters. In general, there are many variations of scooters and let’s talk about the main ones.

Classical town kick scooter

Classical town kick scooterThe first type is a classical town kick scooter. Usually, it has two wheels construction but can be exceptions with three wheels. The wheels are commonly made of polyurethane and have a big diameter.

As a result, it gives a good speed. Kick scooter for adults commuting has shock absorbers for more comfortable riding on a bad road surface. Town scooters ideal for people who want to have computed but at the same time quick means of transportation.

Big kick scooter

The second type is a big kick scooter switch distinctive feature is ledge inflatable wheels. The main feature of this type is an opportunity to ride with comfort almost on any road in all weather conditions. But it has worse roll forward than scooters with polyurethane wheels. the effect is very important to understand when you are making the selection.

This type a little bit harder to ride because of weight and rubber wheels friction. Therefore speed getting down faster. These scooters usually have hand brakes on the handlebar and light space for the legs.

Mongoose Expo ScooterFor example, Mongoose Expo Scooter. On a Mongoose, your greatest adventure is always around the next corner. A thrilling alternative to a bike the Mongoose Expo Scooter can go where other scooters wouldn’t dare. Unlike inline skate wheels that can get snagged.

This scooter’s large air-filled tires with knobby tread provide a solid grip on both paved and nonpaved surfaces. It’s also designed with a wide grip a 14-inch long foot deck. And when you have to make sudden stops the adjustable BMX style handlebar is equipped with easy-to-use hand brakes.

Plus the Freestyle handlebar rotor rotates a full 360 degrees, while dual axle pegs are perfect for having fun at the skate park. Equipped with 12-inch wheels the expo is ideal for riders aged 6 and up. Get ready for the ride of your life. There’s nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose.

Inertial scooters

inertial scootersThe third type is the inertial scooters. You don’t need to push off. there are three wheels ever of two rear wheels has a deck.

You should check the construction to the right, to the left and inertial power will make your move.

This type of scooter is perfect for people who like unusual means of transportation. It guarantees new peculiar emotions.

Stunt scooters

stunt scootersFourth type – stunt scooters. There are specially made for tricks and to withstand heavy loads.

This type doesn’t fall. Therefore stun scooters can survive after many tricks attempts. a handlebar isn’t adjustable and detached with a massive clamp to avoid poking out problems.

Wheels as a rule and not very large and very rigid. That cart withdrew grip tape for better control and a very safe food brake.

Stunt scooters aren’t suitable for comfortable movement around the city. But if you want to do tricks it is your choice.

Electric scooters

e-scooterAnd at last fifth type – electric scooters. They let you to get your destination practically without energy loss. Max speed is about 20 to 30 km/h and better let you drive about 10 to 15 kilometers.

Usually, electric scooters have a handbrake and also several models can be folded. This type isn’t cheap and it’s perfect for people who don’t like to spend energy.


On the scooter, you can completely forget about eternal traffic jams, crowds, and public transport, or you can just enter the shop or any other place where with a bicycle you would feel uncomfortable.

Here there are 5 types hope this article motivated you to try kick scooters or if you think about buying it helped you to choose.

James/ author of the article
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